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CrypNetEasy Review

CrypNetEasy Brokers

CrypNetEasy is a new non-regulated unlicensed Crypto CFD / Forex Broker, that opened on April 6th 2021.

Officially they are owned or operated by: Rogers Company EOOD, Registration number: 206439262. Address is: Hazhdi Dimitar Street, 10, Municipality of Ruse, Village of Semerdzhievo 7072, Bulgaria. Contact email address is: [email protected]. Official website is at: There is no phone number listed for this company.

For complaints and withdrawal problems, read this.

CrypNetEasy Broker Review

Our quick review of this broker called CrypNetEasy finds, that they are offering their clients only a web-based CFD trading platform. It is a basic trading app, that uses TradingView charts. Order types are not shown unless you deposit money, so basically no free demo trading. Their website shows a page with MT5, and you can download the various versions.

If you take a look at the screenshot shown below, you will see what their web-based trading app looks. As with most CFD brokers, you will find a long list of underlying assets available for CFD trading including; Shares, Crypto Currency, Forex Pairs, Stocks, Commodities and Market Indexes.

Their website is available in German, Spanish, English, Russian and Italian. Minimum deposit to start trading at CrypNetEasy is $300. Deposits are made via Crypto, so you will need to convert your fiat into crypto via; Finanic, UsbXPay, GameChangers or PayCent.

CrypNetEasy Reviews
CrypNetEasy Broker Review

Fake Crypto Trading Apps

Just like you, we also arrived at broker CrypNetEasy, because we signed up for an automated trading app called Bitcoin Era. The truth is that there is no trading app which automatically trades for you. Instead, it is a man who will call you and ask you to invest $5,000 with his “expert trader”.

For a detailed explanation of how the scam operates, Read this article.

Once you have read that, you should first try making money at a licensed broker that offers Trading Central alerts, see here.

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Is CrypNetEasy a Regulated Broker?

No, CrypNetEasy  is not a licensed broker or a regulated broker.

According to their terms and conditions, they are actually owned by: NewTraders Holdings Ltd, which is a shelf company in the Commonwealth of Dominica, that received a warning from the FCA in England, see here.

The easy way to know if a broker is legitimate or a scam is by verifying their license. If your broker is not licensed and regulated by the government, then they are an offshore scam. Forex & Crypto CFD brokers in Spain must be licensed by the CNMV, while brokers in England must be licensed by FCA.

There is no good reason to invest your money with an offshore broker, because a regulated broker offer the same services and better. You can find popular brokers that are licensed and regulated listed here.

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There are many Crypto and Forex CFD brokers to choose from online, therefore, you should first look at some popular licensed brokers.

ForTrade is a popular broker, that is licensed & regulated in many countries, see here.

Try a Free Demo on their unique trading platform, signup here.

If you are currently investing at this broker, please share your experience in the comments below.