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Bitcoin Rush Review

Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a fraudulent automated trading app, for Crypto trading that first opened in 2018. Currently there are many versions of this trading app circulating online, and sadly none of them function properly.

All versions of the Bitcoin Rush trading app today (August 2023), are simple landing pages that lead you to an offshore broker and signing up.

Warning offshore / unlicensed brokers! Only use a regulated broker like ForTrade.

Bitcoin Rush Official Review
Bitcoin Rush Official Review

Bitcoin Rush Reviews

When comparing and choosing an automated trading app, the first item we look for, is the ability to choose a licensed broker. The second thing we look at, are the settings available to configure to algorithm.

Bitcoin Rush does not offer automated trading, and they do not even have a mobile trading app. Take a minute and search the app store, and you will not find a real app. The only thing that Bitcoin Rush offers investors is a “professional” money manager.

During the month of August 2022, more than 3,000 people just like you searched on Google for “Bitcoin Rush”. Why are so many people looking for this trading app? It is because there are marketing companies that advertise on Facebook, and promise you will make millions using this app.

What they really want from you is to deposit your money via Crypto into an fake Crypto Broker. You can read in full detail how the Crypto invest scam works, see here.

Back in 2018 the FCA in United Kingdom warned investors like you, not to fall for this scam, read here.

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

No, It is actually a landing page that is used for marketing illegal offshore brokers.

What’s the minimum investment amount?

All brokers that use the Bitcoin Rush marketing tool, require a $250 non refundable deposit.

Does the Bitcoin Rush really make money?

No, there is no actual trading algorithm. You will be day trading yourself, at an offshore unregulated broker.

Bitcoin Rush Scam

So you still believe that you can make money with Bitcoin Rush and don’t realize that it is a scam. Here are a few sure signs that a trading app is a scam.

  1. Check the trading app website. Did you address you signed up at match the name of the software.
  2. Do a search on LinkedIn and see how many people work for the company.
  3. Go to your financial regulators “Broker Check” and see if your broker is licensed.
  4. Read reviews of Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Loophole and Ethereum Code. See if you notice any similarities.

Take a look at the Trading App Reviews page, and you will find 200 reviews of trading apps that look exactly like this one.

The Bitcoins Rush Software
Old Bitcoin Rush Trading App

Use a Licensed Crypto Broker

Bitcoin Rush connects investors with a variety of CFD brokers but they are all unlicensed offshore scams. A huge problem with CFD trading is that there are scam brokers that will steal your money, and they are not regulated by a government authority.

There are many reasons why you need to use a licensed broker, but the number one reason is because unlicensed brokers always go out of business. When an unlicensed broker goes out of business, they disappear with your money.

Since 2013 the Scam Broker Investigator has reviewed almost 1,000 companies, and almost 400 are already out of business. Making money with crypto trading is very difficult. If you are going to give it a try, at least use a company that is authorized by the government.

Many trading robots we have reviewed looked good, but they do not work with licensed brokers which means they are a scam.

ForTrade is a licensed & regulated broker, that is popular because of their trading app, see it here!

You will find trading signals from Trading Central, built into their web-based trading app. Try a Free Demo at: ForTrade.com.