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Quantum Cash Machine Review

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Quantum Cash Machine is a binary options auto trading software and trading signals generator that was created on October 5th 2016. There are a few problems with the Quantum Cash Machine software you must be aware of before you start using it for real live trading.

In 2023 we are seeing more fake trading apps that call themselves Quantum Ai or Quantum Code. Basically they are all the same scam.

Most recently they marketed this product under that name Binary Brain Trust and a few others that have already gone bankrupt. Make sure you read the many complaints we have received about unlicensed brokers before proceeding, see here.

Quantum Cash Machine Scam

The reason we suspect that Quantum Cash Machine is not a software you will want to use in binary options trading has to do with the enormous and deluded promises that make about your potential to earn $12,000 a week. It is a total distortion of reality to try and convince a new binary options trader that they have the ability to earn such large sums from an initial investment of $250.

The fact is that there is no such software which will make that kind of money!

Quantum Cash Machine Fake Promises
Quantum Cash Machine Fake Promises

Quantum Cash Machine Review

The purpose of an automated trading system is to take a set of trading signals, and automatically execute trades. Trading signals must be based on proper technical analysis, and back testing for any expectation of profits. When comparing the various trading robots, you can read this brief article about what you should look for.

The Quantum Cash system was stripped down of all functionalities, and risk management tools, so that all you can do is turn it on or off.

Quantum Cash Machine Auto Trading Software
Quantum Cash Machine Auto Trading Software

Why would you want to use a software in which you cannot control anything?

If you want to see how a real trading robot work, the try these:

Quantum Use Illegal Forex Brokers

Which scam broker did the Quantum Cash Machine connect you with and does that broker have a license from ASIC, CySEC or the CFTC? Chances are that they sent you to an offshore scam operating as a fake broker.

You can find reviews of over 900 brokers here on, just do a simple search!

Before you let some fast talking scam artist steal all your money in a fake investing scheme, take a look at the list of best brokers.

Australia Warning! “ASIC urges all investors considering trading in binary options to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services license.”