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  1. Scott says:

    I live in Canada and was unable to sign up over the internet. I received a phone call very shortly after my failed attempt to subscribe (011-44-20-3318-5207). The caller was able to get my information again and receive my $250 US payment (188 pounds).
    8 hours later, I received a call from (1-647-694-1764) Devin Sol; senior account manager overlooking my portfolio. He told me the robot system does not make money for people and he is here to provide a better approach (my paraphrasing”. I received a welcome email from him. Devin recommended I invest $5,000 and I told him I needed to investigate further. Conversation ended quite friendly.
    90 minutes later, I received another call from (011-44-20-3670-5899); a different person. He also encouraged me to invest a further sum of money and acknowledged I had provided some reservations in my earlier conversation about further investing. He accepted that I plan on investigating the company they report to work for “Hedgestone Group”. Told him to call me tomorrow. With my limited understanding at this point, I intend to cut my losses and not invest further.

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