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S2Trade Forex Brokers

S2Trade is a Forex broker that opened in May of 2017.

They are officially owned by GoldTech Media Services OÜ, which is located at: Tornimae 5, Tallin, Estonia, 10119. Their main phone number is in Estonia; +3726347396, and the email address for complaints is; [email protected].

For problems and complaints about this broker, read this.

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S2Trade Brokers Review

Traders at S2Trade can use MetaTrader 4, MT4 Tablet, and for mobile traders can use the MT4 Android and iOS apps. Their list of available assets for trading at S2Trade includes over 200 Forex and currency pairs, commodities (oil, gold silver), indices (majors and minors including: Spain35, Sweden30, Amsterdam25, MICEX, FTSE Italy, STOXX50 and more) plus shares.

Leverage is as high as 200:1, and commissions range from $2 – $8 per 100K. Spreads range from 0.1 to 2.5 depending on your account type. The minimum deposit for new trading accounts start at $500, and goes up to $50,000. Their website is localized in English, Russian, Arabic, German and Italian.

Mirror Trader is available for investors who are looking for automated Forex trading by copying the trade signals of other people. Social trading software in general are nice for idea generation and to get a better idea of traders sentiment, see here.

S2Trade Web Trading Software

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When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a new Forex broker to determine if they are a scam broker or a legitimate broker, we want to know if a regulator like ASIC Australia, FSB South Africa or the FCA in United Kingdom gave them a license.

At the time of this review, license information was not available for this broker.

Serious investors in Forex and CFD trading have many licensed & regulated brokers to choose from depending on their country of residents. You can find a comprehensive list of brokers here.

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ForTrade is the most popular broker for new investors. They are a legit broker that is licensed in Australia and England, see here.

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25 thoughts on “S2Trade Review”

  1. Please keep big distance from s2trade and toroption, it is the same company with different name. They will suck all your account. I lost 20K just with in 2 weeks.

    • i just deposited 250$ to S2 Trade , in my mail they sent me to deposit money they get access my credit card password and OTP code through my mail and withdrawn money , i have blocked my Credit card , they are asking me to send documents for verification like card card copy , licence and billing statement , Be avoid i think i am trapped already

    • Can someone please verify that S2Trade and Toroption have the same owner? S2Trade seems to be owned by a company located in Tallinn(Lithuania) while Toroption is registered in Scotland, UK. I have a friend who has invested all his savings with S2Trade and now thinks he is going to be rich because profits have been amazing. HOWVER he hasn’t tried withdrawing any money yet.

      I would very much appreciate if someone could confirm that they haven’t been able to withdraw their money AND if the company actually has the same owenership as Toroption.

    • I joined s2trade a week ago done the £250 then was asked for a deposit of $6000 which I did and then another 2 payments of $7000 $ 7000 total of $20,000 so around
      £14,500 then was told my broker Bryan had been let go so was past on to charley
      Who was a retrieval excpert for the last 14 years retrieval of what lost every penny
      Didn’t even contact me on 9/2/18 to discuss things I called & emailed no reply
      So was left in the dark and penniless
      Just didn’t seem to care
      There must be something we can all do
      If they have no trading licens why are they being aloud to trade
      And ruin people’s life’s
      Any replies welcome

  2. re.: s2trade…After depositing money with them and being promised that an account manager will contact me at a specific time, I sat by the phone for nearly 3 hours, nothing happened, just a very professional pacification from a chat operator, 24 hours later, called Liviu G. Lets see if I get my money back which I have requested to withdraw. They promise to help beginners, seems after you paid they drop you like a hot potato!

    • Yes, s2trade is definitely a scam. DO NOT use them. I just lost 11.2K and they keep asking you to invest every time. Their account manager @ Kevin Lambert is a very persuasive guy and only interested in making the investment. You cannot withdraw your money then.

      • How to delete the account? I dont deposit any money to them but they still call me n bothering me ask me to deposit the money.

  3. Scam – lost CNY 1,745 to them. full of lies & cheats – agree with all below comments – same case here

  4. i have asked to buy xrp ripple for long time investment and told me to pay $250 first again $2250 on 3/1/18-4/1/18 and i paid through credit card. I was confirmed by telephone they invested xrp ripple equity $2500 on 4/1/18. It was showing that amount for couple of hours in my account and disappeared my deposit from my account next day morning (5/1/18). I have tried to contact by phone and email and not got a reply. I assume am victim of online scam. Please help me.


    #s2trade is criminal motivated company, they’re trying to fooled people, please stay away from this Scam Broker, and Report to spam. I lost $ 250 for nothing, & they asking more & more, I received this first mail from #YahooMail, and I urge Yahoo to remove s2 trade advertisement.

  6. Hi Saleem all brokers ask for verification such as you have stated j. Just cover the numbers on you credit card when verifing

  7. Scam! Scam! Scam! There was a story about S2Trade-victims on the national news. A woman lost $20k!! In the beginning it seemed they were making her a lot of money. Then they basically made sure she couldn’t log into her account for a week and kept telling her not to worry and that everything was OK. After a week she was able to log in and all the money was gone. She was a lonley mother of 2 and they took all her savings. Her contact in S2Trade was “Tom Voss”

    S2Trade is a huge scam! These monsters have ZERO moral compass and will
    take all your money regardless of how vulnerable their victims are.

  8. Hi, OMW, I think I might have just lost my deposit of $250.00!!! Is there anything we can do about this??
    The account manager that I am dealing with is Daniel Stevens!

    • OMG, i just deposited $250 but soon after found that my credit card was was charged $269.55.
      Am going to try withdrawing the money now.
      Anyone managed to get back their deposit?

      • Hi. Yes I did but I had to take action.
        I read that they weren’t licensed early this month on this website and I sent them a strongly worded email about how used I feel regarding them tricking me. I sent the same one to everyone I ever got an email from at s2trade: Liviu G, Ken Kovac etc. – even the compliance email address. I wrote to the best of my professionalism while trying very hard not to curse them. They contacted me & two weeks later I got my $250 back 🙂
        TIP! If you do this, they might call you continuously to trick you into withdrawing less than what you put in. Do not fall for it & be patient.
        P.S they all sound like the same person with a slightly altered accent.

        Good Luck!

        • Hi Emmy, I believe that unfortunately, my father has fallen victim to this scam. We are going to take action asap with the help of our bank and everything. However, if we are unsuccessful, would you kindly help me please by forwarding me the email you had sent them so that maybe I can try out your strategy? I will be paraphrasing obviously but I just need to know what you told them that scared them so much that they gave you your money back.

  9. i pay 250 Euro and same day I want to withdraw my money and now is almost zwo months ,,,,,,,,,,,no money back and lot of lies ,,,,,,,,,,,definitly forget them

  10. S2Trade is a complete scam! We started out with $250 and were asked to add more money. We ended up depositing $1450 in total. On Thursday the 15th Feb our so called s2trade account showed we had $2500. by Friday they had taken all our money and the account showed – $0. Here are some of the names of folk working for them: Alessandra P, Mohammed F, Michael Koch, JohN Pierson, Luca Prime, and some obnoxious scumbag called Charley. As you can see I have my photo on here. Happy for S2trade to see me. I live in the UK Please please come and visit me, I’ll be waiting for you. SCUMBAGS!!!

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