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Elite Trading Club Review

Elite Trading Club

Elite Trading Club was a trading software used to scam binary options investors. We recent reviewed another scam called Crisis Trader which uses the same software.

This trading system is actually a “white label” binary options robot that gets marketed by a many fake brokers using different names and videos.

If you are a newbie investor, you haven’t yet learned that today exists hundreds of these scam trading systems online. Don’t waste your money on Elite Trading Club, you must first read why it is a scam, see here.

Elite Trading Club Review

Like all the fake binary option trading robots, there really isn’t anything new to write about Elite Trading Club, since this “groundbreaking” software is the same as hundreds we already reviewed, look here. You can see on their dashboard page, that the trading software is with any decent settings or controls. The only thing you can adjust as an amateur investor is the amount of money to lose on each trade. Even worse, is that their minimum trade size is $25.

They don’t give you any control of the software signals or trading alerts like a real trading robot.

Here is what the Elite Trading Club’s trading room actually looks like:

Elite Trading Club Binary Option Robot
Elite Trading Club Binary Option Robot

The Login website for the Elite Trading Club Software was located at: myeliteclubsoftware.co/dashboard.

Elite Trading Club Scam

Here are a few ways you can detect a scam binary options trading software.

  1. They make huge claims of profits and reliability. They write on their website: “Can you imagine what it’s like to make $15,876 in one day.”
  2. We were assigned an unlicensed broker from Bulgaria by the name Lionexo.
  3. The website http://myeliteclub.co was first created on April 26th 2017.
Elite Trading Club Fake Testimonials
Elite Trading Club Fake Testimonials

Scam Broker Warning!

Scam Broker Investigator is a website dedicated to reviewing binary options brokers, with more than 300 binary brokers reviewed already. It is already a know fact that 95% of binary option brokers online are simply unlicensed scams.

Go read the article; Why people use licensed brokers, so you understand that trading with an unlicensed broker is not a wise decision.

The problem using a trading software like Elite Trading Club, is that they work with unlicensed brokers like Lionexo, which is the main reason for binary option complaints, see complaintsYou should only trade with a licensed broker! Go look at the best brokers page.

Australia ASIC Warning

“ASIC urges all investors considering trading in binary options to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services licence.”

Real Trading Robots

There are a few automated trading robots that are popular among investors, because you can setup the trading software and they work with licensed brokers, look here.

Please tell other newbie investors reading the review of Elite Trading Club, which broker they recommended for you, and how much money you lost, in the comments below.