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Snap Cash Binary is an automated trading robot that over promises and under delivers. It is in fact a trading robot that in no different than CryptoRobot365.

The biggest problem you will have using this software is finding a licensed Forex broker to connect it too. All the brokers they recommend, are offshore scams!

Go look at the popular licensed and regulated brokers, see here.

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Snap Cash Binary Review

While there are many scam trading robots, sending spam emails and making flashy videos, when you look at this trading system, it seems pretty straight forward. The system has multiple options for you to configure, so in a way it is better than the scam “one button robots”.

Crypto & Forex Pairs: Snap Cash Binary can auto trade up to 16 currency pairs and five crypto currency pairs including, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple and Ethereum.

Signals: Select which time frame you are interested in: Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term.

Method: Here you can choose which strategy you want to auto trade: Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci.

Max Simultaneous Trades: This is the number of trades that the system will have going at the same time.

Indicators: You choose from 7 indicators (signal sources). The indicators are what the signals are generated from. So if you select Trend for example, the software will start placing trades anytime there is a pattern that matches.

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Snap Cash Binary Scam Trading Robot

Snap Cash Binary Results

Although their home page promises you will make $1,200 a day using the software, the reality is nothing close to that. Real results vary by individual investor, and some people lose all their money in a matter of minutes, while other people can fluctuate between profits and loss for a few days.

Since you decide how many signals, and which signals the robot should trade, your results will never be the same as another person.

Caution! If you try their demo mode, will all the options selected, you will be amazed how many trades the robot can place at one time. So be careful, and select a low number.

Brokers at Snap Cash Binary

The most common complaint you will see in the traders forum is about scam brokers, that work with scam trading robots. There are a few brokers that are connected with this software. (Currently, none of the brokers connected with the software are licensed or regulated.)

First make sure you read the reviews of all the offshore brokers they use: Roiteks, Olsson Capital, PrimeCFDs and Greenfields Capital.

The official website is at:

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