Qualities of The Best Binary Options Brokers

Who is the best binary options broker? This is the most common question people ask us everyday, when they want to start investing with binary options.

Important Things To Know…

Investors confusion comes from a lack of understanding about what a binary options broker actually does. Unlike a stock broker or financial advisor, most binary options brokers are actually salesmen trying to get you to gamble at their brokerage firm. The binary options company is not actually a broker that is taking your order to a regulated options exchange like they do in the stock markets. Most brokers are actually trading against you, just like the house at a casino.

The difference between a binary options exchange and a binary options broker.

  • Exchanges like Nadex bring traders to an exchange.
  • Brokers take the opposite side of the trade.
  • Exchange make money by charging commissions.
  • Brokers get paid a percentage of your losses.

Detecting The Best Binary Options Broker

This is what you find at a good binary options broker

  • They are licensed by the CFTC, FSB, CySEC or ASIC.
  • No salesman calls you to pressure you to trade.
  • They never ask you to deposit more money.
  • They don’t brag about their ability to make profits.

These are the characteristics of a bad binary options broker

  • They call you within 30 seconds of signing up.
  • The broker starts giving you “sure thing” trade ideas.
  • They ask you to deposit more money for better advice.
  • They seek your trust and tell you it is guaranteed.

The Best Binary Options Broker Worldwide

Most people visiting ScamBroker.com are from countries in Europe, and the remainder are from places like the United States of America, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

The best binary options broker for someone in Australia or New Zealand is not the same as for an American. Australians should only trade a broker that has an AFSL license from ASIC, like HighLow.net, and an American should only trade at Nadex.com which is licensed by the CFTC.

Investors in Europe have a larger selection of European licensed brokers & exchanges, because CySEC was the first government regulator in the world to issue licensed to binary options brokers. The fastest growing CySEC broker is called BDSwiss.

South Africa is a popular marketing for binary options brokers and there are currently two brokers who have a license from the FSB. AnyOption.com is licensed both in Europe by CySEC and in South Africa by the FSB. Another broker that is registered in South Africa is the popular Forex broker ETX Capital.

It is very important for traders to always verify that they broker’s license is still active and valid.

As the bottom of this page you can find reviews of all the best binary options brokers that are licensed and regulated in their respective country.

Best Binary Options Brokers