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The Crypto Trader app is a fake trading software, that originally opened in July 2017. The truth is that Crypto Trader is just another get rich quick scam.

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CryptoTrader Software Fake Testimonial Video
Crypto Trader App – Fake Testimonial Video

Crypto Trader Review

The Crypto Trader system is very much like many other Crypto trading signals software. When you watch the video, the actors sound very convincing and genuine. They want you to believe that they are somehow connected to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but once you login, you see that it is just bad trading signals.

Real investors that trade CFD’s on Forex and Crypto Currency, know that a trading signal is only as good, as the timing of the trade.

If some tells you to buy Bitcoin because it is going up, you will make money, only if you buy and sell at the correct time. If you buy to early or too late, especially when trading CFD’s, you will lose money.

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Crypto Trader Scam

You were probably intrigued by the video you watch, and want to confirm that other people are making money using the system.

There were a few problems we noticed during our review of Crypto Trader.

  1. We couldn’t use a legal & licensed CFD broker like ForTrade.
  2. It makes no mention of what the signals are based on? Are they random or is there technical analysis data used.
  3. They are making very large claims about potential for profits, which can lead to complaints.

If you look at the actual software, you will see that it only tells us the “Confidence Factor”, who knows what that really means.

The alternative to using a Crypto signals software, many people choose to use an automated trading system. There are so many systems to choose from, first look at the best trading software.

How To Login To The Crypto Trader

Welcome to the year 2022, where any trading app that you heard about via a spam email or an infomercial is actually just a funnel.

When you signed up for the trading app, they created for you a trading account with a CFD broker. The broker is where you money is, and where your trading activity takes place. If you look for the original Crypto Trader website you signed up too, you will not find it. Most of these trading apps collect users info via burner websites.

So to log into your trading account, try and find the name of the broker where you deposited money too.

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Warning! The Broker is a Scam

A huge problem with free automated trading robots, is that they partner with fake online brokers. If you want to see how you will lose your money, you should read the article: How the Forex investing scam works.

Trading can be profitable and fun, as long as you are using a licensed and regulated broker. Go visit the best brokers page, and you will see local brokers, that are licensed.

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