Millionaire Blueprint Review

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Millionaire Blueprint was the first automated trading software for binary options. The millionaire blueprint system was first released in 2015, and since then, the software has been copied hundreds of times. It was most recently marketed under the name Quantum Code.

We will discuss in this review the two most important aspects of an auto trading robot. The software itself and the brokers that you can use the software with.

Millionaire Blueprint Review

The software you see in the picture below is the full version of the software. You the investor, have only two setting that you control. The first setting is whether to turn it on and off, and the second setting is how much the trade size should be. The minimum trade size is $25, which is the standard at many brokers, but when it come to using a trading software, many people are interested in testing it with smaller trade sizes, like $5 or $10.

When we compared it with a professional trading robot for binary options, the real robots have many options that you can configure. There you can set daily risk, maximum trades per day, which assets to allow the robot to trade, and some of them allow you to control the signal source.

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Millionaire Blueprint Software Review
Millionaire Blueprint Software Review

Millionaire Blueprint Brokers

The first thing to do when you start trading binary options is to learn the difference between a licensed broker and a scam broker. You can read in greater detail about licensed brokers here.

Although the Millionaire Blueprint software will many times open you a trading account at Banc De Binary, for traders outside of the European Union, you will get setup with an unlicensed broker. We keep an updated list of the most popular brokers here. This is because every day another fake broker pops up online and starts stealing peoples money (read the broker complaints here.)

The Millionaire Blueprint Scam

As they say in business; “The Devil is in the Details”.

If you ignore all the fake actors in the video, and you ignore the big bold letters when tell you that you will be a millionaire from your $250 deposit, you will see the truth.

They even write in the 2nd paragraph of question 2 on the FAQ page:

Please note that although our software in our opinion is extraordinary, please understand that the results depicted on this page aren’t typical and we’d bet a whole dollar that the average person who participates in “any” “how-to” online trading courses and automated software never get any results.

It is a good thing you are smart person who decided to read an honest review of Millionaire Blueprint, before you made your deposit.

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If you are interested in just trading binary options, without a trading robot, then you should choose a broker from the list of best brokers.

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Please tell us which broker the Millionaire Blueprint said you should trade with.