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DX Exchange Review

Official DX Exchange Review

DX Exchange was a Crypto Currency Exchange and Digital Stocks Broker that opened in January 2019, and closed in November 2019.

They are owned by Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ, and officially located at: Roosikrantsi 2, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia. Telegram Channel is: The official exchange website is at:

DX Exchange Review

DX offers a wide range of unique features to differentiate themselves, and stay relevant in the highly competition Crypto trading space. For starters, they partners with Nasdaq to use the Nasdaq’s proprietary matching software for order execution.

Investors at DX Exchange are given access to their custom made Crypto Currency Exchange trading platform. Two trading venues are offered, one being their Crypto Exchange and the other being the Digital Stocks. Digital Stocks are a new concept, and it basically takes a regular publicly traded companies shares, and converts them into a token.

DX charges investors a monthly membership fee, which includes free trading commissions on the first $50K of volume. Above $50,000 in monthly trading volume, the fee is 0.25%. The limit on daily withdrawals is $10,000.

The DX Exchange

DX Exchange Licenses

Scam Broker Investigator reviews hundreds of Crypto investing platforms, to see if they are legitimate brokerage firms, with a license. The best way for you to know that your exchange is not a scam, is by checking their regulatory status. When you see that the broker is regulated by the FCA, BaFIN or CySEC, then you know that they are a legitimate broker.

DX Exchange has a couple of licenses as a Crypto Currency Exchange and Wallet from the FIU in Estonia. The licence numbers are: FVR000051 & FRK000039. Digital Stocks are tokenized via: MPS MarketPlace Securities Ltd, which is licensed by CySEC number 170/12.

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