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Bitcoin Loophole is a fake Crypto trading signals software, that works with scam Forex brokers.

If you deposit money at their “recommended” broker, you will never see it again!

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Bitcoin Loophole Review

The trading software that Bitcoin Loophole offers, is at best a random signals generator. Other websites offering this product don’t even have a working product.

We thoroughly reviewed the software, and this is what we saw from the product. The Bitcoin Loophole shows you the asset to trade, time that the signal is valid, their confidence level, and the ability to place a trade. We could not ascertain from the signals, how long the trade should be for. Is it going to make money in 5 minutes or 5 days?

Although you cannot see the trading signals, unless you deposit money at their “recommended broker”, this is what the actual software look like (see image below).

Now go see a real trading software.

Bitcoin Loophole Signals

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Quality of Bitcoin Loophole Website

Although the the video on Bitcoin Loophole mentions that you will make thousands of dollars, the truth is, there is no guarantee.

The first question an investor needs to ask themselves, before using a trading system is; What are the trade alerts based on? If someone tells you to buy the British Pound ($GBPUSD), is that a good trading idea?

First we should know; When should I buy it? How much should I pay for it? When should I sell it?

We have found multiple versions of this software, and many different websites claiming to be the real one. We checked our email to see how to login to the software, but it just sends us back to the home page.

This tells us that they are most likely a scam.

Bitcoin Loophole Fake Claims of Results

Warning! Offshore Brokers

A big problem with investing online is that many fake companies setup a website like Bitcoin Loophole, to lure investors into dreams of making millions.

All brokers must be licensed and regulated, in order to provide investing services.

If you invest your money at broker that is not licensed, you will never see it again!

The Best Bitcoin Brokers

On August 6th, the FCA in England issued this warning.

3 responses to “Bitcoin Loophole Review”

  1. fw says:

    If you sign up for Bitcoin Loophole and then reconsider, thinking you have made a mistake, but have not yet paid anything, watch out, you are in for a barrage of calls.

    Even if you ask them to remove you from their lists they won’t. They don’t even respond to threats of being exposed or reported to the relevant bodies who monitor and regulate them.

    This tells me they are not calling from the UK and really don’t have a need to worry. Also, the numbers they are calling on are not real so this tells me they are number spoofing, which is highly illegal.

    Consider what you do when creating an account even if you don’t wish to use the account you will soon wish you hadn’t bothered.

  2. Justine King says:

    it is weird the bitcoin loophole article didn’t even make sense, saying firstly that they are trading bitcoin and then going on to say they are beating the traders at their own game trading market stocks wtf? and what has apple got to do with it. and how is any wealth being redistributed??(as the article claimed) . Oh, I see it’s being redistributed to a couple of scammers.

  3. mickypicky says:

    It’s the old story, if it sounds too good to be true, etc.

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