• mmo noi

    its a scam don’t believe what you read here i tried it all i did was lose my money

    Only problem is these guys are in on the scam so they wont post your review

    Emails you get are computer generated the address is apartments

    There is no Carl the lier

    • That is a very accusatory statement you made, saying we won’t post your review.

      • mmo noi

        Well you guys are the only website that actually posted anything I’ve said everyone else just never posted what I wrote or blocked it plus the only people who even responed. Your the only site i trust as being independent and honest
        Passive income bot is a 100% scam there is no one to contact emails are just bogus replies Don’t waste your time and money

        • Thank you. Make sure you tell your friends to come here!

          With binary options it is all about using a good licensed broker. There are hundreds of add-on software for auto trading, and none provide support.