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Tratika Review

Tratika Software

Tratika was a binary options trading software which opened in March 2017. The Tratika software includes; binary option signals, social trading, and an automated trading robot. We have reviewed over one hundred trading systems, and this one is very similar to the one we saw called Traders Buddy.

When you signup to use the Tratika software, you are automatically assigned at random a binary options broker that they select for you. In our case, they assigned us an unregulated broker.

Although they advertise on their homepage that they only work with licensed brokers, that is not actually true!

Tratika Review

What makes Tratika unique is that they have something for everyone. If you are looking for social trading, they have it. If you are looking for automated trading robots, they have that too, and if you want just signals, they provide that.

The system has multiple options for you to configure, and this is the reason many people like it.

Tratika Binary Options Trading Software
Tratika Binary Options Trading Software

Tratika Software Features

Social Trading: The way social trading works is that you receive trading advice based on how many votes the community gives a trade idea.

Semi Automatic Trading Signals: The system generates exclusive trading signals, alerting you of upcoming market trends, which are suppose to have a low risk, and high return.

Auto Trading Robot: The automated trading robot takes the signals generated, and automatically makes the trade for you. You can configure setting like the amount to trade for each signal, along with a daily stop loss amount.

Many binary options trading software you encounter online are scams, and they advertise 100% accuracy in trading signals, and some even claim to guarantee your success. When using trading signals, the decision is in your hands weather or not you want to place a trade, and if you think the signals are good and accurate.

With the automated trading feature, you manage your risk by limiting the daily loss potential. The amount of money you can make using the software is different for each user. Some people lose all their money in one day, and other people make money.

Watch Out For Scam Brokers!

Tratika is connected with a variety of binary options brokers, and they are constantly adding and changing the brokers they work with. When we signed up for the software they assigned us an offshore broker that is called BinaryOnline. Because they are not a licensed broker, we opened to look at one of the best rated brokers that has auto trading, see here.

One of the most heard complaints with binary option trading comes from scam brokers who are not licensed. You can see hundreds of complaints like this in the binary options forum.

The easiest way to avoid withdrawal problems when you are trading, is to only use a legitimate broker that is licensed and regulated in your country.

Tratika False Advertising
Tratika False Advertising