Secured Options Review

Closed: Another Scam Broker!

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Secured Options was an unlicensed and offshore binary options broker owned by Victronix LTD. Their address is: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.

Their phone number in the United Kingdom is: +44 203 519 8748, and the email address is

Trading Signals Scam

You can read the article “How Binary Option Scams Work“.

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Secured Options Review

Traders of binary options will find the Secured Options platform very easy to use. They are using the SpotOption trading platform which is most popular with binary options brokers. There are options on over 180 assets including, Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Market Indices. They also have CFDs on currency pairs. Option types include HighLow, Pairs, One Touch, Long Term and High Speed Trading. The minimum deposit for new accounts is the typical $250.

Bonus: They give traders “Free Money” or “Risk Free Trades” in the form of a bonus. You must read the terms and conditions to understand the strings attached to bonus money. You cannot withdraw you money, until you trade 30 times the size of the bonus.

License & Regulation

When reviewing a binary options broker, the Scam Broker Investigator wants to know if they are a legitimate broker or a scam broker. We always check to see if the broker is licensed and regulated. is NOT a license broker! 

You should read the reviews of all licensed brokers here.

Compare Secured Options

PepperStone is a very popular broker that is licensed by ASIC. They offer a variety of unique trading platforms, see here.

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Do you have an account with Secured Options? Please tell us which scam software told you to trade there in the comment sections below.

53 responses to “Secured Options Review”

  1. Anton Le Breton says:

    Thanks guys, i am thankfull my credit card failed all the times i was trying to put $ into starting the account, aparently they dont use kiwibank so i’m feeling lucky. Then they kept ringing me several times, i just stopped awnswering. Very persistant people. I definetly think Crunch Tech aka Secured loans Is a scam.

  2. Jamie Ciunfrini says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM, don’t put your money on Secured options they are bloody thieves!!!! you will not get your money back, beware!!!!

  3. dave says:

    Thanks for the feedback on “Secured Options” – I wont be trading with them! I signed up with Crunch-Tech and ended up on Secured Options website. Looks like Crunch -Tech is a scam also, despite a lot of review sites giving it the thumbs up!

    • Peter Francis says:

      I got conned on Sunday night of this week by a broker who claimed he was going to be my account manager. To date have heard nothing, then this afternoon I get a phone call from TorOptions. I was given the name of the proker who phoned me and he was catagorically from Secured Options. I gave him my personal details. On looking at my bank statement to see how much the amount was taken from my account showed it was not from Secured Options but from TorOptions. Have already put a block on my card for the money they wanted. Someone is workng a welll orchestrated scam by using Secured Options and then deposting everyones funds into his account Explains why he was in such a hurry to get me off the phone. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!

      • Helen says:

        Hi Peter!
        I’m from SecuredOptions, it’s sad to hear about your bad experience, but we are definitely not connected with Tor Options.
        If you got any questions about SecuredOptions – I’d be glad to help you with it.

        • Cichy Dusiciel says:

          I have rly bad experiences with ur company, im trying to get withdraw for 3 months now and all my request was canceled. Nobody answer my e-mails no contact no nothing.

          • Helen says:

            Hi Cichy!
            Let me check what’s going on – can you give me your email that you used to open your account?

          • Helen says:

            I’ll get back to you today later

          • Helen says:

            Hi Cichy – your documents are fine, so your request will be done tomorrow. Wish you a pleasant evening

          • Mark McKeown says:

            Yea count me in I have just filed a fraud report with the police about you. Been a couple of months trying to withdraw my money and you have cancelled the withdrawal request 5 times. I have now requested twice to close my account. You now ignore all my emails and when I try to phone you the phone gives a buzz and hangs up. Looks like a typical treatment and response from you to people who trusted you with their money. Wise up and start to give people their money back. Its only a matter of time before it will all catch up with you. Cant wait to be honest. I scraped together that money for I cant afford it.

          • Helen says:

            I’ll check everything and I’ll get back to you today later

          • Mark McKeown says:

            Ah, Helen dear. You typed that up 13 days ago. Still no email. No call. No deposit of my money. No closure of the account. I have no sent this link off to the police also. Would you mind please explaining to me once again why after almost 12 weeks and 5 withdrawal cancellations plus 2 requests to close my account why I am still making requests to you for my money?

          • Helen says:

            I’ve checked everything – your documents are fine, your request will be done tomorrow. Have a good evening

          • Danie du Plessis says:

            Hi Mark. I am having the same problem. Can you put me in touch with Helen please? Are you sorted now? Cheers

          • Mark McKeown says:

            Hi Danie no sorry not sorted. Two and a half months later still nothing. They don’t even bother to answer my emails now. They are an utter disgrace.

          • Danie du Plessis says:

            Hi Helen. Can you please contact me as well regarding withdrawal. Thanks Danie

          • Helen says:

            Hi Danie! I’ll check what’s going on with your account and documents

          • Danie du Plessis says:

            Hi Helen. I am still waiting and haven’t heard anything back. I have a lot more than my initial investment of $250 in the account. If I can please just get my $250 back then you guys can keep the rest. Cheers

          • Christopher Batty says:

            Hi Helen your not the only one I put £250 in Toroption and they have been nothing but a nightmare made it up to £350 had numerous calls from brokers wanting me to put a £1000 in to accounts so blocked my bank account so nothing could be taken as did not trust them.

        • kristina says:

          Hi Helen if you ARE from SECURED OPTIONS, than could you please help me too and arrange that my deposit would be returned to me? Account closed, please>

          • Helen says:

            Hi Kristina, can you give me your email? Because without it I can’t check your status

          • jack says:

            hi helen,
            can u please check on my issue. be much obliged if you can. i really have to pay to the bank and support my family…

        • ELLENA says:

          omgosh thats like me i hate secured options.

          i got signed up and was told to deposit $250 then he made me do another $250 and i was so pissed to find out that two deposits went thru this was just last week and im still dealing with them. its so freakin hard to get a hold of them to get my money back from the time which was an hour after agreeing that i want out the account manager that signed me up never replied back up till now, and here i am still trying to do what they say its so annoying.

          i spoke to the support team and all they can freakin do is email thru to the Accounting department of my situation to get it all back and i get no reply at all.

          im still trying to put thru my withdrawal its taken so freakin long thats like $700NZD.

          i really thought they help but they dont!!!

          can i get my money back or am i the same as everyone i will never see a penny back freak its so frustrating.

        • ELLENA says:

          could you please look into mine too because no one at secured options will help me get my money back .

  4. Danie du Plessis says:

    I got Secured Options with NEO2. First of all, NEO2 is absolutely rubbish. After almost wiping out my account I traded myself and have build up a nice amount. Because I am with other very good brokers I have put in a request for a withdrawal of the full amount. They have cancelled every request. I have emailed them on numerous occasions without any reply. I have never accepted any bonuses nor have I ask for any. My account is verified but it still get cancelled. Please stay away from them, they are a scam. The fact that NEO2 associate themselves with these scams says a lot about NEO2 as well. I have Crunch Tech as well and can confirm that I class them in the same rubbish bin. Stay away and be careful.

  5. Emma Victoria Sims says:

    I’m also a victim of SecuredOptions… There must be some form of legal recourse we can take to get our money back. After all, theft is theft… surely there must be a legal body that will look into this? I’ve only been waiting 2 weeks for a response – interesting that they can’t contact you enough when they want your money, but go off the radar as soon as you want it back! It’s disgraceful – and anyone working with them clearly has no conscience whatsoever.

    • ELLENA says:

      yeah im a victim too and still trying to get my two deposits they made of $250 USD they replied and said they canceled my withdrawal because in terms and conditions they only accept withdrawals after 30days from day of deposit and that i have to execute at least one trade so i havent done it yet but if i have to to get at least something i will only trade $5 that still should count as a trade i read everything just because i want my money back so yeah i only get a reply once a day its rediculous and i cant cancel my visa card because then how will they give my money back i pray i will get something because its a total of $701NZD they have taken i tried to contact the account manager that signed me up to cancel while it was pending and the rude dude never ever replied zzz but yeah

  6. Sandy says:

    Ok, I signed up with NEO2 and ended up on Secured Options website. Because I am a newbie so I use my robot to do trade. Well, my robot done well, everyday I can see my money is up. But now this the problem, my robot was blocked from the Secured Option.

    Seem my robot does not work anymore then I do my request withdrawal money after 30 days. So, my Account Manager Kate Miller emailing me say we need trade first within 10 min to do then can withdraw the money. After then she calling me and ask me click here click there and I wait after 10 min, my money all gone including my deposit too. What she email me say she will make recover plan for me.

    So, the conclusion is I trust NEO2 more than Secured Options (I don’t know others Account Manager will do the same like me ) but if you fund the deposit into the Secured Options, for sure is gone after than. Nobody can help you and nobody can answer your question if it regarding for the withdrawal money.

    So, good luck all for who are already fund deposit into the Secured Options.

  7. john says:

    buffetsoftwere told me to use secured options, so being new to trading i went ahead, but as of yet have not been able to trade through the auto trading robot at buffet software. i have sent both buffet software and secured options emails but no answers .

  8. Norah says:

    I opened account with SECURED OPTIONS 3 weeks ago through their company Sales management. First of all, they told me that they are using genuine Brits methods of which I do not have to trade manually. THIS IS NOT TRUE. They claimed that their system is for the people who do not know how to trade and therefore all I required is to deposit minimum of £250 of which I did deposit £300. The sales lady said, they have experienced all sort of old, young people gaining profit of £900 per week at least and withdrawal their money weekly. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I went ahead, they allocated me accounting adviser based in Cyprus. He told me that I have to trade myself, he could only send me signal when to trade. Also he said my money was too small therefore wanted me to add more fund to £20,000. I WAITED FOR 2 DAYS NO SIGNAL SENT DESPITE HIS CLAIM OF APPLE DOING WELL ( New iPhone 7). Along the line, after deposited fund, they requested many forms of IDs, Colored utility bills and bank statement, color bank card, passport and driving license for account verification. Third day after I deposited fund, I changed my mind, decided to close my account and therefore I request for refund. SECURED OPTIONS REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY. They claimed that the account was not fully verified therefore I could not withdrawn my fund unless I sign their Terms and conditions yet they were fully aware that I was leaving. I refused to sign their condition reminding them that I did not want to trade with them anymore. Moreover, the management insisted that I had to sign their Teams and Conditions in order to withdrawal my money (I have exchange emails as evidence). I forced to signed and my account was fully verified. Without delay, I requested for my refund of which accounting department claiming that under their terms and condition, I have to trade and stay with them for 30 days before withdrawal! I Skype accounting adviser, he said he does not have my portfolio anymore, of which was understandable… Therefore, it was clear that the Company is aware of my leaving however it choose to CHEAT CUSTOMERS! I login, the account is DISABLED YET NO REFUND. I have made several of phone calls, no one answer it. SECURED OPTIONS IS SCAM, DESERVE TO BE BLACK LISTED. APPARENTLY, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY BACK YET.

  9. tom says:

    they are being checked out by british police for running a ponzi

    • Alan Kemp says:

      Hi Tom. Do you know if the UK police are making any progress (I’m also in the UK and have funds Secured Options are refusing to release)?

  10. Adele Trad says:

    Hello Norah,

    I have a very similar story.I will try to solve it with them this coming week.After I deposited quite a big amount,their behavior became very suspicious,starting from denying access to my account,rejecting withdrawals Etc…..I have tried to explain on the phone and in writing that I am no longer interested to trade.I just need my money back.They suspended my account for no reason!
    I just came to read all the reviews.Yours is the most similar.

  11. YK says:

    I have been scammed by SecuredOptions. I registered for Distrupttrading software and ended up with them. In the course of 5 months, they coaxed thousands of dollars out of me, and now, they withdrew the money in my name, to some unknown. And they are now all awol. Money lost.
    Their platform is just a manipulation, when you are on it, you are not trading in the real market. So, you will surely lose the money, because they manipulate it.
    They are not regulated by any authority. They are based in Bulgaria, not the UK, and any UK telephone number or address is all a scam.
    Their brokers are not UK CFA at all.
    If you want to lose money, register with securedoptions.

  12. dbt says:

    Avoid like the plague unless you have an expensive frightening int’l lawyer as they say one thing and do another! I lost money with them and they said I’d won !

    They said after getting a bonus I’d have to trade for a minimum of a month when infant I’d have to have 30x the bonus I was given in volume trades another contradiction! Their administration is beyond pathetic, rarely do they answer the telephone! They have some very pushy traders with no manners, arrogant infact!

    They have 10x company logos they have no right to use at bottom of their front webpage like the ‘London Stock Exchange’ , ‘Deuch-Borse’ , ‘Nasdaq’ all to make you believe their connected and above board.. their NOT! Avoid is my advice, I’ve contacted FCA not interested as they are not with them, contacted Action Fraud they said my ‘Bonus’ was an illegal ‘Lock in’!! Lastly they said to me that my trades were covered by insurance so I couldn’t loose, Ha HA Hah !

  13. Khaw Tien Hwang says:

    Hi Helen could you help me with my withdrawal from securedoptions?

  14. Khaw Tien Hwang says:

    I sent an email to Helen too today and see what would i receive in the next couple of days. Will definitely update you guys here.

    • dbt says:

      Who is this Helen lady? does she work for the unmentionable Secured options mob and in what capacity, can you give us a clue what she is doing too get investors money returned? What is her direct contact email and tel number Please? Ta! DBT

      • Khaw Tien Hwang says:

        Now is the guy called Joseph Sofia manages my account. I’ve lost contact from him since last week. will update you if i get any response from them.

    • dbt says:

      Hi Khaw!
      Did you get a reply yet from Helen at SO?

  15. dbt says:

    Hi Everybody! AVOID ‘Secured Options” at all costs as they are very very dodgy !!!!
    I reported the to the FCA who weren’t interested in investigating them, a typical Uk government run idiotic establishment with more legs up on tables then brains between the ears sort of gaff! Then i reported them to ‘Action fraud’ another government ‘couldn’t care less’ disorganisation! regarding my £3,500 investment I made over May to August last year, by the end of August had made up to £6,350 investment; if you can believe these liars as they don’t furnish you with any real administration proof to prove that they even done a deal.
    The last investment was through Monica Taylor a Customer Service agent there, as I’d had enough of the other twerps pressurising me to invest more loot in their scam organisation! She invested £6000 in a September call or put I can’t remember which and by October of 2015 I emailed and Skype’d Monica Taylor three times; she or somebody replied three times by message service on my own Secured Options page that I’d won something, no mention of amount! by now my amount was only £3,995, so I asked myself and the the Action Fraud squad idiots and the ruddy FCA people ‘How could I have won something when infact I’d lost £2,355 ! I tried to get answers from them no luck there as they don’t cover online options trading. As for the SO accountants suddenly they all went quiet or vague answers emminated from their bolt holes in Canada or Switzerland or the Marshall islands; who knows as all communications are done online or via Skype!
    Another interesting fact that came to light is over the ‘BONUS” bullshit scheme they operate namely that a guy there called Spencer an American amongst Eastern Europeans it seems gave me a bonus (a “LOCK IN” actually!! as described by two Which lawyers !) for putting in another £1000 at some early stage last year for which he gave me a so called Bonus of £500, nice.. NOT SO ! As this Bonus locked me into a rather messy greedy 30x times flow of monies need to release my monies from this trashy trickster company; then it dawned on me that these guys were thieves in October of last year when I was supposed to have won a minus figure of £ 2,355.. Hows that for NEGATIVE Equity Winnings a la Secured Options think tank. Take note these guys are dodgy and if you like report them to the authorities.. well guess what they are part of this CRAPATALIST Dark Hole who don’t even attempt to regulate this online thievery !

    • Khaw Tien Hwang says:

      Hi dbt. Have you request to withdraw the rest of your money instead? I’m requesting to withdraw partial of my fund but seems like no ones is going to reply me sooner or later. I’m looking for help and advice too.

  16. dbt says:

    Now I’m going to try my banks first to recoup the money and the TV programers like BBC & ITV money programs & LBC Phone Ins too.. I suggest you all do the same as they may pay attention if a load of people phone in about this SO company, worth a try at least!

  17. dbt says:

    Just remembered Monica Taylor offered to only invest my money in the Sept account investment with insurance to protect my investment, which obviously didn’t work as I lost money on that last deal , so I presume she was lying to me; has that happened to any of you fellow investors in Secured Options too?

    I have had three or four Options trading online companies like ‘Royal Options’ & most recent ‘Alpha Options’ cold call me about investing via them and in the conversations Secured options came up and they offered to recoup my money from them at a fee of 10%; or at least invest in their company and get no recoupment fee ! Has any fellow investors had this happen to them. the first cold call came a day after I had the last communications with secured options which now I think is a bit , well interesting at least, as if they were in cahoots with secured Options or tied to them in some way or other??!!

    Lastly I’m going to try the TV stations that deal in money matters at BBC & ITV, forget what they are called and LBC radio phone ins; I suggest you all do the same as there is strength in numbers and one of them might well expose Secured Options and the like to public scrutiny and embarrass the Action Fraud squid & FCA into some meaningful action ; maybe even our MPs too! Give it a try !

  18. khurshid56491790 says:

    Yes I do, I invested the year before and need the funds to buy medication, I requested a withdrawal. I have sent ample emails which were unanswered. Now that I am trying to send an email again, the email address became void. Does that mean that I have lost my hard earned money? I am not rich you know. How do I get my money back? Oh I have sent all the requested documents required to withdraw. (April9/2017)
    K. emrith

    • James Ong says:

      I’m from Singapore and i encountered exactly the same as you… guess our hard earn money had gone…. anyone have any idea is there still any hope to retrive our money back ???

  19. Antonio Florencio Jiménez says:

    HANDS OFF from Secured Options, this platform is the purest FRAUD/SCAM!!! First you will be lured with tempting and safe returns up to 50-100% and with the first 1-2 trades it works as promised – funny that you shall either continue to invest (although initially it is advertised with only a one-time deposit of 250 EUR) or overnight your money is away or withdrawal from your trading account is not possible, because no one from Secured Options reacts to your request. Please DO NOT USE SECURED OPTIONS, unless you have to much money to give away to such scamming organisations!!!

  20. ann carrillo says:

    ive been invited to invest in a forex trading company…a broker approach me. but im in doubt. i dont know if they are legitimate or not/… they are can someone help me if its legal or not… he said it was started in 2010..
    i checked the site but im still not convinced

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