• Shreeharsha Tata

    I work in Qatar and I invested 200 USD after a good conversation with their executives.. they assured me that my money will be safe and they will take care till i learn the tricks of trading. I do not have any knowledge in trading. They assured me to assist in everything and later added 200 USD as bonus. But actually they do not teach you anything.. only thing they do is ask you to buy a lot and wait.. I made profit for first few days and they started asking me to put more money which i did not do and after few days my balance was zero and reason is market was down.. they called me again and asked me to invest 200 USD more which i did not agree and i was only blamed that it happens in the market.. so, its not much useful for the beginners.. I am not blaming that they are cheaters but they are not interested to teach you anything. They just want you to invest that is all..

    • Amin Siddiqui

      i think it is same thing going with me

      • Shreeharsha Tata

        Be careful when you invest…If you are in profit, withdraw your invested money asap.. at least you will be safe.. all the best..

        • Muhammed

          70 trades are thieves they give you profits for USD 100 on a investment of USD 200 then immediately expect you to deposit 5K USD when you refuse or if they feel its not gonna work they will drain all your funds and make it look like a 100% loss, their system is designed for their benefit, its a scam guys now I am sending them emails and they are not replying so I eventually lost USD 400. I tried to withdraw my funds they never replied infact disabled my account.

          • aju

            i invested 200 usd and they given me 200 usd for bonus now iam trading with gold and jpy i got some profit like 80 usd now they are calling me and pushing me to invest more 300 usd and you will get every day 100 usd profit……..i dont know what to do?

          • yohuat

            don’t don’t put any more !!!soon you lose more,if can take back -withdraw all. I face the same scenario like u .

          • sardar

            Dear friends, I also invested 200 USD and they gave me 200 USD bonus now my balance is 430USD and the are asking me for more investment to maintain account and get moer profit. I also hae doubt on them thats why i started internet search for them and found you people. Please tell me safe exit from 70 trade with invested amount.

          • I also received call from this +442031293479 number, they taught me some basic about online trading then transferred my to a lady who will talk my local language I guess she must the account manager, she explained me the security of their website like how they are secure in payments in deposit as well as withdrawals and ready to proceed to payment of $200, then I said I will be doing the payment after consulting with any online trading experts but she was not listening me and asking the reason why I am not paying and postponing n discouraging me from postponing, thank god I saw this reviews from blessed ppl like u

    • Ayaz Khan

      Thanks very much shreeharsha Tata.. for securing us..lol.. i almost jumped into it….
      Thanks God, i escaped.

    • aju

      am also working in qatar same happen to me but i didn’t started ….still the money in my account how can i return it back?

      • Ranjan Rj Maaity

        aju, jst click on d withdraw option n provide ur a/c no. n bank name

  • najeeb

    i work in qatar last week i joined in 70trades and i deposited 200 USD and they have given 200 bonus.
    I started the trading …first 2 days they helped me to trade after that i started myself now i reach 559 USD today i submitted 100USD withdrawal.
    i dont know what will happen next will update you soon.

    • Chakrapani Revuru

      They will say simply your account not verified till now… They can not verify your account.. I tried many times…NO hopes at all..

    • Anees Ahmad

      Hi Najeeb,

      Did you get your money withdrawal, they are asking for CC of Front and Back side .. Is that normal ?

      • najeeb

        hi anees,
        i was reached around 650 USD after that i invested on gold and i lose around 500 usd that time they send me the withdrawal form i didn’t submitted bcz there is not enough money…..i think u can submit CC detail with hiding CVV number also card number like 4211 XXXX XXXX 5000 only they need first and last 4 digit.
        Pls update after

  • Chakrapani Revuru

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a member in 70trades.com. I invested 200$, Before investing they called around 100 calls upto investing. They told we will give one week free training and we will appoint 1 personal manager for managing your account.

    After invested they did not give any training and they lost my hard earned money 200$ with their bloody words… and They are not verified my accounts after submitting the proofs also.

    I referred 2 people, they are invested. Their accounts also not verified from last one month. They are running from India, But they are using online calls to the customers like UK…. They are cheating people.

    I am going to file a case in cyber crime…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chakrapani. R

    • yohuat

      Same ending like me, sweet talk after you have win some ,traders will ask u to pump in more,at many ocassion i did not do so,they feel like frustrated to help u ,then 1 fine day trader advise me to buy gold equites. later with in 2 hours lose everything my account have 750USD.gone gone!!!!,i trade with them 1.5 months.

    • lalitha karkera

      please do and if you need and support please let me know cos I also lost my hard earned money.

    • Gayan Fernando

      Agreed with you. Same happened to me. They might be using Skype credit to be appeared as calling from UK. Last two days before my account get wiped off their number appeared with different country code. So they do not calling from UK literally. We must share all these as much as possible to at least save others. True that some of us got caught but we can enlighten someone else from getting caught. Sometimes I spent sleepless nights watching margin calls and profit earning positions. I am now shame of myself why I did so. I would have saved my money for other good purpose. Such a waste of money and time…


    I too got the same force from a Girl, who is Senior Analyst forcing me to invest USD 5000. When I refuse, they got upset. Then I told It is not my cup of cake, I want to close the account. They have sent list of documents. But the documents doen’t mention the 70trades place of identity. I want to close my account

  • Gayan Fernando

    70Trades is a scam…PLEASE DO NOT invest your money in there. They never let them out. I almost lost USD 12,000. Yes USD 12,000/-. The broker I was dealt with is “Ayaan Shaikh”. He always created positions which never earned profits immediately. Those were dragging days and days and wanted more funds to be deposited to keep the margin. That’s how they keep getting funds from their customers. The moment they got a good amount of money they just make sure that to open a new trade which will earn a huge loss in a short period of time and your account will be wiped off. All this happened in one and half months time. Yes less than 02 months. So please do not invest your hard earned money in 70trades. Best advise is keep your money with you. If you earn it with good faith keep it with you. Do not get into quick money scams. They all rubbish. Those scammers publishes those advertisement as paid advertisements. SO PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GET CAUGHT…

  • Gayan Fernando

    Afreen Shaikh…seems you know “Ayaan Shaikh”…Same second name…interesting thoughts of yours. All that shit happened with me too. That is just to win customers heart…that’s the mistake we do…when an unknown person wins your heart you loose your mind…I feel you are encouraging others to invest in 70trades…PLEASE DO NOT DISTRACT others for god sake.

    • Afreen Shaikh

      its my concern whether i want to be with them or not, until i am making profit i am with them, and for your kind information, there are many people having the same second name, that doesn’t means you get attracted to them, and also my Personal account manager is Mr. Jeoffery Hughes

  • Aditya Shah

    70trades is a scam. we have transfered 200$ via scrill account to 70trades for forex trade . After 4 free trials our investment reached 209$ only and then we decided to withdraw our investment from 70trades.
    but 70trades do not have given any reply and money back even after 2 months.
    our account manager is ” sharon desoza.” she does not give any reply or money back .we have not lost any single dollar in real. but we could not get our money back yet.

  • Anees Ahmad

    I have requested for withdrawal .. almost 15 days… completed all
    documents.. suddenly stopped calling me, i have full record of chats,
    voice , emails.. waiting for response.. if I did not get proper response
    in a day or two, i am going to publish it as fraud case

    • Riya Andrews

      Same Happened to me i just invested 1450$ after one One month i lost 75% of Equity , When requested for withdrawal no reply at all.70 Trade is 100% scam.But I don’t know Where to Complaint. They are not FCA regulated broker. They claim that they are regulated from Vanuatu.(Which Is an offshore). And Their Trading platform is 100% Fake.

      Their website http://www.70trades.com is registered with Godaddy (the Restrar). This company is a bunch of scamming liars and crooks that will sell your valuable domains with faulty billing practices, lies, deceit, fraud and outright theft! . So Once you deposited you loose all your money.

      And one more thing They will tell that they are calling from London. No……! They operating from India or Somewhere else of the World. They have one more fraud site http://www.a3trading.com

      Am Working In qatar , I lost almost Rs.100000 . I have to do something for them and i will…Fu*******rs

  • Rajkumar

    I m also facing the same issue with 70trades as Anees Ahmad, I have raised withdrawal request 2 week ago, but nothing processed so far, and they stopped calling me. I have submitted all the documents requested. today, i sent out a reminder mail to my account manager Sharon DSouza, if i didnt get any response in a day or two, i will also publish a fraud case against 70trades.

    • santanu

      exact case for me too! when i submitted withdrawal request, account manager stopped calling me, submitted all documents as they require, sent several mail but no response, even conducted chat to call my account manager Ms. Fleura agarwal but no response thereafter! u invest money, they will eat it with ur margin but if u gain or want to withdraw, they will not give u money! passed 10 days till now but no response for my withdrawal ! its a fraud site

      • shan

        same experience with me too what to do for withdrawal ? all requests are kept pending stating document verification pending now more than 3 weeks ..how to file case against them?

  • Anees Ahmad

    better go with some company with doing business for long time and not web based.. should be located near you so you can contact and go in person to verify ..

  • Riya Andrews

    If You are from India , Open a Dmat Account And start trading

  • Anees Ahmad

    Commodius FX LTD, Law Partners House, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • Shaista Razack

    Someone Please help me! I faced the same issue and have ended up investing money in this website. Please give solutions as to how to withdraw our money and close the account for good. If anyone has any solution how to get our money back please let me know.

    • Gayan Fernando

      how much did you invest…just talk friendly with them.never let them know that you aware of them as scammers.make a withdrawal as immediate as possible.just promise them that you will reinvest with them later.tell them something believing reason why you want to withdraw money now…pls do not listen to them…even if they want to open a smaller position…don’t do it…they are scammers…

      • Shaista Razack

        Invested a huge amount. They were so convincing, I don’t know why I believed. They’re not even receiving my calls now! What do I do?

        • Gayan Fernando

          Do a withdrawal request as immediate as possible. FULL amount. Take a copy of the log details, including dates, amount invested, profits earned if any…get screen shots if possible…send emails as much as possible to your broker requesting to call you ASAP. As I said tell them you are in an emergency…tell them that you will have a different plan to re-invest with them again in couple of weeks…do not open any positions even if they insist to do that…you are the decision maker of your money…you have to sound like that to them if you got a chance to speak to them…do not give up any second…keep in mind…DO NOT GIVE UP until you get your last penny…

  • Gayan Fernando

    please keep your money with you…hard earned money is always worthy…never stop believing in yourself…earn hard…save safe…enjoy life with what you have…you will feel free…do not invest in anywhere…all these are scammers…

  • Blak N white

    likewise experience
    The first hint i got is when i asked my account manager don’t you have trouble having so much noise in the background the reply she gave me was a funny one which grabbed my attention initially ”Sir you can only hear that not us”” so its a fake voice being played behind the call.

    I was about to invest $5000 but i gave a second thought to investigate more.
    also i just tried to work out the simple maths they told me to invest 5K and you shall have returns minimum of 500 a day, so a simple calculation even if the firm was genuine you invest 5k on Monday when market opens you make 500 a day at an average for 4 days till market closes on Friday. so thats 2K u make and to process your withdrawal they said it takes 8 days and in between you will have to invest even more, so practically in 12 days u make a profit of 2k which you cannot withdraw in full so you invest 5k and after 12 or more days you get 1k? not a good investment at all, so to recover your initial 5k itself you will take more than 2 months.
    When i said other brokerage firms gives withdrawal in 3 days just to see how they react the phone was immediately placed to senior account manager who without any problem agreed to give the withdrawals in 3 days, a genuine firm always stick on to their payment / withdrawal plan not change according to customer desires.

    I was bit cautious and i verified all their websites they had given as references, and none of the sites were secured! every browser in the address bar shows if the website is secured or not!
    Another hint i got is from their official site they have given- Follow us on Facebook – Youtube – Twitter and none of these sites had followers more than 25 people and specially on youtube page was empty.
    So a genuine company shall obviously have more no. of people following and strong connection with customers on social platforms.
    another thing i noticed is the moment you send them email to call, they call you back? so that means certainly they are jobless waiting for you and none of the employee had provided any mobile no. or address in their signature.

    next investigation was with testimony on 70trade website – Internet is actually a small room where you can find what you want, i tried to search all those people but couldn’t find even one! obviously if their life had changed after 70trades the same people would have spoke about it elsewhere also not only on 70trade site.

    then i tried to see if the company is really registered with Vanuatu Financial Services, here is the link – it says company not found if you search for 70trade.


    So this put a seal on my observations and decided not to invest anything in this but yes i lost USD 200, which i take as an investment for learning how scammers operate.
    That USD200 gave me a lot of experience which i have really no regrets of loosing as i had an immense learning out of it.

    i highlighted above investigations so that even you people can have such simple check before you pay anything on internet even as simple as cake for anyone’s birthday.

    So Friends it is important that we need to stop 70trade’s success in ripping peoples hard earned money, so i am planning to create groups on many different social media platforms in order to spread my word and i want to spread it more than what they advertise just to protect people our people from such traps, I alone myslef wont be able to achieve this, if you people here show me some enthusiasm and give me heads up that my initiative will be supported and joined on all Social media i can start working on spreading this knowledge.

    If you notice below i have tagged all except one member who spoke in favour of 70trade! Lets not have negativity beside us for a start of good initiative!

    @shaistarazack:disqus @disqus_hMco26WO1e:disqus @basselhossam:disqus @riyaandrews:disqus @disqus_aHE8ZYIRUJ:disqus @disqus_fE8lREajsP:disqus @disqus_6xMhoJ4VPN:disqus @disqus_ipmsKfYeRI:disqus @disqus_xVvwz2r7tU:disqus @chakrapani_revuru:disqus @lalithakarkera:disqus @yohuat:disqus @disqus_SDNsjONoSU:disqus @emmanuelomogiate:disqus @shreeharshatata:disqus @disqus_bvowojl1EV:disqus @ranjanrjmaaity:disqus @trissukaran:disqus @disqus_1sPoNrM5kM:disqus @amin_siddiqui:disqus @disqus_gcvfmNaQ4P:disqus @disqus_EwtzLugeiy:disqus

    • Dhaval

      Good analysis, i suggest to post on 70trads twitter account as well. I am going to post on twitter as well..

    • Pradeep Kumar

      Excellent and a great job done my friend, thanks for the post which has saved me from entering into their clutches

  • Dhaval


    I suggest do not trade with this company. let me share my experience with 70trades.

    I invested $200 and i lose my money, i can understand it totally depend on market. Find below my experience.

    1) As like other 70trades sales team told me that they will provide training but no one provided.
    2) There is no contact detail in website. I tried one number and if i select existing customer as option, call automatically got disconnected (i called them several time during office hours).
    3) To talk with them, i did new registration option and then i said i want to talk with account manager or sales person.
    4) I had two open items and suddenly after few days it displayed under closed position. I dont know how and why. They did not called me or update me for this. When i called them for this they said, we already told you to add more deposite.
    5) I told her to deactivate my account, she said you have to upload require document for deactivate. I said i already uploaded, she said that is not valid. Why this things not updated during account activation. Finance team already verified my document and they said document are ok.
    6) Then she said we dont know what sales team and finance team convey you.

    In short 70trade service is poor. Also after auto close my items, have doubt they used proper tool or not.



    Dear All – Beware

    I invested Nearly us $ 8,000/- during last 2 months and lost all my hard earned money. They are all crooks and are interested is extracting as much money as possible giving false claims about profits. First I invested US $ 200/- then within 3 to 4 days my accounts manager INSHA SAYYED started showing various methods to earn more profits and lured me to invest another us $ 3,000/-. stating that many more earning options will be activated and started showing small profits.They are calling from number +441792680120 when ever they want but you cannot call them back as all incoming calls are barred.When my account started going in losses no one replied to my mails forget about their mobile number which is barred from receiving incoming calls and even their customer service was of no help, after I lost all my money and complained strongly via mail then suddenly one new senior manager by the name SHIVANGI came on line and grandly told that whatever happened WILL BE COMPENSATED IF I INVEST ANOTHER US $ 2,000/- AND SAID THAT A RECOVERY PLAN WILL BE MADE ACCORDING TO WHICH ALL MY MONEY WILL BE RECOVERED, THIS ALL HAPPENED ONLY ON TELEPHONIC CALL AND NOTHING CONFIRMED IN WRITING NOR THEY WILL REPLY YOU IN MAIL ABOUT THEIR COMMITMENTS. AFTER INVESTING 2000 US $ AGAIN STARTED MAKING SMALL PROFITS AND THEY HANDED OVER MY ACCOUNT TO AMIR SHAIK AND SAID THAT HE WILL MANAGE MY ACCOUNT AND SAID THAT SINCE THE MARKET IS VERY VOLATILE INVEST ANOTHER 1500 US DOLLARS TO SAFEGUARD MY INVESTMENTS. AFTER THIS THE MARKET STARTED GOING DOWN VERY FAST ON THE ACCOUNTS WHICH WERE OPEN THAT TIME AS PER THE SUGGESTION OF THE ACCOUNT MANAGER, THEN SUDDENLY AS USUAL ALL DISAPPEARED FROM THE SCENE (NO CONTACT) I TRIED DESPERATELY BUT OF NO AVAIL AND ALMOST ENDED UP LOOSING ALL MY MONEY AND HAS TO STOP THE LOSSES BY CLOSING THE OPEN ACCOUNTS AND ONLY us$ 1300/- WERE LEFT IN MY ACCOUNT, FOR WHICH THEY CREATED A BIG SCENE AFTERWARDS STATING THAT I SHOULD NOT HAVE CLOSED THE ACCOUNT AND LET IT CONTINUE LIKE THAT. I LOST US$ 5330/- IN THAT DEAL AND NO HELP/SUPPORT/SUGGESTION CAME FROM THEIR SIDE. AFTER THIS ANOTHER US$ 1,000/- I INVESTED 2 DAYS BACK AND LOST WHATEVER BALANCE WAS LEFT IN MY ACCOUNT AND MY ACCOUNTS MANAGER AGAIN FAILED TO COME ON PHONE OR ON MAIL AND LEFT ONE MESSAGE THAT HE IS BUSY.



    A.A. KHAN

    • shan


      • elize peel


  • shan

    Thank you sir i have given withdrawal request but they kept on hold stating my document pending me again again sending the documents for the compliance officer and asking them to acknowledge, but no respond from them. me trying to reach them through chat but they said account manager will call (Ms. Fleura) but she did not respond. since my present company was listed in London stock exchange i opened an account with online trading but my bad luck got into scam Forex broker.
    any further advises please send me to my email:pranitha.lobo@nmc.ae

    • Gayan Fernando

      Send emails with disappointment asking that why they haven’t done that at the time of initial deposit. Why they now claiming verification when you make a withdrawal…send forcing emails but do not blame them…try to maintain your anger..but write them in a force…never use any bad words…trust me…let them feel that you are still trusting them… and highlight your personal matter always…somebody is seriously sick, mortgage settlement likewise…you have to do this either you like or not if you need your money…


    For all who are interested in filing case against 70 trades ( website is banned in U.K) can be done from the following website: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk or call 03303030800

  • Vineet

    Do you guys know any reliable trader who provides calls like 70trades? That would be helpful. Thanks!

  • winston

    guys fleura job is only to call invest money , she try to give fake promises I lost 15000 I was doing good but my account manager ayushman asked me open wrong trade which went in other direction , so lost all my money .

    this worst experience of my life.

    • David

      Dear all,
      70 Trades are fraud, the same happened me also, there was 18,000 dollar, I given withdrawal request, then they said to hold , they ask me to open 2-3 trade in the opposite direction, I lost all money


    Dear All,- Beware
    Beware of this type of business. i am also having same experience and i have lost $.2,000.




    i have not paid them directly but made payment through SKRILL ACCOUNT which you find in 70 trades payment options, and have attached all the payment details with bank statement for their reference.



  • Thank you very much for this very important information and review! I learned from friends that forex trading is a good income generator so I started to research on how it works. I already read few forex trading websites but I happen to respond to an ad on Yahoo regarding 70Trade. Then after 4 hours, Aaron called me. He convinced me to invest but then I need to be cautious since US$200 is no joke, so I told him to give me more time. He insist to call me tomorrow at 5pm my time. Thanks Google I found this review!! I already emailed him telling him to stop scamming people’s hard earned money. I know he won’t stop, but at least I did not fall into their trap!!!

    Now if 70trades is FAKE, do you know of real trading company that offers forex trading that are legitimate?

    • Use one of the licensed brokers mentioned here: http://scambroker.com/forex-broker-reviews/

      • Thank you very much!!!!

    • Tekoop Comprar

      This is a Scam and I can confirm this, I joined this rubbish two months ago and to date I lost my hard earned 5000 USD that I deposited in this shit. They have been convincing me and I believed them so much. Last week all my Positions just started to go in deep loss until my Margin was emptied to Zero. Their so called Account Manager stopped calling me and not even replying to my emails. In the beginning they treated me as I was making Profit but its all to make you feel excited and start to pump in money. Once you request for a withdrawal then you will see how your money disappear. These are criminals.

      • Kamil Chohan

        i am sorry to hear about your loss..but i want to say you thanks broo to open my eyes.
        just a today i decide to open 70trades account and i am going to deposit on this bullshit.
        but thanks to your comments to save me to lost my hard earning money.


    I started trading at 70trades by depositing $ 200.00. I provided all the documents. I was making good profit. But they never allow my to withdraw my profit. They were always insisting me to invest more USD. One fine morning I found my balance is zero. I tried to contact them but they did not respond. Is there any legal way to catch them.

  • shan


  • Mush Qadri

    hi I have face same situation
    just started and was having 2 or 3 position in profit but last week my account manager asked me to open a position in wrong direction and I lost all my balance luckily i didn’t invest more it was lost of 150$

  • elize peel

    MY husband was a first time investor and John is so called account Manager which is definitely either a born robber stealing pensioners money that works for 70 TRADES. When my husband Neels Matthee from South Africa started doing well on the oil trade yesterday 19/07/2017 his useless account Manager called him and scammed him out of his gains. He must rot in hell and anyone that deals with 70Trades be aware they are thieves regulated or not!!!!!!! All of his hard earned money $12,000 dollars plus in that jackasses pocket!

  • Neels Matthee

    70trades scam brokers, let my account run high, let it freeze and stole all the money with advise of an incorrect opening position on purpose, Fleura, John Gomez and other so “called” senior managers always call and demand money. Tuch wood I could manage to withdraw 50% of my money….These are big time scammers…DO NOT TRUST OR TRADE WITH THEM.

  • Cythia Swartz

    I am in South Africa, Cape Town and here is my story with 70 trades. After filling that form on their website with my FULL NAME, Email and Telephone number. They immediately called me but the number was showing on my phone as it is a South African number. They told me all craps until I was convinced to Join. I deposited USD 200 and I was assigned an account manager. The account manager told me that USD 200 is nothing in online trading so I should at least deposit a large amount of money. So I deposited USD 2000. I have been trading and all was ok at the beginning. He asked me to deposit another USD 1000 apparently to get more profit so I did. When my account was showing like USD 17 000, I asked for the withdrawal. The Key account manager told me we can do that after 7 days because apparently he could see that the market will be very good to trade in the next three days. What happened is, he requested me to open some opposing DAX and GOLD positions that run heavenly in the loss. When the margin was getting low, he requested me to Deposit another USD 1300 apparently to HOLD the positions. I did so and nothing worked so I lost all my money just like that. Currently my account is on 0.00 everywhere. These are scams, please spread the message. 70 trades needs to be brought to books.

  • Johan Pieterse

    Hi guys
    Reading most of these posts and being caught with the same scam -One thing is clear……
    Everybody made money at start and because of a ”adviser” that hoaxed you in opening a ”bad” position made you loose everything.
    Then it seems that these guys at 70 trades knows something of the stock market because everybody succeeded at first and then everything went south.
    My question -Is there a trustworthy platform that will call you as promised and who can help you again achieving good profits without the idea of making you lose at some point?
    Any body who can point us in the right direction ?
    I want to still trade but with guys who call you as promised and who can help you make good profits……

  • shan

    definitely no if anyone says they are successful with 70 trades then they work for 70 trades. i too lost 10 thousand dollars becoz of fake promises. when my account was 18,000 dollar i asked for withdrawal 2 thousand dollar but they asked me to open position in dax and MIB which went into loss .they just want deposits no withdrawal? my withdrawal pending since 3 months ..we have to file case against 70 trades

  • NSRajaram

    I didn’t lose money but all the profit I made was reduced to zero and a potential profitable position was closed without asking me. The person talking to me was one Zoya who seemed very nice and helpful and showed me how to trade and said she would teach me how to use the tool box but never called box. They seem to target retired people because we have some savings and are interested in making money in spare time. Still I consider myself lucky compared to others on the list..

  • shan

    2 yrs how many withdrawal you have done without any concerns with them ? because we have faced so many issues with withdrawal and since 3 months my withdrawal request are pending. same experience with my friends too. so hard to trust on your comments.

  • Mush Qadri

    The action we can take is spread the words which ever possible way including social media

  • Satish Venugopal

    hi everyone – This is a total scam and I seem to have lost about USD 100 to this scam. I have been following up with them for the last 2 months and there is nothing happening. They just have told me to open an account with Skrill. I read the review of skrill and it is horrible. This seems to be a total scam..people who were in touch with me were Naitik (my so called account manager), Sayali, Shivangi. I am trying to find out a way to inform Yahoo, TimesofIndia, to stop posting their adverts and help people to stay away from this scam. Can you please advise ? Also if someone can advise me on how to get in touch with the relevant UAE authorities so that these cheats can be blocked.

  • Satish Venugopal

    was your withdrawal routed through skrill ?

  • Rudi Seyfarth

    When I saw the website, I thought this could be a good way to spend some of my pension time by watching the markets and wheel and deal. I registered and got a phone call today from 70 Trades. The person guided me to the website to guide me into the login system. Whilst I made my way to the login site, I saw 70 Trades Scams. After our conversation I reverted back to 70 Trades Scams and saw all these complaints.
    Thanks to all of you for dealing your experiences with the public. I would have invested if I did not see all these complaints.
    Thanks again to all of you. You saved me of precious pension savings.


    After login i received a call from 70 trades . I have true caller application installed in my mobile and it was showing me’ uk forex scam’ .since a lot of people saved their names by this term in the mobile phones it suspect me about them . today i checked the reviews and found this shit…..thanks to everyone

    • Sunny

      thanks for your this share much appreciated. can i have the right trye caller application which you used and shows as uk forex scam”

  • Mannan M

    Yes, I have also bitter experiences with Traderstfx i have lost my Rs 42 lakhs (30years earnings) within the three months every time they said me sir your position is in danger you just support because of this i add my money continuously i did all in between recovery section contacted me and take my password and all they said we will recover from next month you get your profit now you just give some support again i deposited in consequently 7 lakhs after that they said add 7lakhs more finally i could not no more money in my account i have lost all the money. Now i am sitting like a beggar in my house.

    • santanu

      so sorry to hear! i saved myself as i got doubt, though lost $200 which i submitted for withdrawal but never came to me ! wrote above in my post in detail

  • Mannan M

    Recently again joined 70 traders they said min 200$. Initial 5 loss they take response. after that they give some good call my position nearly 1000$. Now they start to deposit money more but i did not add money. My account manager recommended one position on gold buy from there every position goes on negative. i don’t want to invest now my position is zero. They only sitting for their income and commission not for our profit so please avoid these victims.

  • santanu

    you may be their account manager to manipulate the truth what is , 70 trades is a fraud trading agency, thats all

  • yunus

    guys, whenever a Forex trading company asking to deposit or to open an account. Tell them you will deposit only through PayPal Processor.

    Because PayPal is a secure payment processor and whenever you have deposited the money through PayPal you will certainly going to get it back.

    If the Company doesn’t have PayPal payment processor then its a clear scam. not even deposit a single penny.

    In Future if anyone of you hear going to open an account in anyone of the Forex Trading Company. Please Ask for PayPal Processor to Deposit.

  • uma devi

    So far very good experience in 70trades i have not made a withdraw yet, but spread and everything is very good fast executions.

    • Gayan Fernando

      Whatever you invested going to be lost.Please stop investing further.Unless you will face the same fate as most.Apparently do not invest your money with any of the online trading brokers.Keep it safe and invest in a regulated share market, bank, finance institution.When you loose your money (ideally 70trade will steal your money) broker will tell you “market was so volatile at that time, we cannot control the market, so this is the risk of trading…” So if you wish to take that please carry on but with my experience slow and steady wins the race…so best of luck and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • santanu

      trading wise , you will have good experience and good behaviour from them until and unless u withdraw! the moment, u put ur withdrawal request, they will forget ur all good experience! check it

    • Akshay u.k

      your good expereince will go very soon as u apply for withdrawal of your money… they are biggest fraudsters….

      • Anmol Prem

        they are calling me everyday to invest on their site 70trades

  • suziewyatt99@gmail.com

    Its Ideal to stop sending funds to these scam brokers. Was able to get my funds back though.

  • James Deen

    Hi all this an employee used to work with this mother f*****s i am a muslim and when i came to know this is scam i left the job.Anyone who wants to know where they are located here it is – india,mumbai, malad west eureka tower 7th floor name of the company where they dial from is vantage and epacific.It is owned by Danial patel he is also a muslim who lives in mumbai , goregoan itself.Someone get this son of a bitch sorted.

    • shan

      shocking …please let us caught this culprits.. our hard earn money was eaten by these devils.

    • Gayan Fernando

      I am from UAE and I lost USD12,000 I invested with these thieves. It is grateful that you came up with this. Can you all get together and make a complaint with the relevant authorities in India? That will help others too…

      • shan

        me too based in UAE , how to go about complaint? i have registered complaint with internet fraud office Abudhabi Zone email:(reportfraud@saiuae.gov.ae)

  • Arindam Dasgupta

    Hi, I was About to invest some money in it (70 Trades). But I thought just to get a rough review in google about this company and I landed in this page. Thank you all to save me from falling into a trap.

    • shan

      happy for you spread the news as much possible and catch these culprits /frauds they are targeting innocent people ,i too lost 10 thousand dollars..

  • Durai Raj

    70 Traders are swindles and crooks, beware of this scammers

  • Hassan khan

    i am beginner and new login with 70 traders any one tell me how i start my trading and earn money

  • Arun A Positive

    Hi ..Dear All.. My name is Arun from Oman ..one guy is behind me to invest in 70 Trades.. Thank god .. I read the below comments.. surely I am not going to invest in any of those online.. what ever I have Iam happy with that ..God bless all who ever comment below ..and sorry to hear a person lost 40 lakhs ..!

  • suriya

    i AM ready to large a case on them but as of now FOREX trading is illegal in INDIA will our goverment will help on this issue pls replay

  • Gangesh Bharti

    Thanks to all of you for saving me from this trap.