• Pamela

    I opened an account with Binary Banc in Feb. 2016. They were recommended by PMA (Push Money App). They repeatedly asked me for deposits before my first trade was even placed one month later, March 2016. I have deposited a total of $22,000. They place the trades for you. In March 2016, trading was done on my account for 7 days, 3 days in April and 6 days in May. The last time a trade was placed on my account was 5/24/16. I have requested to close out my account and have the funds transferred to my bank account going on 3 months now. I get nothing but promises and run around. They have caused a real financial problem for me as I have no money…they have it all!

    • DD

      This is a scam. I had the same experience. Also same with GOptions. Both accounts now have balances over $10,000 and it is impossible to get a withdrawal. They do not respond to mail, calls, requests nothing. It seems to operate like a pyramid scheme to get you to invest money with a slick platform that looks like you are making money but NO withdrawals. I have an email from Binary Banc dated 29 June that my withdrawal will be processed in max 7 working days – that is 2 months ago and still nothing.

    • Randy Miller

      let me guess david gold? i also made 19,000 investment ,made it look like I was making money (him trading) always wanting more money, then they disappeared ! google binary banc scams and get help thats what im gonna try. good luck, they cleaned me out!

  • Ajay Kumar

    I also have over $10000.00 in my account, I have been asking to give the money back, they are saying (To withdraw your bonus, you will be asked to perform a trading volume of at least 30 times for each $1 bonus. The bonus can be withdrawn only when the foregoing stipulation has been fully respected and fulfilled. Any withdrawal of funds from an account made before completing the terms of bonus will be immediately canceled and removed from the account.) I am not getting any response from this company. Can anyone help. Thanks.