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Brighter Trade is an unlicensed Forex CFD broker, which opened in April 2018. Brighter Trade is operated by: Logamet LTD, located at: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint. Vincent and Grenadines.

Their phone number in Germany is: +49 302 5555 5708. Customer support email address is:, and the official website is:

For withdrawal issues and complaints, read this.


Brighter Trade is NOT Licensed by FCA or ASIC

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Brighter Trade Reviews

Brighter Trade gives their clients and investors a web based trading platform made by TraderSoft. Their software has CFD’s, Crypto Currencies, and Simplified Forex trading, available on hundreds of underlying assets in the markets of Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Market Indices.

As with many CFD brokers, the difference is the level of leverage offered on the various underlying assets. Bitcoin CFD trading is available for example, at a 1:10 leverage with spreads of $130.

The minimum deposit for a basic fixed spread trading account is $250. This broker does not offer MT5 or mobile apps, you can only use their web based trading software.

Brighter Trade CFD Trading Platform

Crypto Software Scam

Trading Signals Scam


If your account was automatically created by a crypto software, they have access to your money. Their software can place trades without your knowledge.

Do not connect any trading software to your account until you read this!

BrighterTrade Account Types

Brighter Trade License

When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a new Forex broker, the best way to know if they are a legitimate broker is by checking for a valid license. Many Forex brokers are licensed by a local regulator like ASIC in Australia, FCA in the United Kingdom or by FSB South Africa.

BrighterTrade is NOT a licensed broker!

The former company name was: Ingoten OU, located at Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-K367, 10119 Estonia, registered as a Virtual Currency Exchange in Estonia.

Smart traders always verify that the broker they are going to invest with, is also licensed in their local country. You can find a list of all the popular Forex brokers here.

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EasyMarkets is licensed and regulated by ASIC Australia, look here.

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What was your trading experience with Brighter Trade like? Please leave your review in the comments below.

25 responses to “Brighter Trade Review”

  1. Alan Smyth says:

    Just commenting on your recent review upon the invertor ‘Brighter Trade’.
    Brighter Trade came up on my feed, I seen that they wanted investors to open up an account and to deposit £250.00, so not thinking I signed up and deposited £250.00 into my Brighter Trade account.
    I thought that this would be a great way to start investing, however a ‘Broker’ telephoned me right away and after a 2 and a half hour conversation she wanted me to invest £8,700.
    Whenever I told the Broker that I did not have £8,700 to invest she became very, very aggressive with me over the telephone shouting at me down the telephone line and calling me a liar, gambler and a cheat. I knew then that everything about ‘Brighter Trade seemed extremely very odd.
    The Broker was unable to tell me whether or not Brighter Trade were governed by governing body such as, for example FCA, I knew that after my 2 and half hour conversation that I had made the wrong decision.
    At the moment I have tried to withdraw my £250.00 but I am unable to. Whenever I asked ‘The Broker’ if she could help me withdraw my £250.00, as she had spent the past 2 and a half hours telling me ‘That she was here to help me’ she just told me to do it myself, I think that I may have lost my £250.00 deposit because no matter how hard I try to withdraw my £250.00 the computer system they are using will not let me withdraw anything.
    I hope that my comment will help other people not to get involved with Brighter Trade.

    • Christina Economou says:

      I just had the same experience today. They just will not help me. I found out from customer support that the process is: if there is no activity, they keep charging us for inactivity starts at about £45, then goes up to £99. So before you know it your 250 is spent in charges. that’s how they make it disappear. Such a scam. I am fuming.

    • Christina Economou says:

      I just had another call with customer support, they did then agree to refund but I had to make the request via the web page. I made the individual stay on the line until it was done. I have been assured no charges, but of course I am nervous now. It will take up to 14 working days to get my money back.

    • Toni Treadwell says:

      Alan, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Account brokers try to make it clear that due to the nature of online trading, people should only invest amounts that would not affect their lifestyle. At the same time, they also give an accurate picture of how maintaining sufficient margin can improve rates of return. Please contact our customer service team at and give them your email address and account information. We will go over your account history and help you resolve your request.

  2. Renee McMannis says:


  3. nigel stentiford says:

    wish i had seen this before i gave them $250 . let them have all my bank card details and access my pc. now have to cancel my card and change pc details. oh and the 250 is gone . total scamming batards

    • Toni Treadwell says:

      Nigel, please let us know if you have had any security issues related to your BrighterTrade account. We do offer to assist clients remotely when they need assistance with the trading platform. However, this access is only to your trading account, and any sensitive information is supposed to be reset after the session is completed. Feel free to email us at and we can check your login history for any signs of unauthorized access.

  4. David says:

    Total Crooks will not give me the £666 I deposited with them even though they have to under UK law (14 day cooling off period). They are thieves operating out of Estonia! AVOID like the plague!

    • Toni Treadwell says:

      David, I’m sorrry that you were not completely satisfied with BrighterTrade. We would like to review your transaction history to see what happened. Please email with your account number, email address and phone number, and we can get back to you shortly with an answer regarding the status of your deposit.

  5. johnnymanukau. says:

    Totally agree with all the below posts. I have had the same experience and found the female talking head to be rude and obnoxious who does not read emails properly. They have no idea about time zones and phone me at the most stupid times . Renee it would be good if i could get my money back but they just ignore my request and make up excuses. I have cancelled all cards [ and the ability for them to access my accounts] with my bank.
    It appears that they are just some of the scum on this earth.

    • Toni Treadwell says:

      On behalf of BrighterTrade, I apologize for your negative experiences up to this point. We are currently updating our policies, and we would like to review your requests. If you could send us your email address, telephone number, preferred contact times, and a summary of your prevous communication with customer support, we will have one of our team members go over your account and provide a resolution as soon as possible. Our email adress is, and we look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Seán Fitz Fitz says:

    Have spoken to these guys 4 times now, despite being lied to by them on more than once occasion and me requesting they delete all my data as per GDPR they continue to call, each and every day. I understand when salespeople need to cold call to make money but the people working here are dishonest scam artists. Total sham, as they are probably not regulated by the FCA best thing to do is report them for GDPR breaches.

  7. syed says:

    Hi I am Syed from Malaysia, joined Brighter trade about a month ago with USD 250 deposit. Few days later i received a call from BT broker explaining to me how to use the platform and yes suggesting to me to deposit USD 5000 so i really can see the big investment return. I don’t have that kind of money and explained never in my life that i have traded or have any experience with stocks. The broker is polite although quite persuasive and finally he understand my limitation and left me alone. I have traded small margins as experimental ventures and have made and lose some. I withdraw some money just to see how it works and it was bank-in to my account that i registered in 4 days. So it works, I will continue to learn how to trade and small margin profit is fine with me, the BT portal is also user friendly. I still have a lot to learn and I think i am progressing slowly one step at a time.

  8. Lisa says:

    Absolute scam! Long and short of it is – why accept £250 off investors and not ask for all details the require when you want to withdraw funds ? ! Photo ID 3 Bills very fishy- That’s all they need to steal your identity . Spent days trying to withdraw without success . Currently dealing with * Action Fraud Criminal Investigation * Brighter Trade have been made aware of this but they are not even concerned. STAY AWAY FROM BRIGHTER TRADE! SCAM SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    Low and behold they have vanished or have they blocked me……. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  10. Lisa says:

    Anyone else not able to reach there site ? Awaiting refund know won’t get fraud scammers!!!!

  11. Christopher Carroll says:


  12. JAMAL ABRAHAM says:

    BE CAREFUL , I GOT SCAMMED by this company £250, They will NOT refund my money
    I was contacted by a David Goldman, immediately after I deposited the money, trying to force me to invest £10,000
    it does not matter if you do make money, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW IT. I even asked this (David Goldman) to verify himself by e mailing me and ID to prove he does exist ! But he refused ! I told him, if you want to invest £10,000 of my money, i would want to see your face or any ID, but he refused. Then I asked him if they have a branch in London, he wouldn’t give me the address at first, he said I will e mail it to you, Then he e mailed me 14 Dover street in Mayfair, I went there, there was NO company as such.
    Then I was called by another Idiot who start insulting you and abuse you, they are a bunch of thieves. They are based in Estonia, someone should inform The Government about them.
    I had to cancel my credit card , I advise everyone to do the same, NEVER send them your ID.

  13. JAMAL ABRAHAM says:

    BIG SCAM , I even contacted the Estonian Foreign office , they informed me, that their address in Estonia, is not even correct, its an address of a school. I will be contacting the Interpol and the British police now, I urge everyone to do the same.

  14. Steve Hansen says:

    Wish I found and read all this reviews before I invested €500,00 with this people. That money is lost, this is a BIG SCAM! To be able to get some money back from them you have to verify your account, and to do so they ask for following (this is a copy of an email from them):

    “We would like to verify your account! Please see below list of documents required for verification:

    Color Copy of Passport / National ID Card / Driving License (front and back)
    Color copy of a Bank Statement / Utility Bill issued in the last 6 months, showing your full name, residential address and issue date
    Color copy of the Credit / Debit Card used for the deposit, showing the name, expiration date, first six (BIC) and last four digits (front), and the signature (back). For your privacy, please ensure that the CVV code is concealed.”

    It would not even cross my mind to give them or anybody else this kind of information. That would probably be the most stupid thing anyone could do!

    So I consider this a “lesson learned” -that money is lost forever. If you as me has waisted money with this site, delete all information possible on their site and including the credit card used for this!

    To avoid that they call you, just block their phone numbers – the will try to call you from different numbers – they want our money badly!

    I still can’t believe I could be this stupid!

  15. Marja says:

    I have lost 17000 euro to this scamfirm. I have bin so naive to think they would help me to make some money so i could help my famaly. This is terible and i have not slept sinds. I made contact with a firm ho can help me get some or all the money back but before they can do anything i have to pay a lot of money and this is something i dont have anymore. I was thinking maybe we must start some kind of collective to support everybody ho has bin scamed by this terible company. Maybe setting up a fund where money can be put in so we can help eachother en others ..
    This must end because people’s lives are getting destroyd and still there are a lot of people ho are to goodhearted to see or recodnize what they are stepping in to. ( sorry for my englisch is not so good in writing).

  16. Dr.Sunil Gupta says:

    I have lost US $16000 to brightertrade on 24th Oct 1018 by a well planned scam conducted by their account manager. Please beware from this company and appeal to government to look into their scams. My experience was terrible with them as I felt like not able to escape from them They used to call me to deposit more and more money and they have opend up position with a massive leverage in spite of opposition showing false promise of profit which end up with massive lost. I lost my hard earned money in spite of repeatedly urging them to save my precious money. Now I am looking for any option I get my fund back from them. Please contact me if anyone has any idea to get the money back from them.

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