5 responses to “72Option Review”

  1. Stanley Lai says:

    I am in a fix. According to my bank statement; I have deposited 5000USD on separate dates in August, now my bank account is emptied and the trade has returned less than that.

    I am trying to get withdrawal of the ‘remainder balance after the losses, to no avail now, very depressing.

    Was new, losses mount as I fell to more traps, my salary based money-in bank account is wiped dry.

  2. Daniel says:

    I have 271 balance, can I withdraw?

  3. Haji Warithu Haji Tengah says:

    i followed their terms. cant withdraw until earn a profit of 1000 dollars. Which I did and withdraw. NOthing happen. keep on following up, the same shit they gave an excuse and avoid. apprently untill now , I couldnt withdraw at all. My money lost for good. I consider them beggars.

  4. laurence powers says:


    Hi folks this entity is a big big scam you are little fish swimming with very large dangerous SHARKS please keep well clear anyone who has deposited with them should say good bye to the money you will never see it again.

    you have been warned

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