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  1. Paul Soffe says:

    Fintech are liars..their claims are completely untrue

  2. Lit Binte says:

    Fintech Ltd connected me to Stockpair. Stockpair is licenced and regulated broker.
    But still do not know will I start. All robots I have tried did not bring profit.

  3. Øivind Bergh says:

    When opening an account with Fintech I was able to choose from a list of Licenced brokers, and chose StoxMarket, who seems to be a well known brokerage?. My intention was to go with an automated system, and at the same time start to learn to trade by myself, which is the long term goal. For that purpose I chose 24Option based on good reviews. With Fintech I have so far only made four manual trades, of which I won three. Ot took a day or two to have my StoxMArket account verified due to some document issues. I’m however rather confused, as my balance with aStoxMarket is higher then my Fintech balance. I funded my account via StoxMArket of course, and would think the balance should be the same with the two? When it comes to 24option I have placed a total of five trades. One closed with a loss, and the four remaining is closing tomorrow. As I have been pretty active on the web, I assume a lot of companies are notified, but still I’m amazed of the number of people who have called presenting themself as my persnal AM. Not for just anybody to sort out this jungle…Please comment and advise if you like anyone?

    • Scam Broker says:

      StoxMarket is NOT a licensed broker. They are actually located in Dominica.

      That Top 10 Website who recommended Fintech, are actually the owners of Fintech also. Talk about unbiased reviews…

  4. petears says:

    You, and watchdog are the Only 2 option trading software review sites people should open when looking for answers.

    Thank you for being there – for the public!

  5. Victor L Goliac says:

    Fintech Financial Services Pty Ltd of UK its a SCAM.
    You deposit your money with them you’ve lost it !

    • Lillian Christensen says:

      Wish I had known that before I lost my savings to a scam broker from Fintech. I deposit 250USD in trading, but that “broker” ( I know his name) who was suppose to help me trading,”fix” with my signature and stold 3000 USD from my account. I am from DK.

  6. Shem Nyamitta says:

    hello everyone my name is shem nyamitta from holland.this scam binary robot called fintech limited connected me to a scambroker called swift option back in 2013 and within minutes I lost 500 euro and that was my holliday money. please everyone out there be warned do not deposit your money with fintech as you will loose it.

  7. I have also got tricked by an article new in Facebook and cnn money talking about Elon Musk making an investment in this startup to redistribute wealth in the planet. I found credible and ethical so I have deposit 250 usd with Binary Tilt Usd. I find out after making a search that was a scam and I have blocked my card and talked with my bank. Everything is under investigation. I have received a call today from someone with an african accent making some strange talk and after I explained how I find out about them he asked me if I wanted my money back and hang up.

    • I saw the same article too. I think the article is a scam and Elon did not invest in this company. However I do think that Fintech is legit. The only thing that is stopping me from dumping money with Fintech when I read that article was that if you click the link to Fintech website in that article, it would take you to a phishing website that looked like the Fintech website but wasn’t. So I think if you signed up with Fintech by clicking on the link from that article, it would definitely be a scam. but if you go directly to Fintech from Google, it might be legit. I don’t know. Too scared to put any money in it.

  8. Kazar Abdul says:

    so anyone who have the answer to real profitable investment online?Knows people who actually making good money online..so many marketing gimmick that deceived us.None too good to be true. How about Bitcoin?Any thought?

  9. Sarah Fincham says:

    I joined Fintech, put in my $250 then a broker rang insisting I needed to add funds and took another £1000. He promised they only traded 10% of the account but he put the whole lot in and lost it. I have tried to get the money back as I had made my wishes clear before he did it. So far I have had the same email three times and then the broker rang demanding more money to trade me out of debt, I refused to pay and he said he’d try to get my money back via the recovery section. Needless to say I haven’t heard any more. He pushed my card over the limit and I have also lost my holiday money. I have never had this much debt in my life. It is affecting my health now.

  10. Peter Dimond says:

    I invested £2250 with Trade Fintech and a manager called Victor Shaw. My money ‘disappeared’ the following
    day and my ‘account’ now shows a balance of £138.84. I was told by ‘phone that there had been a fall in the market that very day and that my investment was gone. I initially invested my money to buy Bitcoin through a Facebook advert, but now, can get no response orexplanation from this company.
    They appear to be fraudsters ,even thieves, and I am setting the ball rolling to expose them on social media
    and as many financial sites as possible. My card company will be investigatingas well as friends in the legal world.

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