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Immediate Edge is a trading software, that is promoted online by email spam and fake news articles. There are many versions of the software online, and many of them work with offshore brokers based in Russia and Estonia.

Before you become the next victim of a “Get Rich Quick” trading scam, here are a few things you need to know.

Is Immediate Edge legit or a scam?

Like many other trading apps we have reviewed, Immediate Edge is promoted in the same manner. Their web page shows countless false promises of huge profits. Like the Bitcoin Code, Crypto Genius, and Bitcoin Loophole, they are all the same underlying software.

Of course, if you read the fine print, you will see that it says, everything is fictitious, and the testimonial videos are fake. In big bold letters they write:

Make Over $1,500 Every Day With This Top-Notch Automated Crypto Software

Once you signup for the “trading bot”, you will be directed to a CFD broker. The Crypto broker will ask you to deposit $5,000 and tell you the software doesn’t work, and you should let them manage your investment. You can read in more detail, how the crypto investment scam works.

Immediate Edge Bot FAQ
Immediate Edge Bot FAQ

Immediate Edge Official Review

Our investigative review of the Immediate Edge software shows, that the software is from the same company as Bitcoin Trader. There are a few different versions of Immediate Edge, located at different websites. Always check your address bar to see what the web is that you are on.

We are looking at the website, which is where we were sent. As you see in the screenshot below, the software offers you six options to configure the trading bot. You can also select which crypto currency the trading bot should process trades.

The other versions you find online, are using different apps, and with all of them, you have no choice of brokers!

First try a real trading app, Read this!

Immediate Edge Bot Trading App
Immediate Edge Bot Trading App

Did you try a real software? Read this!

Warning! Offshore Brokers…

No matter what you are investing in, you need to use a regulated broker. If you are buying real estate in London, Stock in America, or Crypto in Australia, you use a licensed broker. The reason to use is a licensed broker, is to ensure that you will not be scammed, and they will follow the law!

Many investors think that Crypto is new, and decentralized, and it does not need to be traded on a licensed platform. Sadly, thousands of people lose money to Crypto Scams everyday.

If you are really interested in trading Crypto, then look at the popular licensed and regulated brokers.

Find The Best Broker

Please let us know with broker the Immediate Edge App told you to use in the comments below. When we signed up for the app, we were given an account at an offshore broker called Royal C Bank.