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  1. YerwT says:

    CFD CORPORATE is Bitcoin Code’s broker.
    I signed up last night, more than 14 hours after I deposited $250 and turned on AUTO TRADE, my fund is still at $250. I have been trying to contact them via e-mail and but to know avail.
    As embarassing as it gets, I have been scammed by BITCOIN CODE and CFD CORPORATE!
    Can you help me how to get my money back? Where can I file a complaint? Thanks!

  2. David Scott says:

    I have been getting emails from this organization for the past six months and every time I click on unsubscribe I am sent to a link for half a dozen other companies and when I do get an unsubscribe page I could sit there for an hour clicking an the same ‘O/K’ icon. how on earth do I stop these annoying emails that I put into spam immediately?

    • Bruce Hardie Neil says:

      In your email pgm you should be able to block sender and block the domain. Sometimes it’s right click to find it or there is a “more” button where you will find the option. Simples ech

  3. mike jansen says:

    i signed up sent a 500 euro deposit, 2 days ago..the payment is still pending on my credit card.. have sent emails to 3 addresses..none of my emails has been successfully delivered…i havent sent in the required confirmation info etc or the declaration of deposit…or any of the other info they want…trying to unravel this..doesnt look likely now..they got me good..a fake CNN news web page an article about Elon musk and pics..a sales pitch…moral of the story…dont get involved with shit when your tired…im guessing the trading platform meta4 actually does work…im keen to learn but should have gotten more info first

  4. mike jansen says:

    bitcoin told me to use KAYAFX

  5. Phoenix2 says:

    I want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to the host, Scam Broker Investigator’ …as after I lost money with scammers ‘Binary Brokerz’ I was about to fall into the trap with the Bitcoin Code having heard so much about the bitcoin making profits. Thank God there are websites like you to warn decent people wanting to invest and make profit!

  6. Ian Hart says:

    I thought i’d give Bitcoin Code a try firstly by signing in. Instantly had a phone call from a Philippino lady with 03 Melbourne number wanted to help me set up my account (from Melbourne office)????… I said i needed more time to research. Had another 5 calls from same “office” where ever that may be but I didn’t answer. Over night I received an email to say that they had opened up my Aus account and had deposited a $250 complimentary bonus and all i needed to do is make my initial first time deposit of $250 to claim your bonus and start trading right now.
    “You could be making your first winning trade in just seconds”!
    I tried to click on the “start trading” link they had given me to see what it was all about, takes you to their advert page for 2 seconds then disappears to a blank page…. nothing?????
    BEWARE, looks like many others scams going around almost identical, even have same winners names!!!!!
    Thanks Scam Broker Investigator!
    I do own Bitcoin!

  7. Jenni Graham says:

    Thanks for all the info, I just wish I’d had the mistrust I usually have! I didn’t do enough searching before I jumped in, it’s ridiculous because I’m not usually a reckless person, but I sure have been this time. I told Barclaycard I thought I’d been scammed, they tell me that, if I don’t get the promised service by 9th April, I can get my money (£250) back, methinks that I’ll get some sort of service which will mean I can’t get it back! I wonder what would happen if I copied and pasted this section and sent it through to Barclaycard…might I be allowed to do that?

  8. sally Phillips says:

    HI well I so glad I saw this. I was just about to invest £250 as I saw the article about the Dragons Den here in the UK. I did not put any money in but immdieately received a call asking if they could help. I told them I would do it myself after I had looked into. I have then had another 3 calls. I have blocked all the numbers Now and will not answer any further numbers/ Cheers Scam Broker

  9. Doris Decruze says:

    Thank you so much.
    I was have a feeling that it was not true. i was trying to made the account but it just was not happening and i suddenly scrolled down to notice 3 step of setting up an account and noticed have to pay a certain amount. then i got doubtful and thought to search a bit about it before i go ahead. and thank goodness i found your post. You really saved me from doing something that i would get stuck.
    thank once again for your post

  10. allritejack says:

    Surely Elon Musk would not lend his name to a scam deal?

  11. Manuel says:

    If you get directed to Kaya FX close the page and block there e-mails
    ,these are scammers of the worst kind and it seems they use bitcoin code as well to steal our money.
    I hope scambroker will put a big scam warning on the review page from kaya it would save a lot of people from being robbed blank .

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