• Shreeharsha Tata

    I work in Qatar and I invested 200 USD after a good conversation with their executives.. they assured me that my money will be safe and they will take care till i learn the tricks of trading. I do not have any knowledge in trading. They assured me to assist in everything and later added 200 USD as bonus. But actually they do not teach you anything.. only thing they do is ask you to buy a lot and wait.. I made profit for first few days and they started asking me to put more money which i did not do and after few days my balance was zero and reason is market was down.. they called me again and asked me to invest 200 USD more which i did not agree and i was only blamed that it happens in the market.. so, its not much useful for the beginners.. I am not blaming that they are cheaters but they are not interested to teach you anything. They just want you to invest that is all..

    • Amin Siddiqui

      i think it is same thing going with me

      • Shreeharsha Tata

        Be careful when you invest…If you are in profit, withdraw your invested money asap.. at least you will be safe.. all the best..

    • Ayaz Khan

      Thanks very much shreeharsha Tata.. for securing us..lol.. i almost jumped into it….
      Thanks God, i escaped.