• Mohammed AlSawah

    STOXMARKET is Huge Huge Huge SCAM Trader Please don’t deposit one Cent with them Why?
    1st they will convince you to deposit $250 after that they will show double profit
    2nd later the account manager he will try to push add more money for benefits and you will add other amount
    3rd after I add $ let’s say $980 they will show you more profit they will try to convince you to enter in $10000 program which I don’t believe them
    4rd later after my account was $2600 deposit and profit $ 2000 with Total amount $4600
    5th they will change the account manager for different game and there platform not exact what you see
    6th once I try to request $ 1000 from my account this bad game the account manager buy two trade EUR/USD 1.07588 on 9 march 2017 which in that time was 1.05587 LOST $2001
    3/9/2017 1:16:56 PM Buy 1 CL-APR17 50.15 0 0 3/9/2017 1:17:01 PM 49.07 LOST $ 1080
    Other Blocked I can’t closed BUY 1.07588 which can’t be close.
    Later they will send DOD to sign without any attention to lose all money any action I will do it NO results.
    There is two spotter in STOXMARKET don’t deal with them Jacob & Oliver.
    In the final I lost all my money keep your mind this story is real and proof document shown all details
    Any one he can send email: samirq80@hotmail.com for clarification.

  • Prince Sam Hamade

    dear reader
    stoxmarket is bunch of thieves they stoll my 43000us and i still have profit off 11,619us they deleted my deposit and my account history all that because i asked to draw some money and the account manager by the name of richard kevin or steven advice wrong to make you loose your account anyone want evidence emails,photos,videos more then welcome to contact me on 0027720168183 or samud1@live.com hope god will revenge us from those crooks

  • Neo Christian

    hello, I was thinking to invest in this company, but thank you for the feedback. Can you please advise me about these sites that provide paid feedbacks so I can be aware of them? many thanks

    • Ian

      Hi Neo, just Google “binary option scams”. Do it when you have some time to spare

  • philip lipschutz

    hi, i got a binary software called binary365 which pays out on auto, when i registered for free demo, it puts you through to stoxmarket, who called me. Now i have read the discussion board, i will not touch this. Thanks

  • peter pan

    I never started to trading their. after 4 weeks I finally got my money via withdraw back. they as well called me and wanted more money. At the end I mentioned I would give the case to my legal insurance. make copies of your balance, of your account validation, of the terms that mention withdraw works in 1 day. and move these documents if needed over to an legal insurance…

  • Ian

    It won’t be hard, Alex, it will be impossible. You’re luck you’ve only lost $250