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Best CFD Brokers Offering Cannabis Stocks

Investing is Cannabis Company shares is the most popular investing trend going into 2019. Cronos, Canopy Growth, Tilray and Aurora have become household names after their meteoric rise from under $2 to a high of $60 in 2018. After that fall of Crypto Currencies in 2018, the hot topic on Wall Street & Bay Street, has turned to Marijuana stocks.

There are two options that investors have, and that is to buy the Marijuana / Cannabis Stocks ETF, or invest in individual company shares.

CFD brokers in Europe and Australia are now listing Cannabis shares for their investors to trade, along with the BITA Global Cannabis Giants Index.

Best CFD Brokers for Pot Stocks

Fortrade Cannabis Brokers

ForTrade is the fast growing FCA authorised CFD provider in England and Australia. Their award winning web based trading platform is simple to use, and loved by their clients.

You will find plenty of Cannabis shares available for trading, along with hundreds of other assets, see here.

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Compare Cannabis Stock Brokers

Here is a short checklist of things to look at when comparing Cannabis CFD brokers.

  1. Verify the CFD broker is licensed and regulated.
  2. First try out their Free demo trading accounts.
  3. Check the minimum trade size value.
  4. Compare their required minimum deposit amount.
  5. See how many shares and indexes are available.

If Your Broker is Not Regulated… You Will Be Scammed!

Only Invest at Legalized Stock Broker.

BITA Global Cannabis Giants Index

Avoid The Marijuana Stocks Scams

There are two types of scams that are now very common with stock market investors.

The first one being “algorithm trading software” which make false promises of high returns, by automatically investing your money for you. You should read in more details, about authentic trading software, see here.

The second type of scam is by offshore CFD brokers, who are not licensed or regulated. All stock brokers and CFD companies, must be licensed and regulated by your local governments financial watchdog. Popular CFD brokers are in Australia are licensed by ASIC, and brokers in the United Kingdom should be regulated by the FCA.

If you invest at an unlicensed broker that promises to make you rich, go read the complaints page first, so that you know what problems you are facing.