• Rich Anon

    You are 100% right, when I signed up with the software they told me to use some offshore broker. I will be using the Black Box Robot and Automated Binary softwares instead.

  • Express7

    You saved my time Thanks

  • Daniel

    I nearly committed to this Tesler..But just as I was completing my bank card the phone rung,just like that some one with an Indian accent came on line from that moment I was on my guard. I asked her from what country she was from she replied Glasgow.I asked why from there when I thought I should have been dealing with somebody from America.????..I told her straight out that this was a scam.she said no!no!.since then I have had other phone calls from the same mob of scammers ..STAY AWAY PEOPLE..

    • Alice Denner

      Same here but what is disturbing this Video came up on the Sunday Independent Newspaper web site a reputable Newspaper in Ireland. I immediately rang their office and told them about the false advertising in that video by Tesler I also had about 6 calls a day from UK 0044 numbers ” to finish off my application ” when someone asks me for my credit card details I wonder why. TREVOR

  • Janine Padasas

    Just a question: If it was a scam, how come that their site and links haven’t been taken down?

  • Caroline Tan

    I nearly committed to it too.. I found out about this software through 1K Daily Profit. The moment I receive their email link to create my account, my hp rang.. A woman spoke to me over the phone and the number that appear is a foreign number but however, it says origin is from Singapore. The email link brings me to Opteck which I believe it’s a broker’s firm.

    As for the call, I started to get suspicious and asked her where is she calling from and why is she calling. She said she is calling from Cyprus and she is an associate. I asked where is their HQ and was told that is in Belize and that they have offices all over the world as well.

    I told her I would like to read up more before deciding to create an account. She said that’s the reason why she is calling n that is to help me create my account and guide me through. I was told that the system is fully automated and that I just have to wait for the money to comes in which seems too good to be true in my opinion.

    After the phone call, I went to dig up more reviews and read some said they couldn’t get back to their page and login to their app. Some review said that their staff are all actors and testimonials are all fake. Some couldn’t get their money back. When I tried Googling Tesler, there’s no such name pops up, only can find Tesla which is the car company. Checked out 1K Daily Profit Facebook page and its all spam n people were commenting that its a scam. Went to my email and want to unsubscribe but there isn’t any that I could click to.

    I doubt that there is really such an software. Perhaps that’s their strategy to get new leads to sign up with the broker. As for whether you will make any profit, that will be another matter.

    All I can say is that before committing to any, do your research first. Trust your instincts. I may be wrong but If they are the real deal, they will always there for you.

    For now, I am just thankful that I did manage to put my credit card details now.

  • Ja Red

    It’s good thing that I’ve read this article. I almost committed into Tesler2. They were persuading me to deposit right away and when I asked ‘why is it to be right away?’ they just said it’s the best time to trade and then I think again. I don’t wanna here any words from them so I hung up. The very moment I signed up I saw a video that looks like a broken one, it won’t stop on playing and at that time, I hesitate already. And one more thing, they won’t stop calling me over and over again. Last night I received a missed call again from them, it’s very suspicious for me, because if you are a legit licensed broker and an investor ignored your call you wouldn’t waste your time calling the investor who ignored you knowing there are plenty more out there who needs your assistance. I’m just glad I read this article.

  • Syed Umair

    Recently i register with Tesler 2.. i received 3 calls immediately to pressurize me to pay at-lease $250/ and later on they gv me offer if you deposit $500 your balance show as $1000/.. thats looks suspicious.. its too good for any trading/investment firm.. so i hassle them i dnt hv my card rite now. so they told me they have limited no of accounts if i cant deposit with in 30 mins so they block my account and hangup the phone rudely.. this attitude helps me to made my decision of never gv them a single penny.. and i saved.

  • Claudia

    I didn’t even join. I joined this other site called Ecom-Crusher for $194 and it was supposed to make you 10 webpages with a domain and web address. So I join and it ends up that I have to all the work myself right from scratch so I unsubscribed and he or she wouldn’t give me my money. He sends me an email saying he set me up with an account. Had an receipt number, verification number, payment date, payment status and that there was already $9,484.98 in this account. He never said what the account was. I told him I wanted it in writing that this was actually true. He did but still didn’t say what the site was but sent a link. When I went to try and sign on to the site it wouldn’t let me. So I looked up Tesler Trading System 2 on Google and everyone of them said it was a scam except they’re site of course. So I emailed him and told him if he doesn’t refund me I’m going to report him because he signed me up for an account that I didn’t ask him to.

  • ‘Tis Moi

    “Perfect for 100% Beginers or Pro’s”…. apparently, Tesler can’t even hire an editor?

    This is obviously a fake site/app. Why isn’t this Steven Abrahams guy in jail?

  • zoe sanday

    site is no wiki means this is scam…

  • Michael James

    how is it legal for the promo for this scam be on the home page of Yahoo?

  • Sarah Jane C. Polestico

    no more available brokers in our country,, how can i join this page???… our country is in