• Earl

    I registered with Copy Buffet Software last week and was assigned Rumelia Capital as my broker. There minimum deposit is $350, not the $250 as mentioned above. Since the time I registered with the Copy Buffet Software, I’ve noticed the Auto Trader feature has not worked. I don’t know for sure but since the Broker doesn’t permit such a ‘device’ maybe that explains the disappointing results I’ve been seeing so far. Thanks for pointing out those terms and conditions… since I want to use the Auto Trade feature I’m immediately going to withdraw my money…

  • casey

    These guys are scammers. I first set up an account as they told me they are from New York. Once i put in the initial deposit, I tried calling to verify and I got a busy signal. Which seems dodgy from a financial institution. Then, I emailed the person back and asked him to call me, which he did. I thought maybe the phone being busy was just a fluke, and didnt think much of it.

    The number they are calling from is a New York Number. When they called back, they also told me they were in Budapest, not New York. So they are using the NY number to look legit. He explained that his phone went to busy because it is 1am in Budapest and they dont have anyone answering the phone. What? What kind of financial institution says they are in NY to seem official then says they only have an office in Budapest? And that they are working in the middle of the night with no reception. Scammy right?

    Then, once they had received the deposit to open my account, they told me that I needed to provide my passport, drivers license, social security number, utility bill, and a few other documents to work with them. If they told me this upfront, I wouldve never signed up. So they receive the deposit and send an email saying, if you decide you want to ever withdraw your funds, you need to provide this stack of documentation.

    At this point, it seemed so dodgy that I told them to just send my deposit back. this was about 30 minutes after I had sent it in.

    They said that they will not send a deposit back because I had not provided my personal information, and they wont know who/where to send my deposit. I said “its easy to reverse the credit card charge, or you can send me a check and I am happy to provide an address… but there is no reason that I should need to provide all of my personal information to some random fly by night (literally) shop in Budapest.

    Total scammers. They take deposits to try and get your personal information. Stay away!

    • Louie

      i cant withdraw my money in this broker when i call them about my problem they started to bully me and asking me why do i need to get my money they they are so rude. don’t use this broker this broker Rumelia Capital is a BIG BS!!!!!

  • Shawn

    I signed up snapcashbinary. They provide me Rumelia Capital as my broker and game me 25 trial tradings. After the 25th the broker asked me the following information to submit. 1. Front and back of a driver’s license, passport or government issued ID. Please make sure this document is sent in color. 2. Front and back of MasterCard ****. The first 4 and last 4 numbers on both sides should be left visible to us. Please make sure this document is sent in color. 3. Credit Card Authorization Form (CAF) for MasterCard ****. Please fill out this form and sign it by hand. Your account ID# is your email. 4. Utility bill or bank statement, dated within the last 3 months. Please make sure both the date and address are visible to us. My money & 4 existing trades are stocked there because I have not given them the above information.

    • Louie

      Rumelia Capital when I tried to withdraw my money and called them they start to bully me and asked me a lot of questions, they asked me why do I need to withdraw money, why do they need to asked me that question in the first place that is my money and I can do anything what I want to do to my money that is not their business to know it, and now it said it will take 21 business days to process the withdrawal request this is the piece of B.S. shame on them don’t put your money to this broker it is a big scammer

  • Shawn

    NO. 65% of my deposit is lost with the AutoTrading after 30 minutes later I opened the account.

  • Melissa

    I just opened an account December 2016. Rumelia Capital is quick to take your deposit via credit card without verifying who you are. All you need is a credit card. Once they get your money they start the “pressure tactics” to get you to add money to the account. They only want to deal in large amounts of cash. $5000.00 is the first target. They can not trade in small amounts like the $200 or $300 dollar deposit. They then send you a list of personal documents called verification documents. On the website it states if there is no activity, no trading, no additional depositing, they can close your account. I requested Rumelia via several emails and phone contact to close the account I opened and refund the money back to my credit card. They refused. They will only start a process of “withdrawal” if you send in all of the personal documents. NO WAY!!!!
    I asked the representative what happens to my money if I don’t send in the documents. They said it will stay there and eventually be eaten up by managing fees. So they don’t verify who you are before you open an account and deposit the money but if you want to close the account and get a refund they are strict in following their “rules” to verify who you are. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL NOT GET IT BACK. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dinh Tran

    Is Rumelia Capitol (RC) a copy of Tropical Trade (TT)? RC and TT run their business in the same manners, but in different platforms. Boths offered “bonus”, “insurance”, and “secured trade”. Both are no license. Traders who jointed RC or TT have to deposit their money to “GreyMountainManagement”. I opened an account with TT on November 2016. Last few week TT closed their business without any notice. I still have money in the account but no way to contact to customer service. TT actually disappeared. I wonder if Rumelia Capitol is the same scam of Tropical Trade or may be both RC and TT are just only one scam.

  • Emeka@OZ

    lodge a dispute against them thru ur bank and they will help you recover your money. Similar thing happened to me last year and I got my money back after lodging a dispute against one these Binary option scammers.