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Libra Maximizer Review

Libra Maximizer

The Libra Maximizer App is a Crypto Currency CFD trading system that launched in July 2019. Here is what you should know about Libra Maximizer, before you invest your money and become a victim of the new Crypto investing scam.

Libra Maximizer Scam

What makes the Libra Maximizer software a total scam is that it is identical to many Forex trading scams we exposed over the past few years. They claim you will make huge daily profits, however real world experience shows the opposite.

They write unrealistic guarantees of big profits like…

“See How Facebook’s NEW Cryptocurrency “Libra” Can Deliver up to $1000 / Week in Profits”

Then they say…

“We receive 10,000 requests for Libra Profit System per day. Due to extremely popular demand, we will be closing registration in 2 days.

(This was written on September 2nd 2019, see if it still open when you signed up).

The goal of the video is to get you to open a trading account at the broker of their choosing, and for you to deposit money there.

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Libra Maximizer App
Libra Maximizer App

Scam Alert

Do Not Invest in This Scam Software, read why.

Libra Maximizer Review

When you are looking for an auto trader or algorithm software for investing, it should be based on a backtested system that uses some sort of technical indicator and asset allocation. If you stop for a minute, and look at the Libra Maximizer App, you we see that it more likely a “Get Rich Quick” gimmick.

We signed up for their trading app, and immediately the redirected us to make a deposit of $250 at some offshore broker we never heard of before. ProCapitalMarkets is their recommended CFD  broker, and they are not licensed by FCA or ASIC.

As a curios person, I wanted to personally test their trade signals, and see if they are actually profitable with my demo trading account at EasyMarkets. The problem is, they do not show you current or even past trades, unless you deposit at their offshore broker.

Therefore, we cannot recommend using the Libra Maximizer trading app, and suggest you find a legitimate broker from the list here.

Libra Maximizer Software

Why You Need a Regulated Broker

It is very important for every new investor to know and understand, that your money is held at a broker, and if your broker is not locally licensed, you will never see your money again!

When you learn how all investing scams work, read this, you will understand why they would send you to an unlicensed offshore broker.

If you are interested in trading Crypto CFD’s, you can see the list of popular brokers here.

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Libra Maximizer Scam

Please tell other investors which offshore broker the Libra Maximizer app told you to use, in the comments section below.