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Ultimate4Trading Review

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Ultimate4Trading was a binary options trading signals software that worked with the binary options broker EZTrader.

Ultimate4Trading Review

This software is a simple binary options trading signals system. The signals are made for either 60 second options or regular high low options. There is no ability for you to do automated trading with these signals. You basically just sit there waiting for a new signal and then place the trade.

You can set your default amount to trade and the place a trade with only one click.

When we reviewed the software, one problem we found is what are the signals based on? They showed us a signal to “Buy a Call on Gold” with a 60 Second Option. But that signal was shown for an hour. With 60 second options, the time you place your trade makes a BIG difference between profit and loss.

On their home page they advertise “…our ground breaking algorithm is so accurate, that more than 3 out of every 4 trades are successful.”

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Ultimate4Trading Software Screenshot

The charting is very poor in our opinion with maximum date range of 1 day, and most of the time it only showed us 5 minutes or 1 hour worth of chart information. The charts are only the old fashion line charts, which no real traders use nowadays.

It would be nice if the system has sounds alerts, and the ability to select which assets to receive alerts for.

The software only connects with the broker EZTrader, but if I am interested in using my own broker it does not integrate with anyone else.

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The Winning Demo!

When we tested the system with a demo trade, our trade won of course. Whenever you are playing around with a trading robot in demo mode you need to realize that is it not real live trading. It is just to give you a feel for how the system works, but not for the accuracy of the signals.

Warning from Australia’s Regulator

“ASIC urges all investors considering trading in binary options to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services license.”