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Copy Buffett Review

Copy Buffett Review

You have probably fell victim to the Copy Buffett scam, and lost your money using the Copy Buffett software. Now you want to know how to get your money back.

We are sorry, but there is nothing that we can do to help you. Smart people will only trade at a real licensed broker, see here.

WARNING: If you are a smart person, then you will read how they steal your money, read more.

Real traders who want an automated trading system use one of these.

Copy Buffett Review

We have reviewed many trading robots, and signal software. When we looked at Copy Buffett we were shocked at how pathetic it is. You basically have 3 things to do with the software. Enter your standard trade size. Adjust some probability indicator, and turn the auto trader on.

To Summarize: It looks like the people that developed this software, are the same people who made the Push Money App. They spent all their money on marketing video’s, and nothing on developing a software that actually works.

This is what many binary option promoters do, they just rename a bad software and hope people like the new name.

How The Copy Buffett Scam Works

If you do a search on Google News for Copy Buffett, you will not find anything real about them! This is because the software was never actually written about in the news.

All those articles they show on their site are articles about Warren Buffett who has nothing to do with their software.

Copy Buffett Software Scam

Copy Buffett Scam

Which broker did they connect you too? Did you know that a binary options broker needs a license? A trading robot software like Copy Buffett randomly assigns you a broker, which is a big problem! When we signed up, they connected us with an unlicensed broker called Glenridge Capital. You can read their review, and see the problems people are having here.

So before you make a deposit into some shady scam broker, make sure to search on for that brokers review, and read it carefully.

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