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QProfit System is an old scam trading robot, that was released in August 2017. The truth is that QProfitSystem is just a new name for an another software. They refreshed the website, changed some pictures and made a new sales pitch video.

When you compare it to a real trading robot, you will see why this software sucks.

QProfit System Reviews

This CFD auto trader is very basic with no special features. “Investors” have only one option that they can control, and that is the size of the trade. Basically they expect us to just run on blind faith that the software knows what it is doing.

We can only select $25, $50, $100 or $150. However the minimum trade size at many brokers is only $10. Also, Most investors open their accounts with $250 or $500. To risk 5% or 10% of your entire balance on one trade is really stupid, and poor risk management.

The official website is at:

Scam AlertWARNING! Before You Lose Money!

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QProfitsystem Software
QProfitsystem Software

QProfit System Good or Bad?

You can’t see historical signals or historical results. They automatically create an account with a random broker. We could not select which assets to receive signals or auto trade. There is NO demo trading mode.

There are so many “automated trading robots” to choose from today. Professional trading systems and trading software now available for binary option traders. Just like there are more than 200 brokers, there are more than 200 robots. When we review a trading software to try and decide if it is really worthwhile or just a scam there are a few things we check.

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Accuracy of the Trading Signals

It is funny how they say on their signup page: “you will be able to make your first starting deposit with our profit partner and grow your wealth within 60 seconds of starting – profits of up to $1,540 every hour!” Those are pretty outrageous claims!

We have seen automated trading robots promise profits of all kinds of crazy amounts, but are they true? The sad truth is, they are mostly false. We receive many complaints at the Investors Forum, about automated trading systems that just wipe out your account.

QProfit System

Smart Investors Always…

If you are interested in trading Bitcoin with a reputable broker and without an automated trading robot, go see the updated list of best brokers.

If you want an auto trading robot, then you should use the one of these, with a legal licensed broker.

No Choice of Licensed Brokers

When we created an account at QProfit System from our London offices, they created an account for us at a fake broker.

Everyone knows, that there is no reason for a British citizen, or any investor for that matter, to open a trading account with an unlicensed offshore broker.

There are plenty of licensed brokers you can use…

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