• Shreeharsha Tata

    I work in Qatar and I invested 200 USD after a good conversation with their executives.. they assured me that my money will be safe and they will take care till i learn the tricks of trading. I do not have any knowledge in trading. They assured me to assist in everything and later added 200 USD as bonus. But actually they do not teach you anything.. only thing they do is ask you to buy a lot and wait.. I made profit for first few days and they started asking me to put more money which i did not do and after few days my balance was zero and reason is market was down.. they called me again and asked me to invest 200 USD more which i did not agree and i was only blamed that it happens in the market.. so, its not much useful for the beginners.. I am not blaming that they are cheaters but they are not interested to teach you anything. They just want you to invest that is all..

    • Amin Siddiqui

      i think it is same thing going with me

      • Shreeharsha Tata

        Be careful when you invest…If you are in profit, withdraw your invested money asap.. at least you will be safe.. all the best..

        • Muhammed

          70 trades are thieves they give you profits for USD 100 on a investment of USD 200 then immediately expect you to deposit 5K USD when you refuse or if they feel its not gonna work they will drain all your funds and make it look like a 100% loss, their system is designed for their benefit, its a scam guys now I am sending them emails and they are not replying so I eventually lost USD 400. I tried to withdraw my funds they never replied infact disabled my account.

          • aju

            i invested 200 usd and they given me 200 usd for bonus now iam trading with gold and jpy i got some profit like 80 usd now they are calling me and pushing me to invest more 300 usd and you will get every day 100 usd profit……..i dont know what to do?

          • yohuat

            don’t don’t put any more !!!soon you lose more,if can take back -withdraw all. I face the same scenario like u .

    • Ayaz Khan

      Thanks very much shreeharsha Tata.. for securing us..lol.. i almost jumped into it….
      Thanks God, i escaped.

    • aju

      am also working in qatar same happen to me but i didn’t started ….still the money in my account how can i return it back?

      • Ranjan Rj Maaity

        aju, jst click on d withdraw option n provide ur a/c no. n bank name

  • najeeb

    i work in qatar last week i joined in 70trades and i deposited 200 USD and they have given 200 bonus.
    I started the trading …first 2 days they helped me to trade after that i started myself now i reach 559 USD today i submitted 100USD withdrawal.
    i dont know what will happen next will update you soon.

    • Chakrapani Revuru

      They will say simply your account not verified till now… They can not verify your account.. I tried many times…NO hopes at all..

  • Chakrapani Revuru

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a member in 70trades.com. I invested 200$, Before investing they called around 100 calls upto investing. They told we will give one week free training and we will appoint 1 personal manager for managing your account.

    After invested they did not give any training and they lost my hard earned money 200$ with their bloody words… and They are not verified my accounts after submitting the proofs also.

    I referred 2 people, they are invested. Their accounts also not verified from last one month. They are running from India, But they are using online calls to the customers like UK…. They are cheating people.

    I am going to file a case in cyber crime…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chakrapani. R

    • yohuat

      Same ending like me, sweet talk after you have win some ,traders will ask u to pump in more,at many ocassion i did not do so,they feel like frustrated to help u ,then 1 fine day trader advise me to buy gold equites. later with in 2 hours lose everything my account have 750USD.gone gone!!!!,i trade with them 1.5 months.

    • lalitha karkera

      please do and if you need and support please let me know cos I also lost my hard earned money.


    I too got the same force from a Girl, who is Senior Analyst forcing me to invest USD 5000. When I refuse, they got upset. Then I told It is not my cup of cake, I want to close the account. They have sent list of documents. But the documents doen’t mention the 70trades place of identity. I want to close my account