• islam qasem

    i have create account with brooks blueprint they assign automatically plus option broker to deposit 250$ and that what i have done after couple days my account do not run after that i contact with the plus option broker and with brooks blueprint asking why my account is not runing after two days i check my account on brooks blueprint i found it came to 21$ i contact the plus option broker and the brooks blueprint ‘ the brooks blueprint technician says that i have not open the second account with the option.fm and i must open these account and deposit another 250$ in order to my account become active i have deposit the other 250$ with option.fm and for 5 days nothing happen the money still in my account i wothdraw it they says it will take 3-8 days in order to process i contact option.fm saying that when i deposit you took the money in seconds why you do not return my money the same way you took my money at last after 4 days my second 250$ i deposit with option.fm withdrawned and back to my account the i only lose the fist 250$ i deposit with plus option because the brooks blueprint software stall my money in loser trade with there autopilot software that they says it never lose
    i had send to brooks blueprint a letter saying that they are cheater and they stall my money and that there software is used to cheat and stall people money and i will put over social media about what they done with me in order to let people know about how they cheat and stall people money