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Crypto Contracts Review

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Crypto Contracts is the newest trading app from the software developers who scammed you with the Bitcoin Code and Tesler App. This software is actually a duplicate of the original Bitcoin Trader software.

We will break down for you in our review of Crypto Contracts App, exactly why you should stay far away from them. And also, why the broker that is calling you, is a total fraud.

Scam Alert

WARNING! Hundreds of Investors Lost Money Already, See Why.

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Crypto Contracts Scam

There are many problems we found during our review of the Crypto Contracts App.

  1. Claims of potential profits are ridiculously high, and you will end up with complaints.
  2. We could not use a regulated CFD broker, they directed us to a scam broker UProFX.
  3. After we registered, we could not find any trading signals, just a deposit page.
  4. The official website is located at:

Across the top of the website it is written:

“Crypto Is Making People Rich, Crypto Contracts Members Typically Profit $1,300 a day‚Ķ”

The scam is that you can make money trading with a regulated broker, but there is no chance of making money with an offshore scheme operating from Georgia or Estonia.

You will have better luck with a trading robot like:

Crypto Contracts App Reviews

Crypto Contracts App Reviews

Crypto Contracts is just like hundreds of other Fake automated Crypto trading robots. The video you watched is actually copied from the Bitcoin Trader software, and it as also been used for the Bitcoin Revolution scam. In all these promotional videos, they want you to believe that you are investing in Crypto, but after you have registered, you are sent to an offshore CFD broker.

CFD’s are Contracts for Difference, which is a highly speculative way of investing. It is actually made for day traders, and not investors, because the contracts expire like options. You are predicting the short term movement of the assets price. It is not the good old fashion buy & hold investing.

Investors looking for the holy grail of trading signals should know, that such a thing doesn’t exist. You can use trading indicators to alert you to a potential trade opportunity, however blindly following signals, will lead you to blow out your trading account quickly.

Go take a look at some of the Free Trading Signal Providers.

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Scam Broker Warning!

Almost all of the automated Crypto trading apps you find online, are working with non regulated CFD brokers. Each month thousands of victims get scammed and lose their money because they didn’t do proper research. Take a few minutes and read more about The Classic Investing Scam.

Don’t get me wrong, not all online brokers are a scam. You just need to know what to look out for.

Go to the best brokers page, and you will find local brokers that are licensed and regulated by the government. Every country has their own government regulatory agency, that licenses brokers, like the FCA which regulates ForTrade, and ASIC Australia which licenses PepperStone.

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