Crypto VirtNext Review

Crypto Virtnext

You are either about to fall victim to the Crypto VirtNext scam, or you have already lost your money using VirtNext. Now you want to know how to get your money back.

Well if you already lost your money then there is nothing to do, read about complaints here.

Crypto VirtNext Pays for Endorsement!

They show on their website that they are recommend by reputable looking names. And sadly, some review websites have been telling their traders to use the VirtNext product.

What reliable website would recommend a worthless product?

Have a look at the Quantum Code. It is a new name for Virtnext. Another interesting fact you may want to know is that there is another software called Cobalt Code, which is the exact same product, just with a different name.

Review Websites

How The VirtNext Scam Works

When reviewing the Virtnext system, we see that the “trading signals” are just random numbers. If you watch the software you will see it changing its mind every 60 seconds. You may want to ask your dog to do a coin toss for you, Heads is a CALL and Tails is a PUT.

Basically, instead of investing in a real trading software for Crypto Currency, they put more effort into there marketing videos. This is because the company was never actually written about in the news. All those articles they show on their site are actually fake pictures.

Just do a search on Google News for Crypto Virtnext, and you will not find any articles about them!

Crypto VirtNext Fake News Articles

Crypto Virtnext Brokers Scam

Who is the broker that they are connected too? Do you know that 90% of Crypto brokers are unlicensed offshore scams! A trading signals software like VirtNext randomly assigns you an account at a broker. Since you believed their video, and fake testimonials, you also fall for the trap of using a scam broker.

There is a reason we have over 100 reviews of Forex & Crypto Brokers look here. So that you can verify that the broker you want to trade at is licensed and regulated.

What Real Crypto Traders Do

If you are really interested in trading Crypto Currencies, then first find a licensed and regulated broker, look here. If you want are interested in automated trading robots, then read this article about “Choosing The Best Trading Robot“.

FXMasterBot is a popular Forex robot software that works with a few licensed brokers. You can configure the software to automatically trade for you, based on a computer algorithm, see here.

Best Online Brokers

Warning For Australia

“ASIC urges all investors considering trading to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services licence or is authorised by an Australian financial services licensee and regulated by ASIC.”

4 responses to “Crypto VirtNext Review”

  1. Xpo Lion says:

    I used this stupid idiot VIRTNEXT “autorobot” because I saw the fakes “excellent” reviews,.. This software is a total GARBAGE! The first day I won 3 and loss 2 (not to bad) but yesterday in 9 trades I only won 2!!!!! (low risk all of them) … Also the last trade that I made I put the amount in 50 dollars LOW RISK (1 trade ONE) and then it opened another trade, then I PUT IT IN OFF AND IT AGAIN MADE ANOTHER 50 DOLLARS TRADE!!!.. This stupid software STOLE ME 150 DOLLARS IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES!!!.. of course after that I turn off my laptop and from this 3 trades (50 dollars each) guess what? I DID NOT WIN NONE!!…..I dont know why those “reputable” websites are lying to the people, this automatic software is a bull sh·$&! and if those website is for report scams why they are recommending that software?, why they are fooling all the people that trust in they?..scam the persons in that way is worst than the fakes softwares because the BIG difference is the people trust in they hoping they will tell ALWAYS THE TRUE…… ALERT DO NOT USE VIRTNEXT SOFTWARE IS A BIG BULL SH&%T !!!.

  2. julie smith says:

    Yes its hyped – it does have winning streaks but will then lose it all in one go and the software is corrupted. I set it on low trades and saved it, so 1 trade at a time. The system took out 6 – so I turned off auto trade – it continued to take out more. Over half lost, it was just scalping, no control over the software.

    I turned it off and it still continued. I logged out and closed my account via broker. People recommending this, are colleagues to each other and may have had some success in it. But you know what, they get more success from the affiliate money joining through them. I heard about £200-250 per person? Don’t know if that’s true I just read it.

    It’s not a stable product – whatever!

  3. Jed says:

    Wish to alert you all on the “virtnext” auto-trading software scam. After sign-up, you will have access
    to the trading login site and main site for a short trading period, then you will not be able to access anymore.

    Message will appear : “This site can’t be reached”. The “contact” link is also useless. You will not receive reply to your queries, so your deposited funds with their brokers in there are as good as gone. There are also
    some binaryoptions review sites with the moderators promoting “virtnext”. These moderators will also not reply to your queries, complaints or comments to them about “virtnext”. They only reply to those enquirers
    showing interest in using “vertnext” to acquire more scam victims.**

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