Best Forex Brokers

Who is the Best Forex Broker?

The answer is actually simple, A broker that is licensed and regulated in your local country. Choosing a local broker has many benefits, besides the security which comes with using a regualted broker. Local brokers offer faster connectivity, and faster executions.

Many online brokers that you find via Social Media, are offshore companies, and they are mostly scams. Make sure you read the article: How to Detect an Investment Scam.

Be smart, Only invest with a regulated broker!

Most Popular Brokers!

FOREXcom is a popular Forex and Futures broker that is registered with the CFTC and a member of NFA, see here.

They offer a robust web trader platform, along with the popular MT4 and a proprietary desktop trading software.

You should try a Free Demo Account, visit

IG US Forex is a leading Forex broker, popular around the world. In 2018, IG opened their American CFTC regulated trading platform, read more.

Investors can trade over 80 currency pairs with either MT4 or their custom trading app, signup here.


FACT: 90% of People Lose Money to Scam Brokers!

Only Invest With A Licensed & Regulated Broker.

A local online broker, offers you tighter spreads on currency pairs of your home country. For example, Australian brokers offer tighter spreads on the Australian Dollar, versus brokers in the United Kingdom, which have tighter spreads on the British Pound.

Sadly, Many investors make the mistake of using an offshore broker that is not licensed, and that is why they can’t withdraw their money. A Scam Broker uses many tricks and gimmicks, to give the impression that they are legitimate.

Investors can easily to determine the difference between brokers, by verifying the brokerage firms license. Learn how to detect a fake online broker by reading this article.

One More Thing…

If you watched a video about an amazing trading app which makes big money, just know that it is a proven scam, read why.