FXMasterBot Review

FXMasterBot Forex Trading Robot

FXMasterBot is a popular software, that provides trading signals for Forex & Crypto CFD trading.

First launched in December 2017, the software is not owned by any Forex broker, and is totally independent of the brokers. Investors can currently choose from more than 5 different brokers to use the software with.

Official Website: http:/FXMasterBot.com

FXMasterBot Review

What sets FXMasterBot.com apart from its competitors, is the advanced and professional nature of the software. The system was built by real Forex traders, with professional investors in mind.

The software is so advanced with many options for customization, that some newbie traders are actually put off by the abundance of choices they must configure for the robot to work. This trading robot is surely going to become one of the largest and most popular software in 2018.

When comparing this robot with other options for Forex trading robots, there are a few things you will notice.

  • There are no fake testimonials on their website.
  • No guarantees of performance results
  • They don’t promise 90% accuracy.
  • No fake pitchmen in a video with airplanes.
  • Free Demo Trading Mode, register here.
FXMasterBot Forex Broker Account Types
FXMasterBot Forex Broker Account Types

Configure The FXMasterBot Settings

It is important to modify the settings of the FX Master Bot before you to it on to trade for you on your account. As you can see in the picture below, there are a few setting that need to be adjusted.

Expiry Times: In this section, you can specify to only allow the robot automatically to place trades in which the signal was for a long term duration. Short term trading can be very volatile, and create huge loses quickly.

Strength: Slide the gauge to red if you are interested in high risk trades, or to green for trades that are lower risk.

Reverse Trading: This setting is not understood by many people, but it also is the best part of the software. This software generates trades based on various technical indicators. If you find that the software is not very good at picking trades, you turn on “reverse trading” which will do the opposite of what the software signals says. For example; the software wants to Buy $EURUSD, with reverse trading, the system will instead Sell it.

Trade Settings: This section is where you will setup your trade size, maximum number a trades per day, and a daily stop loss / take profit.

FXMasterBot Software Settings
FXMasterBot Software Settings

Forex Brokers on FXMasterBot

When choosing an auto trading system, the biggest problem investors have, is finding a robot that integrates with a regulated and licensed broker.

FX MasterBot works with both licensed and unlicensed brokers, so you need to make sure, before you deposit, that the broker has a valid license.

Currently, you can select to use 24Option or EuropeFX, which are broker brokers that are licensed by CySEC in Europe.

Open Account FXMasterBot

Performance Results

The software developers have no ability to publish actual results of the software, because there are too many variables.

If one person sets the software to only trade low risk signals, with weekly options, on the Euro against the US Dollar, then their results will be different from a person who chose to use high risk signals.

Official Website: http:/FXMasterBot.com

12 responses to “FXMasterBot Review”

  1. Viktor Dózsa says:

    I managed to register at FXMasterBot but I couldn’t login yet. However FxMasterBot automatically activated my 24Option account (without even asking me about it) which I’ve deactivated like a year ago…

    • Scam Broker says:

      Automated Trading Software needs to be connected with a broker. You should be able to choose other brokers to work with in the software.

      • Jim Davis says:

        Fxmasterbot connected me to Prestige Financial Markets and I made a deposit off
        €250. I then found out they are not licensed, ans my deposit was not showing with
        Fxmasterbot! Then I found I could only Trade with Prestige and the minimum deposit
        is €500 !! It is now very difficult to get a withdrawal and to top it all, this company is
        located in Estonia!! Be very careful when making a deposit with Fxmasterbot. Also
        there is no 24 hour ‘Chat’, so I must wait for a reply to my questions. Not recommended.

  2. Joshua says:

    Have you tried trading with real cash

  3. martin says:

    Hi i have spoken to a account manager at 24 options and they told me they dont have robots in the country

  4. Antonio Aguilera Bueno says:

    I’m interested in Fxmasterbot but I have doubts about how to operate. I’m not sure how the reverse trading option works. Can you give me a more comprehensive explanation?
    What days are recommended to operate and what hours to operate? I am from Spain.
    Thank you.

  5. Tom Ivar Hoffgård says:

    When I registrered FXmasterbot on my computer in January 2018, I choosen myself FX Europe as one of the licensed brokers available (you are able to yourself choose brokers but when you sign up masterbot automatically find broker) and 1.priority for me was because always working daytime I need to find a fully automatic system that work on auto robot and hopefully not fake but something that really works and seconally a lisenced broker. I used a long time to get every papers ready against the broker and finally insert 500 euro. When I then adjust all parameters I discover that the button Auto Trading was not operate at all. I contacted Fxmasterbot at once and they told me that they currently is working on a new feature that allows Auto Trading. This was most important coise of finding a software for my trading because i am not very high scills on reading signals as well as not have the time to sit day long and buy and sell shares. Well the story is today that they actually can’t activate Auto Trading against FX Europe and I also found out that they have problems as well to activate Auto Trading against 24 Option who also is licensed. I admite having doubts on FXmasterbot at this point but they kindly give me help on how to operate manually!. I do have explained them that they promised on their internetsite FXmasterbot is operate on Auto but they seems to have big problems to fix this.
    Its sad if this auto trading bot is one of many out there who not deliver. Seems they only promise.
    I am going to follow this up with giving you guys relevant info if it turns out that they going to deliver but at this point I am not going to recommend FXmasterbot to anyone yet. It is obvious that they have some kind of delivery problems with their platform.

  6. Mark says:

    I’m interested and curious about FXMasterBot. But there’s one information I can’t seem to find, which is about withdrawals. Which countries do they accept traders from? Any limitations to withdrawals?

  7. Kristjan Kaarman says:

    I see a number of negative comments…does automated trade option really work and make money?

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