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Crypto Engine is a fake Crypto trading system, that is causing naïve investors to invest with an unregulated or unlicensed broker.

If you did a search on Google for CryptoEngine you will find five websites all claiming to be the “Official Website”. Google has not yet figured out how to combat fraud within their search results for fake trading apps.

Before you become the next victim of the most popular Crypto trading scam, here are some things you should be aware of with. Read This Article so that you will understand why this app is actually a Scam!

Crypto Engine Scam

Do you really think that an anonymous software, with no address or phone number, can turn a $250 deposit at an offshore CFD broker, into a secure $10,000 a month? Sorry, but there is no algorithm trading robot that can make such miracles!

False Promises: “Secret NEW Income Opportunity: Trade bitcoin and other Crypto and earn real profits in 24 hours”

Thousands of people just like you, received an email about Crypto Engine, but no professional trading actually uses this product. You need to know that there is no software, and the actors you saw, are just a compilation of news videos, with no actual relevance to the company. Once you deposit your money at an offshore broker, you will probably never see it again!

You Will Lose Your Money with an Offshore Broker!

Crypto Engine Scam

Crypto Engine Reviews

The trading signals that Crypto Engine talks about on their official website:, do not actually existent. On January 3rd 2022 we were directed to a new website claiming to be the official one at: By the time you read this review, that website will probably not be working anymore.

The way this investment scheme works, is by tricking you into signing up with a random offshore broker. The broker then calls you and pitches you to invest with their “experienced money manager”. They will make promises of 25% monthly returns, and try to convince you to deposit $10,000. As you can see in the screenshot below, you will need to deposit money at the broker to get access.

These high pressure sales tactics have been used by hundreds of brokers that ran away with peoples money. A professional Forex Robo-advisor comes with proper risk management controls like; daily max trade limits, stop losses and more controls, see here.

Crypto Engine Trading App

Scam Broker Warning!

Many people use algorithm trading systems or trading robots for investing. The problem happens when an investor trades with a bad broker. You need to realize that the software is not where your money is, your money is at a “Forex broker”.

What Crypto Engine did, is they make you deposit, before you can see any of the trading signals. That is an outright scam. They can easily take your money and put it with a proven scam broker, or even worse, just keep your money themselves.

Traders who just want to trade Crypto / Forex without any automated system, should first choose a broker from the best brokers page.

You can see the most popular trading signals and software on the Forex Trading Signals page.

Tell other investors which scam brokers the Crypto Engine told you to use, in the comment section below.