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Arca Capital is a new Crypto / Forex CFD Broker, that opened in February 2021. is a total mystery, since they do not disclose any contact or corporate information on their website. Official website is:

If you a complaint or withdrawal problem, go here.

Arca Capital Reviews

Our review of Arca Capital find that their investors / day traders can use their simple web-based CFD trading platform, made by Finantick. If you are a serious investor, you will quickly notice that the brokers ArcaCap doesn’t have MT4, MT5 or a mobile trading app.

The software is 100% web based and they offer CFD trading on a variety of Crypto Currencies including: Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and more. Additionally you will find Contracts for Difference on standard Forex Pairs, like the Aussie Dollar, Euro, Yen and Ruble.

Deposits are made via Quamtor or Coinbase Commerce. A broker that only accepts deposits via Crypto, means you are not protected against fraud by Visa / Mastercard. Their deposit button says “Donate with Crypto”. Does that mean you are making a donation or a deposit? Either way, it sounds unprofessional and a bit shady.

Arca Capital Trading

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Is Arca Capital a Legit Broker?

No, Arca Capital is not regulated and they are not a licensed broker.

They are probably located in Eastern Europe, like the rest of the offshore brokers. If you want to find the owners, you can try contacting Finantick, which is the company they got their trading platform from. According to this brokers Terms & Conditions page, they are under the jurisdiction of the court of United Kingdom. But that is probably because they copied another brokers T&C’s page.

The Scam Broker Investigator has reviewed hundreds of brokers, to see if they are legitimate brokers or scams. Our review starts with a check to see if the company has a financial  license. A legitimate broker will always be regulated in the United Kingdom by the FCA or by ASIC in Australia.

Arca Capital Scam

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If you are already investing money at ArcaCap, we ask that you share your experience in the comments section.