IQ Option Review


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IQ Option Review

IQ Option is a licensed and regulated online broker, owned and operated by Iqoption Europe ltd.. They are located at Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus. Their contact phone number is +44 20 8068 0760, and email address is:

For withdrawal problems and broker complaints, read this.

Automated Trading Software

IQ Option does not provide their clients with trading signals or robots.

Many investors are now using automated trading robots, look at these.

IQ Option Platform Review

IQ Option is a unique broker using their own custom built trading platform for Options, Forex, Crypto currencies and CFD’s on Stocks. The platform offers speed trading in increments up to 5 minutes. Their binary options go out 1 hour in 15 minute increments, and they have expiry times as far out as one month.

In July 2017 a new product called Digital Options were introduced. They have more than 500 underlying assets available for trading, with the only commodity they offer being Gold. IQ has mobile trading apps available for both Android and iOS.

Minimum deposit for a live trading account is only $10, and they offer new investors a free demo trading account, see here.

IQoption Forex Trading Platform

IQ Option License

When you are researching a new broker to see if they are a scam, the first thing you should check for is a valid brokers license, from a reputable government agency.

IQ Option Europe is licensed and regulated by CySEC, with license number 247/14. A broker that is regulated by CySEC covers residents living in Europe. Outside of Europe, IQ is not a licensed broker. They are owned by IQOption Ltd, located at Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.

Traders from your country Are Not Allowed to Trade at IQOption! Go here to find a locally licensed broker.

The reason traders always invest with a licensed broker, is because of the many online trading scams that exist online, and this usually avoids the complaints we see from traders.

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EasyMarkets is an established Forex & Crypto broker that is licensed by ASIC, see here. They have a great trading platform & Free Demo Accountsread more.

110 responses to “IQ Option Review”

  1. Manfred Mayen Mbedzi says:

    This is a big scam. They keep cancelling my withdrawal request because they say it was because of the holidays
    . Screw this, I just want my money.

  2. kezyd says:

    yep confirmed scam they just data-mining , gave them all details and more and the refuse to accept documents that they specifically asked for . They will just take your money and refuse to verify so they can keep it

    • Eduardo Oxford says:

      IQ iptions is a SCAM! they will never let you withdraw your money!!!!!!

      • yvmanikanta sharma says:

        i try to withdraw, but they taking some ___rules.

        • Keith Meloche says:

          I have an account which is linked to Pacifica Alliance Bank—they are NOW telling me that I have to get a GOT PIN number to withdraw—-and that it’s gonna cost me 800 dollars for the PIN—what kind of a JOKE is that??? any thoughts??

      • IQ Option says:

        Hello Eduardo,
        What problems have you faced with during withdrawal ?
        We can decline withdrawals only in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, if we don’t receive documents for verification, if you have used third party’s payment details or made a chargeback.
        Please don’t hesitate to contact support to get a certain help.
        Warm regards,
        IQ Option Team

    • webguy says:

      That was my experience too. They took my money, but wouldn’t verify me, so my money was stuck on the exchange. Then after several days of fighting, calls, emails, support, I got verified and after trading with extortionate fees and commissions, I tried to withdraw my funds, the withdrawal failed inexplicably of course, again support was a nightmare. Eventually I took whatever losses on the chin and moved on. They are scammers make no mistake, don’t go anywhere near these guys.

  3. M von Taurus says:

    I do have problems with IQ Options too ! I am working as Holiday worker here in Canada for 6 months time but my Residence Address is still in UK, my Bank, my Health Insurances (NHS), even my Voting Poll Card and everything are all registered in UK. The accepted my EU ID Card but for Address Verification documents they required the following according to their website – you can submit either of the following: Bank Statement or Utility Bills or Telephone Bills or others … And since I do not do Online Banking nor do I had some Utility Bills (I am renting all inclusive room for 3 years now) I had chosen OTHERS: which is my Voting Poll – there it shows them my complete Address, Residence Registration Number, the months validity and year being mailed to me … They declined it and keep on insisting to call my Bank and send my Bank Statement to Canada … They had been declining my NHS Insurance too which shows my address there … They wanted a proof of my address and any Legal Papers I had sent them like my Health Insurance, My mail and Voting Poll they declined it and told me to asked the Council to write me a letter saying that I am residing in that address … It’s almost 5 months now and soon I will be going back to UK and with all the hassle they have done – I do no longer wish to even join them!

    P. S.
    Whatever I deposited losses all and is now only £0.89 left …

    • Ingo Kleinen says:

      I had the same problem here in the Philippines. German Visa Card and Philippine address doesn’t work with IQ Option. In the meanwhile I have a Visa Card and a virtual Master Card from a Philippine electronic wallet. This works now.

      I used the address stated in my internet bill as well as I changed the German address now from my VISA Card account to my Philippine address.
      But the Visa Card I still cannot use until now for the deposit. The only use is for the address verification. My official Alien Certificate of Registration issued from the Immigration also contains my address as well as the official apartment rental contract. Everything made for verification processes.

      But we also must see it positive. Because this are measures due to regulation conditions to prevent from money laundry and scammers who try to catch your money. I hated this problems but I also see the positive in it.

      Beside that I had problems to deposit with SKRILL. 2 months I wasn’t able to transfer money with SKRILL to the trading account. I accused both SKRILL and IQ Option to cause this problem. In the end it was me who found the solution. Skrill blocked the entries of any devices on my account. So in the end I wasn’t able to use SKRILL from any device.
      Good that I saw the message that there is no device verified. After I told SKRILL to check the device entries my account was usable again within 1 hour.

      Why I am telling this … sometimes the problem with the withdrawals or deposits has something to do with the banks or the electronic wallets. It must not always be the broker.

      I sent my excuse to IQ Option because I have been really pissed … telling them about the problem and how I solved it. Hope that they put it in their list of recommended solutions that need to be checked.

      Ingo Kleinen

    • IQ Option says:

      Let us tell you that we don’t provide our services in the territory of Canada. As soon as you come back to UK you might start trading with us again.

      Thank you for your understanding!

  4. Abdul Based says:

    All praise about IQ option. But I Think, They might have own technique in their software setting so that investors go in loss so that they can maximize more profit.

    • yvmanikanta sharma says:

      It is true

    • the platform software is proprietary, so you bet it is tweaked against the clients
      Do some research, the owner himself says that Binary option is BS and that they aim at 3 to 4% profit of all trade volume

      • IQ Option says:

        Hello, Cédric!

        Let us kindly tell you that the maximum payout on Binary Options is 95%. You may use the money management strategies in order to optimize your profit and work out the best strategy for you.
        If you have any further questions, kindly contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Abdul!
      Let us tell you that no manipulation may take place from our side as all the graphics are formed every second according to the quotes provided by Thomson Reuters, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex and NASDAQ Basic and can be checked here:
      If you do not agree with the results of the deal, kindly contact our support! Thank you!

  5. Renz Raymart Espeleta says:

    IQ option has its costumer service, mail or call them rather than complaining here. And if it is a scam, SEC will detect it.

  6. gautham bolar says:

    Does net banking work here to deposit & withdraw….?
    like HDFC & ICICI

  7. Derrick Amigo M. Mkhonza says:

    Ask yourself this question. Why would a broker wanna make you rich. I’ve been on this for a long time now. It will go opposite direction most of the time. Hence the description. “Don’t use money you’re not prepared to lose”…because you’ll definitely lose it.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Derrick!

      Yes, we always say that trading is a risky process and no one should invest more than he/she can afford to lose. We never convince our traders to invest real funds if they don’t have enough knowledge, experience and proper strategy.
      We are a STP-type of broker and we don’t benefit from the losses of our traders. We care about the success of the trader’s deal, that’s why we constantly improve the educational section, add new tutorials (, update our blog ( weekly and provide economical calendar for our traders to follow all the news that may affect the results of their deals.

      I want to reassure you that we are a well-known and reputable broker providing services in more than 170 countries all over the world. We have reliable providers of quotes .
      You can always check quotes here:

      Have a great day!
      IQ Option Team

  8. sygnsr says:

    I was doing some forex trade in IQ Option for sometime now. When an important report is gonna be published you got to trade, this is the main reason why people trade in forex. So in the platform, Stop Loss and Take Profit options are available to customers. But it doesnt even work if the market jumps. Today, I take a position and adjusted Stop Loss at %5. But after the report announced, it stopped at %78. ???? Also this is not the first time. What the hell? And they say sorry, they cannot do anything. I don’t believe same thing would happen with Take Profit. So be careful when you are gonna trade. Especially when an important report is gonna be announced.

    • IQ Option says:


      Thank you for sharing your experience on IQ Option platform! Unfortunately, we are not able to check your personal details through the social media channels, but taking in account your inquiry, we might assume that the slippage has taken place.

      Slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price at which the order is actually executed. It can work either positively or negatively.

      It’s likely to occur during periods of higher volatility when market prices fluctuate very quickly.

      Here is an example for you- You can see a sharp jump in price which happens in one second. It would be impossible for the trade to be closed at the requested price.

      You can find the information here
      For more details, please, contact our support team by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

  9. Mokgoba says:

    IQ Options is full of tricks, I had money in account, all of a sudden my money disappear and I am being told that due to security bridge they can not provide me with the IP address of the person who logged in. I think they are running a scam in the background. It does not add up that someone refuse to provide me with answers but rather say sorry. You can not say sorry when my money traded on its on.

    IQ Options is a SCAAAAMMMMMM…

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Mokgoba!
      All personal data and information of our clients is confidential and can be provided only after request of authorities.
      Please, kindly contact support from your account on our platform to get a certain help.
      Thank you in advance!
      Best wishes,
      IQ Option Team

      • Mokgoba Moloto says:

        I have sent emails, I even spoke to my accounts manager, Karima Ramadan, she just said sorry. What you trying to explain is something I do not understand. All I need is my $400 back, thats all…

  10. Johnny Zilevu says:

    i send them id proof card proof , even with selifes but they just dont want to give me my money. i every time they say documents have not been provided , when i contact them they say please send you clear photos , i send them my photos and selfies with proof and bank card , and every time they give excuse documents have not been provided , my withdrawal request is pending from one week, and the big reason they are doing this to me which is i earn a profit of 13000 usd excluding my deposit.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Johny!
      Thank you for sharing your experience!
      The thing is that we can accept copies/ photos only in good quality.
      Was your issue solved ?
      If not, please call our free hotline to get an instant assistance .
      We will be happy to help you !
      Best regards,
      IQ Option Team

  11. Sultan Altamish Bangash says:

    well ur right thats what they do to me send this and send that and bt u ll nvr get ur profit from they i think they are scam

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Sultan!

      Please, don’t hesitate to contact our support if you have any issue.
      We can decline withdrawals only in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, if we don’t receive documents for verification, if you have used third party’s payment details or made a chargeback.

      Best wishes,
      IQ Option Team

  12. Andres Max says:

    I don’t recommend Iq option they have sneaky fees, and withdraw fees are crazy, this company should be closed. I understand now why is not accepted in US.

    • Eric Annderson says:

      Hello Andres. Can you tell me if you lost money? My position in Bitcoin disappeared and online chat has been telling me all day to wait for my “manager” to phone me.

      • IQ Option says:

        Hello Eric,

        The thing is that all technical issues, issues with deals have to be solved by manager.
        Was the issue solved?
        Please, keep us tuned.
        Thank you in advance!

        IQ Option Team

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Andres!
      Thank you for the feedback!
      We will work in the USA soon. At present we are working on getting required licences.
      Want to give you more information about commissions for withdrawals.
      We don’t charge anything for withdrawals via bank card/ e-wallet .
      There is 53$ fee only for withdrawals via bank transfer.
      Best of luck,
      IQ Option Team

  13. Pierre Boulle says:

    I am very surprised by the accusations and negative comments about IQ…I have been using this broker for a year now and no problems at all. deposit…withdrawals are done with no problems. My account manager take sometimes too long to answer but no big deal.

  14. John says:

    My withdrawal still did not received for 2 weeks now. I am starting to think negatively for this broker.

    • Pankaj Vaghasiya says:

      I am very surprised by the accusations and negative comments about IQ…

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, John!
      If you still haven’t received your withdrawal please kindly contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will provide you with the ARN codes in order to find the transaction in the bank.
      Thank you for your time and patience!

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, John!

      We are very sorry for all the inconvenience!
      If you are still facing any issues with your withdrawal, please, contact us, and we will provide you with the ARN codes in order to find your funds in the bank!

      Thank you in advance!

  15. Aarti Shakya says:

    Is IQOPTION safe for trading in India??

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Aarti!
      Trading isn’t prohibited by the Indian legislation (including THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT ACT of 1999).
      Moreover, Indian regulators can’t regulate companies, which aren’t based in India as trading operations take place outside India.
      As far as it’s known, international companies have never been banned in India. Thus, there is no law violation in your trading with us.

      If you have further questions, please let us know!

  16. Qamar Zeeshan says:

    they have highest spread values for margin trading above that they want 10% commission on every trade due to which its very difficult for you to have any profit.and after that you want to withdraw your money they wont let you if they do they will charge you for that even after all that commission other things

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Qamar!

      Thank you for your comment!
      Let us tell you that the commission for trading on Crypto was currently lowered from 10% to 2.9% and the spreads are now one of the best on the market.
      We are constantly working on improving our services and becoming better for our traders.
      Concerning your question about the withdrawals, I can tell you that your withdrawal method will depend on the deposit method.
      If you make a deposit from the card, you will be able to withdraw initial deposit amount back to the card, as it is processed as a refund. To be precise, you will be able to withdraw the sum of your deposits in last 90 days to your card. Everything that exceeds that amount (profit) should be withdrawn to an e wallet (Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney) or via bank transfer (with a 53 dollars fee).

      In case you use an e-wallet to deposit, you will need to withdraw to the same e-wallet account only.
      In order to withdraw funds, you should make a withdrawal request from the withdrawal page:

      We can decline withdrawal in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, also if we don’t receive all the required documents for verification or if one has used the third party’s payment details. Otherwise, your withdrawal will be fine.

      Let us mention that we do not charge any commission for the withdrawal requests except the direct wire transfer (with the $53 bank fee).
      If you have any further questions, please, let us know by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

  17. Clément D says:

    IQ option is the BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!! I woke up and checked my positions widely profitable as I was expecting on XRP…And my positions all DISAPEARED. I have no money on my account and no positions opened like nothing had ever be done!! Money and profits literally evaporated DONT USE IQ OPTION!!! This goes without mentioning their 10% margin and impossibility to withdraw your money when you actually want it !!!! TERRIBLE

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Clément!
      We are very sorry you are thinking that way!
      Let us tell you that we do not operate the accounts of our traders in any way. Please, try to refresh the page if you are using the web version of the platform and please clean the temporary Internet files from your browser – Cache and Cookies. To do this please press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, choose the time period ALL and then select the option to clean. Upon this please renew the page and see if there have been any changes.The whole procedure is mentioned here You can also try to use other browser and other device.
      If you are using the desktop or mobile version please reinstall the app.
      If the issue occurs, kindly contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

  18. Andres Max says:

    Iqoption is a scam, they will suck your money with fees , stay away.

  19. Felix Manson says:

    i opened 2 positions GBP/CHF with same percentage of stop loss but i woke up to having 1 of the position closed with a loss and the other left running! i checked the timing that it was closed the candle barely reached the price level of auto-close. both positions should be profiting by now but they claimed their historical quotes were all ‘correct’. they asked me to check the bid spread and even there is votaility during that timing – i suppose both positions should be closed together. it just does not make any sense !!!

    • The same thing happened to me. The price was reached many times but the orders where never executed and positions were never closed. Even sending screenshots of the candles in all possible time frames showing the prices hitting the target was not enough.

      They also refuse to withdraw bitcoins and keep asking for countless pictures of countless documents. They also don’t give any alternative to receive the money back in any form and try to wear you out expecting you to just leave your money there or spend even more money with lawyers I guess.

      • IQ Option says:

        Hello, Márcio!
        Unfortunately, we are not able to check your details on the social media channels. Please, contact our support again and ask to forward your case to the technical department where our specialist will again consider your case thoroughly.
        Concerning your question about the verification, we do ask for the documents in order to provide the full security of your funds and your account. According to our Terms&Conditions, we can’t divulge the personal data of our traders. Moreover, we are working in accordance with the SSL certificate which ensures the safe storage of your data.

        If you have any questions, please let us know!

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Felix!
      We are sorry for your negative feelings!
      Unfortunately, we are not able to check your details on the social media channels. Please, contact our support again and ask to forward your case to the technical department where our specialist will again consider your case thoroughly.

      Thank you for your consideration!
      IQ Option

  20. trililing thrill says:

    im planning to invest in iq option but most comments are negative so i rather forego investing in this scam iq option

    • It is a scam, read the responses of people that simply can not withdraw below. They operate as a scam. I’ve been trying to withdraw money for 2 weeks so far.

      • IQ Option says:

        Márcio, you can withdraw your profits after passing the verification process.
        Please, call our hotline. You can find the number here:
        Our specialists will provide you with all the info regarding the status of your account.

        IQ Option Support Team

        • nina fenlon says:

          surely this person was verified at the start , why do you do this . I was with etoro I had made a profit and they were the same . I wanted to take what id made out all of it and use another company a friend had recommended. It took weeks . got it in the end . If you look they are all registered in Cyprus. Oh sure that’s the financial capital of the world . This governing body , Cysec , try calling them. Another joke. Trade with a british or American bank I do.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello! Bad reviews are usually written by those people who lost some of their investments due to incorrect predictions or by those, who had some kind of misunderstanding with IQ Option.
      If you have any questions or hesitations about IQ Option, you can always contact our Support Team: It is available 24/7!

      IQ Option Support Team

      • Don’t fall for this! They are a scam, and they ask for photos of your credit cards probably to use it on other frauds later.

        • Jonatan Cerdan Garrido says:

          I’m so tired of reading stuff like that. We, like human beings, like to blame others for our errors, it’s easier than ovserving yourself and detecting the problem in you.
          Did you lost money? Check out how are you trading.
          They want the same document again and again? Check out that you are not sending a blurry, covered, invalid or out of date one.

          But, of course, is easier to say that they handle the platform to make you lose.

          And for the new traders looking for a broker, do not pay attention to this people. Test the platform for yourself with 10$ and see how it is with your own guys.

          Any bróker of every financial instrument (binary options, futures, forex, stock market) has a lot of negative reviews because of what I said, blaming others for your mistakes is easier than see that the problem is you.

          Learn to trade.


          PD: Sorry for my english, but I couldn’t avoid writing this.

          • Alina Alpeeva says:

            Dear Jonatan Cerdan, thank you so much for posting a comment like this.

            It is indeed very important to learn as much as possible before investing real money.

            What differs successful traders from others is an efficient money management and trading strategy. Without is trading may seem like a game of luck. But it is a very risky domain, that requires knowledge, perseverance and time.

            From our side we are always happy to provide as many learning materials and trading tips as needed.

            Thank you again for support, we would not be able to improve without your help.

            Best regards,

            Alina IQ Option

        • IQ Option says:

          Hello, Márcio!

          Let us kindly tell you that we ask for the verification documents in order to provide the full security of your funds and your account. According to our Terms&Conditions, we can’t divulge the personal data of our traders. Moreover, we are working in accordance with the SSL certificate which ensures the safe storage of your data.

          Thank you!

        • javier sandria says:

          Hello, how did your problem trying to withdraw your money turned out??

  21. A complete scam. Once you put your money in IQ Option they will show many tactics to keep your money. They will create new steps to verify your withdraws. Every time you manage to send the requested documents, they will simply ask for more documents, other photos of your documents, and will delay the responses for days to wear you out.

    Now matter how many support tickets you open, they are going to close these tickets and will use vague words to justify it, sometimes asking for the same documents you already sent before.

    Seriously, stay away. Research another broker and save yourself from all the stress they are going to cause you, for sure.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Márcio!

      We are sorry that you faced some issues while trying to verify the account.
      Please note, that you need to send correct documents only ones.

      Most likely, you are providing wrong documents or covering info on your card’s pictures incorrecty.
      That’s really important and we cannot accept incorrect copies due to security reasons.

      If you need any help you can send us an email, write us a ticket, contact us in a live chat or call us.
      Please, check, our contacts section:

      By the way, we never delay responses for days. If you are communicating with us via email, please, make sure you don’t have any letters in your Spam folder.

      IQ Option Support Team

  22. Mekroudi Mehdi says:

    I have attempted to buy some crypto (XLM) on the 18/01/18 around 11pm as I have noticed that the crypto market started picking up slowly after a severe decline that lasted for almost a week. However, I was unable to open a position as it kept giving me an error message stating that the asset is not presented in such quantities. Therefore, I call support for some help in regards to this matter. A lady with the name Svetlana picked up the call, and I explained my situation to her. The excuse was that there was high demand for this asset so unfortuantely I can’t buy and I should try later (not enough equity available at present). Now, the issue is whether they are doing this on purpose or not I was more irritated by the indifferent and cold attitude of this lady Svetlana. Well, I am the customer and I am investing my money via IQ option (By the way, the feedbacks in this page start giving me second thoughts about carrying out trading with them), and the last think I need is such a bad attitude. Terrible service!!! This lady should be ashamed of her customer service. I am truly disappointed.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Mekroudi!

      We are sorry that you faced such an experience on IQ Option!

      Thanks a lot for informing us about the issue. We will take it into consideration.
      Your opinion is very important to us!

      Regarding the case, there are some limits due to lack of liquidity for crypto assets. Please, wait or try to invest a smaller amount.

      IQ Option Support Team

  23. Hassan Shah says:

    iqoption is totally scam. their software is so ugly and slow. I noticed many time, when market are goes on running speed. iqoption trading software are not working , lost connection. i lost my 1800 usd , only for their ugly software. because i am not able to cover the loss when software are not working. that are shit broker

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello Hassan!

      We are sorry to hear about your loss.
      However, please, note that there are no such issues with our platform.

      Let’s run a ping test to check your Internet connection.
      1) Please press Win+ R you will see the Run window (Win button is given on the keyboard
      2) Enter cmd in the field and press OK.
      3) Enter: ping, press Enter.
      4) Make the screenshot of result and send it please to

      Our specialsits wil check it quickly.

      IQ Option Support Team

  24. Dane Rooi Gordon says:

    I was trading on my test account and doing pretty well and got the funds ready to transfer but I think I will rather leave this here. Sounds like I will be flushing away my investments.

  25. Danish Iqbal says:

    It is a scam. And their commisions are up to 30%. Joke right?

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Danish!
      IQ Option is a reputable broker working in more than 170 countries. We have our Terms&Conditions which are absolutely transparent ( and you may get acquinted with our policies in case you have any doubts or concerns.
      Let us kindly tell you that the commission for trading on Crypto was lowered from 10% to 2.9% and the spreads are now one of the most competitive in the market.
      We do not charge any commission for trading on other instruments such as Binary Options, Digital Options and Forex. Moreover, we do not have any fees from our side for withdrawals and deposits (except for Bitcoin withdrawal which is 0.05%+0.0001BTC).

      If you have any further questions, please, let us know!
      We wish you all the best!
      IQ Option

  26. antony shaw says:

    i have noticed a lot of small things on iq options that are pretty unfair and i believe some are done purposely to make money, when trying to close out for a profit there is always a short delay, and during that delay the price always changes for the worse, but when cashing out of an option for loss its instant. their stop loss stopped me without even hitting my stop loss point, and the market bounced back so i lost that money. sometimes the prices that they show for selling an option sticks, so you see that you can cash out for a price, you click it and you get 60 percent less than that price added to your balance. there have been times when they removed all money and open positions from my account for like 4 hours. i have started a complaint with picture evidence of some of these “faults” i have tried to go through their support and offered no explanation for any of this. AVOID IQ AT ALL COSTS.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Antony!
      Thank you for sharing your opinion with us.
      Let us tell you that for the best performance of the platform, the stable Internet connection is essential. The delay may take place if the Internet connection was slow at the moment you close the deal.
      In order to find out what happened with the Stop Loss and Bid price you should contact our support again and ask our specialists to forward your case to the technical department, as, unfortunately, we are not able to check your personal data through the social media channels.

      We hope that together we can resolve your issues and bring back your possitive attitude towards our company.
      We will be waiting for you to contact us!
      Thank you in advance!

      • antony shaw says:

        nope, not having it, was using fiber optic broadband at 98 mbps download and 60 upload, i have no issues at all with connection what so over, i have tried contacting your service team multiple times and have been given no solution, i have emailed in screenshots with evidence of this happening and again no answer. your comment makes out like i am a silly consumer blaming you for things that are down to faults on my end, don’t you think i have checked and double checked everything before accusing a broker like yourself of wrong doing? i am still awaiting a response from Cysec regarding my complaint, i have plenty of evidence of this happening, including a position that was closed way before my stop loss that bounced back and would have been a hansom profit. to anybody reading this thinking this guy must just be pissed because he lost money, i want to tell you that i thought that exact same thing when i read others, then i continued and realized all of these little flaws add up to a very unfair broker.

        • IQ Option says:

          We understand your negative feelings and we really want to do our best for you.
          Please, send us the official complaint to and our special department will take care of your case.

          Thank you in advance!

          • Darshana says:

            I have similar case and customer care took three days to answer. And they come back with answer of their technical specialist cannot find whats wrong? And I have to bear the lost. My concern is Not to use IQ Option as they robbing your money in many ways.

          • IQ Option says:

            Hello, Darshana!

            Thank you for your comment! In case there is any technical issue, we forward the case to the appropriate department. The process of investigation might take up to 3 business days. In case the situation occurred due to the technical issues from our side, our specialists work out the solution in accordance with the details of every particular case.
            Unfortunately, we are not able to check the details of your case through the social media channels but if you don’t agree with the answer from our specialists, you may aks to double check the details for you.

            Thank you for your consideration!
            IQ Option

  27. Jiří Peřina says:

    I never had any serious problem with kinda anything. I was verified, did earn money and was able to withdraw them fast. Ye, 10% commisions suck a bit, but for a holder it is not so bad.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Jiří!
      Thank you very much for your opinion and for your kind words!
      We have some good news for you! Recently we have lowered the commission on Crypto from 10% to 2.9%.
      We are happy to provide the best service as we always fulfill the expectations of our traders. Have a happy trading with IQ Option!

  28. Микола Романюк says:

    NEVER use IQ option! I send 2100 USD to my account 11-2017, on next day bought BTC and want withdraw it without luck. Transaction canceled 16-01-2018 and money come back 14-02-2018 but. Only 1161 USD. Support says that it’s normal. But I think it’s robering.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Mikola!
      We are sorry for your negative experience! Unfortunately, we are not able to tell you what exactly caused your losses. The possible reason might be that you have opened your position on BTC when the price was high and by the time you closed your position, the same amount of BTC you’ve bought in November had much lower price.
      The withdrawal process might have taken so long due to the delay in verification procedure. It is very important to send us the documents in the correct format so we can make sure that it is you who makes the withdrawal request. That are the measures we take in order to secure your account.

      You may always contact our support for the second time to clarify your issue.
      Thank you for your understanding!

      • Микола Романюк says:

        Ahha, and when I try withdraw 1161$ that sent from my card I have new restriction: only 192$ (what?) and if I bought BTC using this rest (980$) and try withdraw BTC I need refill account for 980$ again. Ahaha, don’t bug me – you are robbers!

        • IQ Option says:

          Hello, Mikola!
          It is important that the company limits a Bitcoin withdrawal to the amount of the deposit made from the card through a 3D-Secure password. These are the security measures we take. I will give you an example. To withdraw $500 Bitcoin position you need to make sure that you have deposited not less than $500 from your card through a 3D Secure password.
          Let us mention, that currently the Bitcoin withdrawal is unavailable due to the Visa/MasterCard new regulations.

          If you have further questions, please contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will do our best to help you.

          Thank you in advance!

  29. James says:

    There’s a couple things going on with IQ Option which appear very fraudulent:
    1) There’s random times without warning that you cannot execute a trade due to “system maintenance”. Them doing “maintenance” while the market is open without warning and AFTER you are in a martingale open trade sequence is FRAUD. First off there should NEVER be maintenance going on during the Forex market being open it should be done when it’s CLOSED over the weekend. Secondly the broker window should NOT open to prevent this happening. And thirdly I do NOT see this as truly “down for maintenance” as a trade can be entered literally a second later after this message which results in trade interruption and can lead to accounts being literally wiped out from martingale later step losses.
    2) The payout changed alerts stopping trades. The system should update automatically as it does for all other areas such as time, price, etc and NOT stop trades due to the payout changing.
    3) The time for purchase expired. The line should NOT be so thick as it is. It should be like a milisecond so that it’s near impossible to get this message. But it happens fairly common and also is disruptive to trading.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, James!
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
      Let us tell you that the system maintenance is an urgent procedure which takes place if the technical issue occurs.
      If you think that your trading results were affected by the maintenance, please, contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room ( and we will investigate your case thoroughly.
      The reason why you get the message about the changed payout might be in a slow Internet connection. Please, make sure that your Internet works fine. You may check your ping
      (1) Please press Win+R you will see the Run window (Win button is given on the keyboard
      2) Enter cmd in the field and press OK.
      3) Enter: ping, press Enter.
      4) Make the screenshot of the result and send it please to
      The proper ping should be between 40-60 ms.
      Concerning your inquiry about the expiration line, we will take it in consideration.

      If you have further complaints, please, send them to

      Thank you for your consideration!
      IQ Option

  30. dilip bingi says:

    never found any serious issue with the site but looking at these reviews cause me little worried at the moment.

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Dilip!

      Thank you for sharing with us! We understand your concern! Let us tell you that we are a reputable broker working in more than 170 countries. We have our Terms&Conditions which are absolutely transparent (
      The success of your deals depends on several factors among which are your trading skills, knowledge of the market, your patience and involvement.
      Please, check the educational section on IQ Option:
      These are very useful videos and I recommend to watch them carefully because they not only explain the way the trade is made on the platform but they also describe the technical analysis tools and strategies based on them.
      Moreover, we have our Support Team which is there for you 24/7! If you have any further doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

      Have a great trading and a wonderful day!

      • Shafaq says:

        Please tell me why you delay my withdrawl? first they say we check if money laudering then they say we need documents again?? i sent then next withdrawl they will ask again??why delay tactics?

  31. Shafaq says:

    Guys my withdrawl being on hold 6 days now. I am VIP account holder. When i make profits they delay my withdrawl and this time its taking too long.. They will give first few small withdrawsl when you make real money they delay on purpose.. My account manager asked me to send documents again even though im fully verified. They need some excuse to not send my payment of $4000. Guys be aware. I will review again if i recieve my payment in a day or two… I will also give link to my youtube video i made with proof here… next time.. Please switch to forex all of you… These binary brokers are scam….i though iq was good but i see they try to delay lets see.

    • Shafaq says:

      received withdrawl last night $6500

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Shafaq!
      We are sorry for all the inconvenience!
      The additional verification might take place in order to make sure it is the owner of the account who is making the withdrawal request.

      According to clause 2.3 of our Payment Policy, in some cases, the Company may increase the identification process up to 30 working days.

      In case the issue occurs, please, kindly wait until the time pass. Thank you for your consideration!

      IQ Option

    • nina fenlon says:

      thank you for this information . I was going to deposit with them .I wont now…many thanks

  32. Thokozani Ndlazi says:

    I am realy don’t understand how other people comments about withdrawal on IQ the is that IQ pays but what I ask this company to fix is placing trade on an opposite direction and allow withdrawal to occur on same visa card by I mean they only give you the exactly amount deposited then profit e-wallet why. then e-wallet will charge and again your bank when it received your funds. Ndlazi Thokozani

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Ndlazi!
      Thank you for your comment! If you make a deposit from the card, you will be able to withdraw the initial deposit amount back to the card, as it is processed as a refund. Let us kindly tell you that the Refund Policy is introduced in order to provide the additional security of your account and funds so even if someone access your account, your initial deposit amount will reach the card you made a deposit from.
      We are sorry for all the inconvenience it might have brought to you.

      Thank you for your consideration!
      IQ Option

  33. Roman says:

    Huge headache with withdrawal. it is been two weeks and im not been able to recive back to my card even 100$. Yeah, got 40 of it by 5 ,10and 1 $ payments. C’omon guys, im not even waiting 1000. Then what?

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Roman!

      Thank you for your comment! If you make a deposit from the card, and you withdraw the initial deposit amount back to the card, it will be processed as a refund. Let me explain the Refund policy to you. When you make a withdrawal request, the transaction in the bank is going to be processed in parts equal to your deposits. For example, if you made a deposit of $10 and then you deposited another $20, and then you withdraw $30 back to you card, you will receive your withdrawal partially as well.
      It’s like when you buy something in the shop and then you decide to return it back. If there were two payments, they will reach your account as two separate transactions.
      If you still missing your withdrawal, please, contact our support and we will provide you with the ARN codes in order to find your funds in the bank.

      In case you have any further questions, just let us know!

  34. Yasir says:

    the scam iq option which i never seen before please don,t invest your money to iq option they scam 2nd time i withdraw 561$ on bank card but i don,t received any money i sent all the documents which they required but till then now they don,t answer my case and not about my money i withdraw on 26 oct 2017 and today is 18/04/2018

    • IQ Option says:

      Hello, Yasir!
      We are sorry for your negative emotions on our platform.
      Please, in such cases, call our hotline to receive the fast response to be updated concerning the status of your withdrawal request and the reason for such a delay.

      Thank you for your consideration!
      IQ Option

  35. Cheratica Lawrence says:

    STAY AWAY FROM IQ OPTION. * You need to pay high commission for crypto assets. * The spread is huge, IQ option is making profit on your back. * When the chart is showing a downtrend you’ll loose a lot while they don’t loose anything.* When the chart goes up you won’t make that much profit because they make also profit on your funds by changing the spread constantly. * There are not much options to withdraw your funds and withdrawing the money to your bankaccount is very expensive. *You are not allowed to withdraw an amount which is bigger then your previous deposit. All these are signs of scamming. Even when the chart goes up 5000% then you cannot withdraw all the profit but just an amount which equal to your deposit. WTF???????

    • Alina Alpeeva says:

      Hello Cheratica Lawrence and thank you so much for your comment!

      I am really sorry for negative experience you had with IQ Option.
      Let me please give you an update on fees, assets and procedures, so it is 100% clear.

      1. We are constantly trying to improve trading conditions for our clients.
      Fees on Crypto for instance decreased from 10% in December to just 2.9%
      Overnight fees are only applied to leveraged positions on Crypto and CFD assets

      2. You may use Stop Loss and Take Profit features to manage your investment in case of downtrend.
      In the worst case you will only lose a part of your investment, e.g. if you set SL to 10% – your maximum loss is 10% of investment. The same is with profit – you are free to modify Take Profit level and your trade will be closed at a desirable level of profit.

      3. Spread only depends on real market situation. This is why it may vary on different assets.
      We receive quotes from our official providers.
      Leverate for Forex Currency pairs.
      Bitfinex, Bitrex, Bitstamp for Crypto assets.
      You may always double check it on our site:

      4. You can surely withdraw your profits – amount that is bigger than your initial deposit.
      Otherwise it would not make any sense 🙂
      The thing is that withdrawals to bank card are processed as refunds. This is why you can not withdraw more than you deposited to the same bank card.
      But you may use e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney to get profits.
      Those are our trusted partners, that we cooperate for more than 4 years now.

      I hope it is a bit more clear now Cheratica Lawrence?

      Please let us know if you have other questions or ideas 🙂

      Wish you a fantastic day !

      Alina IQ Option Team

  36. Milan Meninger says:

    I’ve been trading with IQ Option for more than a year and I must say that I haven’t experienced ANY important problems so far. Their desktop app is very good (and still improving as new features are being implemented). Some people at this website (and somewhere else) complain about withdrawals… Even in this area, there are no issues. I can assure you that even quite high amounts can be withdrawn easily (tens of thousands of USD). Those who complain should realize that withdrawals must be verified before they are approved (Anti-money laundering policy etc..) In terms of speed I prefer withdrawals to e-wallets that are usually much faster (usually 2-3 days, rarely longer sometimes even within a day) and smoother then wire transfer.

    • Alina Alpeeva says:

      Hello Milan,

      Thank you so much for such a positive feedback!

      It is so important for us that you enjoy your experience with IQ Option!

      I agree with you on points regarding withdrawal policy, it is very important to understand that when it comes to financial operations – we have to process everything is a secure way.
      It will help to protect our traders investments and withdrawals. This is why sometime verification can take a couple of days.

      You also made a valid point about new features, we are constantly trying to improve and add new stuff.
      What did you try so far? What trading instruments do you enjoy the most?

      Will be happy to talk with you in the future.

      Have a wonderful day Milan!

      Alina IQ Option Team

      • Milan Meninger says:

        Hi Alina, regarding the trading instruments I mostly trade forex; sometimes CFDs on stocks. I appreciated that you implemented trailing stop that is active even when I go offline.

  37. George Iravonga says:

    with all this complains about the withdrawal, why cant IQ option do something about it? why cant they find another way to process withdrawal? even banks don’t stress it’s customers like this? even paypal, i mean i have done so many witdrawals and there are ways those companies find leverage on all this.. they must somehow meet the customers halfway and not just stick to their policy that they don’t want to make it customer friendly…. yes there should be some verifications but it should not be too stresing

    • Alina Alpeeva says:

      Hello dear George, we are sorry for a delay in reply.
      We are still negotiation with PayPal, regarding it’s integration on IQ Option.
      As soon as we get an update – we will inform you!
      Currently you may use Bank cards and E-wallets for deposit: Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and some other e-wallets.
      As for verification – please note that it’s only goal is to secure your withdrawal.
      Therefore ID and bank card copies are requested. It is a standard procedure for all the brokers, but we are constantly trying to make it smoother.
      We hope for your understanding.
      Thank you very much.

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