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Aussie Formula is an old get rich quick trading app, that was initially created in 2018.

We have now seen it resurface, and stumbled across it, from a link in an email we received from Jason Hayes. He writes in his email, “Crypto investing is the new gold rush with newly minted millionaires appearing almost every day.”

Here is what you need to know about Aussie Formula software, before you become their next investment scam victim.

Aussie Formula Review

When reviewing a trading app like Aussie Formula, the first thing we do is scroll to the bottom of their website and read the disclaimers. After we read the disclaimer, we see that they themselves said the whole page is a fake advertisement. The people in the video are actors, and the content they wrote is a huge exaggeration.

If this was a real trading app, firstly it would probably cost a monthly fee, and they would have a website that matched their brand name. Instead, Aussie Formula was using a domain called electlinks.biz. That seems pretty shady.

So we took the bait and signed up on the website, and immediately we were redirected to an offshore broker called AnalystQ. They just want us to deposit money into a brokerage account. There is no automated trading app, and there are no trading signals. All they are is another white label broker, trying to get us to invest $5,000 with their “senior trader”.

Bottom line: We can only surmise, that the Aussie Formula is just another “Get Rich Quick” gimmick to scam naïve investors into losing their savings at an unregulated CFD broker.

Real auto trading robots allow you the investors to configure all aspects of the software, before you make a deposit, see here.

Aussie Formula Reviews
Aussie Formula Reviews

Aussie Formula Scam

Many Red Flags went off when we investigated the Aussie Formula. They made various statements one their website which are not true.

“Most of our members fund their account with $300, and earn an average of $1,000 a day.”

If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Daily returns of 300% in any market is unheard of!

Again, the only purpose of this scam, is for you to think that you found an unknown software which will make you rich while you sleep.

Scam Broker Warning!

It is important for every investor to know, that your money is held at a broker, and if that broker is not licensed, you will never see your money again!

None of the brokers that are connected to the Aussie Formula are legitimate. They are all based in offshore jurisdictions, and they are not regulated. Take a few minutes to learn how this scam operates, read this, and you will understand why they would connected you to an offshore broker.

If you are actually interested in day trading / investing in the market, you can see the list of regulated brokers.

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