CoinBull Review


CoinBull was an unlicensed Crypto Forex broker that opened in July 2017.

Coin Bull mentions on their website that the company is owned by; ABC Marketing, 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, Dominica. Their phone number is +44 208 077 0527, and the contact email address of Their official website is

CoinBull Review

CoinBull gives their investors an easy to use trading software developed by the Finantick company. The software is 100% web based and they offer CFD trading on a variety of Crypto Currencies including: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, NXT, REP, ZEC and STR.

Three account types are shown, but they fail to mention the required deposit for the account type. We noticed that they are offering a bonus of 20%, but when you read their terms and conditions page you will see “you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 40 times for every $1 bonus”.

Bonus money is a major cause for complaints by investors who want to withdraw their funds, read more.

CoinBull Brokers Trading Platform
CoinBull Brokers Trading Platform

Get Rich Quick Scams

There are hundreds of get rich quick scams going around the internet. A lot of “automated trading systems” are being touted as easy ways to make money. The most recent one we found is called the Bitcoin Focus Group.

Make sure you understand how these scams operate before you become the next victim, read more here.

Trading Signals Scam

Warning: Before you fall for a scam trading software…

Look at the most popular trading systems today, see here.

CoinBull Account Types

CoinBull Regulations

When the Scam Broker Investigator researches a new Forex / Crypto broker to determine if they are a scam or legitimate broker, we check for one thing, and that is a brokers license. Legitimate brokers will be licensed in the United Kingdom by the FCA or in Australia by ASIC.

CoinBull is not a licensed broker.

Bitcoin investors can find many brokers that are licensed and regulated look here.

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13 responses to “CoinBull Review”

  1. Åke says:

    a guy from coinbull called me ,, i asked if they are regulated and he says yes we use SSL ,,, ( !! ?? !! ) first time he called he says hes in swiz next time he was in netherlands .. since he insisted they are regulated i told him to send me a link with that information ,, but he couldent ,,, this guy is from NIGERIA ,,, say no moore STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS AS YOU CAN

    • says:

      Wow, I just signed up with coinbull right now, seems like they are just full of bull! It’s funny, cuz I have this girl I was talking to on a dating site that also wanted me to get a dater id for safe dating verfiication. Googled that too, it’s a $39.95 scam! You gotta be careful on this internet, 90% scam ratio.

  2. heather says:

    l have 5,000 sitting on the coinbull platform which l have been asking for it back since 18th December last year..still haven’t received it despite sending them countless messages..they are full of excuses and complete liars scamming innocent people out of their money.

  3. Jason Venners says:

    Coinbull is very much on the up and up. Not sure if the other commenter’s are talking bout the same broker but has been nothing put professional and fair to me. I would certainly recommend them.

    • Alfa Tomano says:

      Jason, Yes we are talking about When you say they are very much on the “up and up” can you help us understand what that means? In particular, have you been able to withdraw money from your Coinbull account? If so, I would like to have a much longer conversation with you about that.

    • keith newlands says:

      Jason venners
      are you on coinbull payroll you are posting good reviews I find hard to believe have you had a withdrawal back to your account and I am not talking 100 eur they will send that back to lead you to deposit more then sting you for the lot beware this is a scam company

  4. Connie Mamson says:

    I have had nothing but a great experience with Coinbull as my broker. I have to piggy back off of Mr. Venners comment.

    • Alfa Tomano says:

      Connie, can you share with us what “great experience” means? In particular, have you been able to withdraw money from your account at Coinbull?

  5. Simon Platten says:

    Be very very careful…I have been trading with coinbull for a few weeks and in that time some good profit has been made…however, the I then came under pressure to inject more funds into the account…I asked why? If I am making money from the initial investment why do I need to invest more? I then decided to test the site and tried to withdraw the funds from my account. At this point I discovered that I am not in control of the funds and that a representative from coinbull has to approve my withdrawal request. This is when the problems started and I warn anyone, don’t invest with coinbull, you are not in control of the funds. I was offered back my original investment but not the money I have made since trading. It is in my opinion a scam.

    • Gilberto Cortes says:

      You are right Coinbull is a fraud. I had the same experience and finally I decided to fire my money. Besides the in the site is impossible someone can close their account

  6. Gilberto Cortes says:

    Coinbull is a big fraud. Don t invest in that unregulated broker

  7. Alfa Tomano says:

    I believe the positive reviews on Coinbull are not genuine. There are five of us in an investing club, four of which have invested small amounts in Coinbull. NOT ONE of us has been able to get any money out of their account. We continue to pursue a dialog with their “CFO”, but we’ve been passed along to others who also claim to be a CFO. How many CFOs does one company need? You are definitely not in control of your funds at Coinbull, and yes, there is unrelenting pressure from your “friendly” broker for you to inject additional money into your account all the time. Why? No good answers, so many red flags for investors.

    Our collective experience tells us that Coinbull is quickly rising to be one of the most dangerous scammers anywhere on the investing horizon. They keep a low profile, but they are definitely playing all the tricks that will cause you to lose your money in the long run.

    Not one of us will be investing any more funds with Coinbull. There are simply other, better, far more reputable companies to deal with!

    Alfa Tomano

  8. keith newlands says:

    just like these guys are saying you will not see your cash back if you invest with coinbull i am speaking from experience

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