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CryptoSoft is an automated investing app scam that started back in 2017, and is still active today. Which website is the official one, nobody knows as it has been duplicated by scammers numerous times.

The CryptoSoft investing app is no different than many other apps that we already reviewed. If you are just now starting your search for a legit automated investing app, then you should check out the popular trading ones.

CryptoSoft Reviews

The automated investing app that is behind this product, is a classic trading scam. It is called in the industry a “random signal generator”, since the only thing that you the investor can control is how much many trades the software executes on your behalf. Even worse is that you really have no idea what the app will do. The only setting you can adjust is “Amount of Trades”. What does that mean, 5 or 500 trades a day?

Some versions of the trading app you will find online, are not even trading signal apps. Many new versions are simply lead generation software, which creates and account for you at an offshore Crypto CFD broker.

A little research will show that there are hundreds of Crypto Trading apps just like this one available today. But if you compare it with a real trading software, you will see that they offer investors the ability to control many aspects of the software.

Bottom line: You Will Lose Money Using this Software, see why. Instead, Get an Account with a Licensed Broker.

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CryptoSoft Fake Testimonials

When the team at Scam Broker reviewed the CryptoSoft trading app, we dug deep to see if they are making any false promises or misleading statements.

We don’t believe any of these testimonials they published on their website, especially since they also told us to invest with an unrelated binary options broker.

CryptoSoft Fake Software Testimonials
CryptoSoft Fake Software Testimonials

Caution! They Use Offshore Brokers

A software like CryptoSoft works exclusively with offshore brokers, and if you invest with an offshore broker you will only have problems. Please tell other readers which scam broker The Crypto Software told you to use, in the comments section below.

You can see in complete details how the Crypto trading software scam works by reading this.

The first thing that every investor must know if that there are 2 types of brokers, licensed and unlicensed. Take a look at the legal Forex brokers people use, look here.

CryptoSoft Synopsis
🚀 Projected Returns0%
⚖ Licensed / RegulatedNo
💎 Investing App ReliabilityPoor
💹 Free Demo AccountNo
📞 Customer SupportNot Offered
💳 Minimum Deposit$100