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About Us

Scam Broker is a brokers and trading app review website. It was launched in September 2013, with an initial focus on exposing unlicensed binary option brokers. It is currently among the largest review websites for Forex brokers, Crypto brokers, CFD brokers, and trading app reviews.

As of September 2022, almost 900 in depth reviews have been published by Scam Broker of trading apps and online brokers worldwide. Almost 400 of the brokers reviewed, are now out of business.

Why Broker Reviews are Important

The problem with day trading or investing online, is that the online broker space is filled with scammers who steal innocent peoples money. As was exposed by the Bernie Madoff scandal, 99% of investors do not take the time to properly research their broker.

All brokerage firms offering trading or investing services must have a license, and they must be regulated by their local government regulatory body.

Broker reviews are accurate at the time of publication, however, things are constantly changing. Occasionally a licensed broker will lose their license, but an unlicensed broker, will almost never become licensed. Sophisticated scammers will open a brokers website, and then change the company name every few months.

As we mention in our terms of use policy. This site is for informational purposes only! You must do your own research and not rely on hearsay, or an advertisement, when deciding which broker or trading app to use.

Just because a broker has a license in the European Union or the United Kingdom, does not mean they are regulated in Australia or South Africa. If a broker advertises a license on their website, you must still go to their regulator’s website, and verify the licensed is still active, and for that specific company.

Feedback From Visitors

We occasionally receive letters of thanks and gratitude from potential investors who were about to get scammed, and then read our reviews.

“Thank you guys, I was about to invest luckily saved.”

“OMFG! Thank you all so much! I was literally like about to send the money to Markets Trading right this moment, but decided to look him up right quick and found this site!”

“I paid the start up of 250USD but after reading here i am going to reverse the transaction. Thank you everyone you probably saved me a lot of money!”

“OMG you guys, Thank You So Much for the reviews. You have saved me from opening an account with Titan Trade.”