Ackman Capital Review

Ackman Capital

Ackman Capital was a scam “White Label” binary options robot, that opened on May 29th. The underlying technology that is using for their software was actually created back in 2014. They are a not recommended software, because you can’t connect with a legal binary options broker.

Investors that are interesting in trading online, will only use a licensed Binary Options broker.

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Before You Lose Your Money, Learn how they will rip you off, read this.

Ackman Capital Review

The reason why people like to use a binary option robot like the one from Ackman Capital, is that it is very user friendly. They have a demo mode, which shows that you will always make money. Problem is that reality hits after you make a deposit, and start using the software in real market trading conditions.

Here is what they wrote on their website:

“As a Ackman Capital client, your financial plan is invested into well-diversified portfolios of Binary Options to capture market returns.”

You may think that this product is some sort of Robo Advisor with proper risk management controls, but it is simple an automated trading software which places trades every 5 minutes on binary options.

Ackman Capital Binary Options Software
Ackman Capital Software

Ackman Capital Actual Results

The real results of automated trading systems like Ackman Capital range from 90% loses, to a 50% win ratio to slowly drain your account. When you configure an automated trading system, you must select which Indicators and Forex pairs to trade. Results will differ for every user, so you can’t believe anyone else’s results.

Anytime a binary options software makes promises or guarantees of success, you should be wary and stay away.

Scam Brokers Will Steal Money!

If you invest with a “broker” that does not have a valid license, you can be sure you will never get your money back. There are a variety of gimmicks they use to scam you, and hundreds of people fall victim every month.

You can read the complaints people have had about unregulated brokers, see here.

Make sure you are only trading with a licensed broker!

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