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Fintech Prime is an unlicensed Crypto Currency & Forex CFD broker, which opened in October 2017. is owned by Morgan Ltd, which is located at: ul. Maragidik 6, Floor 3, Apartment 6, 1505 Oborishte, Sofia, Bulgaria. Their phone number in Bulgaria is: +359 5294 0381.

Customer support email address is;, and for common broker complaints, read this.

Fintech Prime Review

Fintech Prime gives their investors a trading platform for CFD and Forex trading called TraderSoft. Available for trading are hundreds of underlying assets from Crypto Currencies, Stocks, Commodities and Market Indices. It is interesting to note that no Fiat Forex Pairs were available on their trading platform. The spread on BTC/USD contracts was $60 during our review.

This broker only offers their web based desktop trading platform. We did not see mobile apps or MT4 available.

Minimum deposit for a new trading account starts at 250 Euro, and offers zero spreads but a 6% commission.

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Fintech Prime License & Regulation

When Scam Broker Investigators reviews a new Crypto or CFD trading broker, to determine if they are a legit broker or a scam broker we look for a license. Are they licensed and regulated by a competent government financial regulator like the F.C.A. in United Kingdom.

Fintech Prime is not a licensed broker. On November 7th 2018, the FCA warned investors about this company, read more.

When choosing a new Forex broker, it is very important to verify that they are in fact licensed for investors from your country of residence. Trading with a licensed broker ensures you will not have issues withdrawing your money, read more.

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2 responses to “Fintech Prime Review”

  1. Christos Christou says:

    Absolutely true – this is a scam. They employ persuasive salesman that guarantee returns or an easy return of your capital. While promising to hold your portfolio with everything under your own control. This could not be further from the truth. After a few demos on how they can make money for you to draw you in – they will consistently and relentlessly call/email you to convince you to deposit more funds. After you decide to close the account and withdraw your own initial capital, the barrage of emails/calls cease. A few days after I requested my initial capital be withdrawn, a ‘robot’ on my account (which I never activated nor requested be in operation) supposedly made a few trades on my behalf that lost massive amounts! Needless to say that my capital was wiped out. They did not have any reason for this happening and as they are not regulated it is not dissimilar to giving your money to a criminal to invest for you. Do not believe what they say – your capital will not be returned to you when you request it and you will have no recourse when they allege that your money is lost despite requesting a closure of your account days before. IF THIS IS SO GOOD THEY WOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY TO DO IT, THEY WOULD USE THEIR OWN! STAY VERY CLEAR.

  2. annoyed but determined says:

    wish i had read this prior to my investment. I only deposited £250 but ive asked for it back and have not recieved it. Everythin you have said Christos is true. I asked for my money back about two months ago and have recieved excuse after excuse from them. I finally recieved an email on 25th September 2018 telling me that the money had left thier account 8 days ago but i can take up to 3 – 14 business days to reach mine. Must be coming by boat. Still not recieved it today and for some strange reason the phones are not being answered. However i am not letting this go even for a small amount. I want my money and if i have to bring them down and publically humliate them i will. I need to know where i can go as this can not be allowed to continue. There must be some organisation that i can contact to start the ball rolling. Can anyone help?

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