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Win Win Signals is a new trading signal system for binary options that opened in March of 2016.

Win Win Signals is a product from a large trading signals company whose signals are offered to investors and traders at many of the large binary option brokers.

How The Win Win Signals Works

WinWinSignals Binary Options

The signals generated by the software are based on a variety of algorithms. The system scans major Forex Pairs, Commodities and Individual stocks that have binary options available on them.

When a trade alert is released, it shows you a “strength meter” which goes from red to green, indicating if it is a strong or weak signal.

What they did with the release of Win Win Signals is, they have integrated with almost 20 binary option brokers. Traders can now utilize the software to take the signals and with one click place an order.

Overall the system is strong because you are getting the most popular signals for binary options, and you control what to trade. There is not any auto trading feature, or automated robotic trading.

The one downside we saw, was the inability to adjust the trade size. Which is not a problem if you typically trade $25 or $100 each trade. But if you are a smaller trader looking for $5 min trades, this will not work for you.

WinWinSignals Results

No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot compare trading results when it comes to a signals software.

The reason is because a signal may trigger at 10:02 and be valid for 5 minutes, but if the markets are moving quickly and you enter at 10:04, the price can already be 10 pips away and cause the trade to be a loser instead of a winner.

So even though the signal alert triggered at the correct time, it still matters when the trader executed the trade.

WinWinSignals Results

Which Binary Options Broker To Use

There are literally 300 binary option brokers worldwide. Of those, only a few of them are licensed and regulated financial institutions.

When choosing one of the many brokers that work with WinWinSignals, be sure to check that the broker has a valid brokers license.

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