Trading stocks, options & forex can be a very rewarding experience. The last thing a trader wants to deal with is problems and issues with his or her broker.

Every country has specific laws governing Stocks, Forex and Options Brokers. When a new product is introduced into the market, like binary options it opens the doors for scam artists to come in and try to take advantage of the uneducated consumer.

Here at Scam Broker, we research binary option brokers to see if they are legitimate brokerage firms, or if they are simply a scam broker.

Although an investor can never be 100% safe and secure as we witnessed with the Bernie Madoff scandal, an investor can take the first step which is to ensure that the broker is actually registered and following the laws of a securities regulatory body.

As we mention in out terms of use policy. This site is for informational purposes only!

You must do your own research and not rely on hearsay when making a decision which broker to use. A broker that is licensed in the EU or the United Kingdom is not necessarily licensed in say Australia.

So remember, do your research!