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Income Recipe Review

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Income Recipe is a fake Forex automated trading robot, that just opened in February 2019, by a fictitious character named Peter Anderson.

Before you become the next victim of the Income Recipe scam, here is what you need to know about trading Forex CFD’s.

Income Recipe Website

Income Recipe Scam

Here is what they wrote on their website, which proves it is a total get rich quick scam.

“Make millions with Income Recipe! Join today and become one of our users who make $11,628 every day!”

Do you really think that people have deposited $250 at a shady broker, and are making 46 times their money?

If you just stop for a minute and think, you would notice more red flags on the Income Recipe website.

  1. Their promotional video, is filled with fake testimonials they bought on Fiverr.
  2. Their website is at:, but in order to login you need to go to:
  3. A Google search for Peter Anderson shows no results for the man in the picture.

And with all this, do you really think that this is software which will make you rich? Don’t be a fool, and don’t fall for their cheap scam!

Income Recipe Software Reviews

Income Recipe Review

We found the Income Recipe by clicking on a link in out junkmail folder. Once we signed up for the software, we noticed that it is the classic “white label” software which has been used for over 5 years. Back in 2015, there were systems called Quantum Code and 1K Daily Profit, offering the same useless trading software.

Now, some guys decided to create a new landing page, with a new logo, and see if they can appeal to the new generation of newbie investors.

When we signed up for the app, they sent us to a page that almost looked like it was broken, see picture below.

The trading app only allows us to adjust the size of our wager, and gives no information on the basis for the algorithm. We have received hundreds of complaints from investors whose account was wiped out in a matter of minutes.

Automated trading robots are very risky, even if you are using the popular trading robots.

Income Recipe Scam

Find a Legal Regulated Broker!

There are two types of brokers offering CFD trading; regulated brokers and offshore brokers.

European regulators have outlawed the use of promotional advertising of forex brokers to new investors, due to the high risk of losing your money. The pitch this product is using, it a classic “Get Rich Quick” infomercial, and will soon get banned by the FCA.

If you deposit money through the software, you must be aware that some guy sitting in Bulgaria, has full access to your trading account. And if you read the broker T&C page, you will see that you waived all liability by using an automated trading software.

Smart investors only invest at the Top Rated Brokers.

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