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Lucrum Pro Review

Lucrum Pro is an unregulated / offshore Crypto and Forex CFD Broker, that opened in August 2020.

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Lucrum Pro Review

A quick review of the broker called Lucrum Pro finds, that the trading app they are offering investors is a white label software. They only offer this simple web-based CFD trading platform, and you not be able to use the Forex industry standard MT5 trading app.

Take a look at the screenshot below, and you can see what the web-based trading platform looks like. You will see hundreds of underlying assets available for CFD trading against the Dollar or Bitcoin including; Shares, Crypto Currency, Forex Pairs, Stocks, Commodities and Market Indexes.

Lucrum Pro website and trading platform is available in a few languages; English, Arabic, German, Russian and Italian. They do not offer different account types, so it seems that all investors are offers the same terms. When making a deposit, many brokers have now started using payment providers that convert your money into Crypto / Bitcoin. This makes your deposit untraceable and very difficult to recover.

Lucrum Pro Broker Review
Lucrum Pro Broker Review

Scam Trading Apps

Before investing with an automated trading system like Click Money, you should know that 99.9% of people lose money that way!

You probably read a fake news article, or received an email telling you to use this revolutionary trading app. The facts show time and time again that the person making money from those trading apps are the spammers sending the email. For a detailed explanation of how these scams operate, you should read this article.

Be smart, do your research, and use a licensed broker that offers free Trading Central alerts, see here.

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Is Lucrum Pro a Regulated Broker?

No, LucrumPro is not regulated and they are not a licensed broker. They are an offshore broker! 

They are officially owned and operated by: Econdary LLC, company number REG 340 LLC 2020, incorporated on April 21st 2020. They are located on a shelf at: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The phone number listed on their website is: +442033182403. Their email address is: [email protected] and the Official website is at:

Scam Broker Investigator uses a very simple method when reviewing a Forex broker to see if they are legitimate or a scam broker. We look to see if the broker is licensed and regulated by any one of the popular government regulators like; FSCA South Africa, FCA United Kingdom or BaFin Germany. All online brokers in Europe must be licensed and regulated by the financial regulatory agency in their country.

You can find popular Forex brokers that are licensed and regulated listed here.

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There are many Crypto and Forex brokers to choose from today, and therefore, you should first look at some popular licensed brokers.

ForTrade is the most popular broker for new investors, since they are licensed & regulated in Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom, see here.

Try a Free Demo of their easy trading app, register here.


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