Popular Forex Brokers

Who are the Best Forex Brokers?

There are hundreds of online brokers, and we have already reviewed of more than 700 Forex, Crypto and Stock brokers.

The best brokers are licensed and regulated by your local governments financial regulator. Sadly, Many investors make the mistake of using an offshore broker that is not licensed, and that is why they can’t withdraw their money.

Day Traders and Investors will enjoy many benefits, by using a local regulated broker. Added security and insurance is provided by your governments regulator, and a local broker offers you better connectivity and trading conditions. Smart investors only use regulated brokers! 

Popular Regulated Brokers

M1 Finance Logo 2020

M1 Finance is an SEC regulated broker that offers a unique Robo Advisor system, read more.

They are a fast growing broker, and recently announced that they reached $1 Billion in Assets Under Management.

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UnifiMoney is a new iPhone app for all your money management and investing needs. They are competing with the popular Robinhood, by offering robo investing and more features.

Currently they are offering a bonus of $25 in Bitcoin if you open your account with more than $1000.

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Only Use a Regulated Broker!

A Scam Broker uses many tricks and gimmicks, to give the impression that they are legitimate. Most brokers that you find via Facebook & Instagram, are unregulated offshore companies, and they are scams. If you watched a video about an amazing trading app which makes big money, just know that it is a proven scam, read why.

A local online broker, offers you tighter spreads on currency pairs of your home country. For example, Australian brokers offer tighter spreads on the Australian Dollar, versus brokers in the United Kingdom, which have tighter spreads on the British Pound.

Investors can easily to determine the difference between brokers, by verifying the brokerage firms license. Learn how to detect a fake online broker by reading the article: How to Detect an Investment Scam.

FACT: 90% of People Lose Money Trading!

Only Invest With A Licensed & Regulated Broker.