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ITRADER is a CySEC licensed Forex & CFD broker owned by Hoch Capital Ltd.

iTrader is located at: Grosvernor Tower, Griva Digeni & Kolonakiou 125, Ground Floor, Linopetra 3107 Limassol. Contact phone numbers are: United Kingdom; +44 203 695 9401 and Cyprus; +357 77788511. Their contact email is:, and the official website is:

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Our review of the Forex / CFD broker ITRADER shows that they offer investors the classic MetaTrader4 trading platform. There is available both the desktop standalone version, along with the web based and mobile versions. They offer in total more than 170 underlying assets for trading CFD’s including; Forex pairs, Crypto Currencies, Market Indexes, Individuals Shares, and Commodities like Brent, Crude Oil, Platinum, Coffee and Sugar.

Depending on the type of client you are, maximum leverage is as high as 30:1, and spreads on the Euro Dollar pair are as high as 3 pips. Trading on leverage is very risky, and new traders should make sure they fully understand the risks associated with using margin.

Their website and customer support is available in: English, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. Minimum deposit requirement for a new trading account at ITRADER is $250. Account funding is possible via Credit Card, iDeal, Skrill, Trustly, PostePay, Entercash and Klarna. There are three levels of account types which offer various benefits, see here.

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When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a CFD Forex broker to see if they are a scam or legit, the first thing we look for is a valid brokers license. The main reason investors always use a licensed and regulated broker is to be sure that your funds are safe and kept in segregated accounts.

ITRADER is licensed and regulated by CySEC in Cyprus, a member of the European Union, their licensed number is: 198/13.

Outside of Europe, this broker is owned by Bayline Trading Limited, which is licensed in Belize, and located at 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize.

Smart traders always verify that the broker they are going to invest with, is also licensed in their local country.

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What was your experience trading with ITRADER? Please write your review in the comment section below.

19 responses to “ITRADER Review”

  1. Stirling Brissenden says:

    I have had nothing but grief with this company. At first the Account mananger insisted I deposited more into my account, and would not help me trade with the small amount I deposited. So I did some trading myself and manage to double my deposit.

    I then wanted to withdraw my funds, but almost a month down the line they still have not given me back my money. Not even the original deposit.

    • Vivienne Roodt says:

      I waited three months for my withdrawel when I tried to close my account with them. I think that it depends entirely upon the account manager allocated to you for a good relationship. He kept calling me darling, which I totally hated. It was extremely unprofessional. I see that there are some good reviews on the site, so I was just unfortunate to receive the wrong person to work with. I wanted to change the account manager and sent an email asking for the change, but received no answer.

      • Mark Christie says:

        Even though I was new to trading online I deposited £250. Due to family bereavement and work commitments I did not get time to learn how everything works. I went into my account today and they have left me with £5.07p!!!!. They told me they took money for “dormant account fees”. The amount of nearly £245 for them to do litterally nothing in 3 months is sickening. They did not message me to tell me before or after they took money when they had numerous ways to contact me. I have emailed and telephoned to close account . I have had no confirmation yet .Not a pleasant experience

  2. Onur Capo says:

    I am a client from iTrader and I would like to share with you my experience with this scam-broker.
    I have deposited 500 EUR on their homepage with the method ” Sofortüberweisung / DIRECTebanking by Skrill “. I clicked on the button and
    logged me in in my online Banking account. After that I completed the payment with entering my mobile Tan etc.
    My balance has shown in my iTrader-account and I send the customer support all documents ( passport scan, address proof, deposit proof from my online banking etc. ).
    They have accepted it but now they are writing me they need a payment proof from Skrill although I deposited with Sofortüberweisung . I also dont have any account with them because I paid with SOFORT..
    Now my balance turned to over 800 EUR and I wrote several e-mails since a week. I dont received any anaswer from my “account manager” who is one if the biggest scammer and also from the “best customer support”.
    Can you help me please ?

  3. Lilou Pieto says:

    I have not faced any trouble with this broker , their customer service is very good and reliable. It also offers no fees charged for deposits or withdrawals.

  4. Alan Meredith says:

    I don’t recommend trading with them. Yes, I made gains, then lost the lot from poor advice.
    Now they play silly-buggers over returning a couple of thousand GBP to my bank and want me
    to photo both sides of my debit card, plus a bank statement and other documentation. I gave them such
    information initially and they accepted my deposits many times. But are refusing to return 2115.50GBP to my
    bank…… from whence it all came. Oh, your identity and to avoid “money-laundering” they say.
    Yet all deposits came from my sole bank account. They were happy to receive that. But now it’s a major
    problem if I withdraw 2 grand.??? ….. What does that tell you?? I’ve referred this to the UK, FCA today.

    • Ash Wag says:

      Hi I deposited 1000 on Tuesday and I requested a refund on Thursday and filled in all the documents needed and the screenshots, do you think ill get my money back pretty sharpish? or have I got a problem

      • Laura Rodriguez says:

        Hi Ash.I have used itrader for a while and it has gone very well, I am very happy with them.
        It is a very serious broker, if you have all the documents up to date, there is no problem. regards

  5. Alan Meredith says:

    Update;….. My balance of 2115.50GBP has now been returned to my bank account.

  6. Trish McEvoy says:

    I do not recommend dealing with this company at all!!! BEWARE. If you are getting into trading for the first time I would highly recommend setting up a demo account with a recognised FSA tracer. They call you consistently and pressurise you to put money into your itrader account from your credit card, if no funds available there, they then ask you to get out a loan!! So in essence, they drive you towards more DEBT. You try to recover the money lost in the stock market and your position get’s worse…Now I have gained some of the money back and want to close my account and get by money back, which I have been told on several occasions will not be an issue however reading the below I am extremely concerned. I will refer them to the FCA today and they have advised to call the regulators in Cyprus 00357 22506600.

    • James Haythornthwaite says:

      HI Trish,

      I have had exactly the same experience except mine went to £27000. I have £3000 remaining in my account without any trades open. How did you get on with FCA and the Cyprus regulators?

      Jimmy H

  7. cout says:

    I also would advice you NOT to open an account at ITRADER your money will smell away and you will loose all at the end. You better can spend it on a good foundation, not to that Cyprus company with dark roots !

  8. ITRADER.COM says:

    Dear customers,

    We at strive to provide the best customer service possible to our clients.

    In the case of encountering an issue or a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you with any issue possible.

    Please contact us through:

    Best Regards,
    The team

  9. Amanda Barraza says:

    En varias páginas dicen que ITRADER no tiene servicio al cliente en español… deben actualizar la información. Estoy en Latinoamérica y opero con ellos en mi idioma.

  10. Dave Smith says:

    I had dealings with the next day a lady rang me asking for extra funds she even said put all your money that you have in the bank into this account i refused and told her I was closing this account the phone was slammed down on me I wonder how long will it be before I see my money again or is is it lost.

  11. Steve Sharp says:

    Deposited £250 with them on basis of news story but quickly found site wasnt what was advertised and the £250 was totally inadequate. I was bombarded with calls from so called account managers who i found to be extremely rude and aggressive akin to a timeshare seller. The paperwork that they requested to complete the account opening process appeared over the top and suggested identity theft. decided to close account immediately and requested refund of my deposit which in fairness i got in 3/4 days.

  12. Dag Arild Henriksen says:

    I do not recommend using Itrader !!!! I would rather throw money into the fire. If you want to lose your money, talk to Itrader’s “good” brokers and the money will fly away.
    Then after some month à new “specialist” broker from Itrader will call you, and promise you to get your lost money back, if you only put in some new money. After 1 week, the new money are gone as well. STAY AWAY FROM ITRADER !!

  13. Tatiana Silva says:

    I cant recommend using them because their activities are similar to that of other brokers who took my money, manipulated the trades and started trying to convince me to invest more, then when i was not buying it anymore they stopped replying me, took me months before i could get my money back, so yes it is possible to get your money back, although u may not get all of it but some of it is better than losing all of it.

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