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Yuan Pay Group Review

Yaun Pay Group Logo 03 2022

Yuan Pay Group is a new scam that is playing on the Yuan digital coin idea. Once a system like this one finds success, it gets multiplied and promoted by many online scam artists. It is no different than all the other Crypto Investing Scams, we have already reviewed and wrote extensively about.

First question to ask yourself is, Which version of the software are you using?

A search of Google will show at least five websites all claiming to be the official software. There are even different logo’s being used for a trading app with the same name.

Yaun Pay Group V1

Yuan Pay Group Reviews

The first thing an investor like you should look at when researching a new trading app, is the domains website address. If you look at the address bar in your browser, you will notice a weird URL / domain name, with many hyphens. There are at least 5 different websites, all claiming to be the Official Yuan Pay Group, but they are all just a scam!

Authentic automated trading apps are usually based on a technical indicator algorithm which generates trading alerts and then places trades on your account.

When we signed up for the Yuan Pay Group app, they just ask us to deposit money into the newly created brokerage account. There is no ability to see the actual trading app, how it works, or if there are any risk management controls. Therefore, we can easily conclude that the Yuan Pay Group system is actually just a marketing tool, to entice you to deposit money at some offshore and unregulated CFD broker.

Real algorithm trading software allow you, the investor, to configure all aspects of the software, before you make a deposit, see here.

Yaun Pay Group Legit

Is Yuan Pay Group Legit?

No. As we said already, there are multiple websites all claiming to be the official Yuan Pay Group. There is no such thing as a Crypto coin called Yuan Pay.

Each version of the website they made, are copies of another Crypto trading app you can read about here. Simply change the Logo, and change a few worlds and you have a new “product”.

Bottom line goal of the landing page is, for you to open a trading account at an offshore broker, and for you to deposit money there. 

Yaun Pay Group Scam on Google

Offshore Brokers Scam

It is important for every investor to know, that your money is held at a broker. If that broker is not licensed, you will never see your money again! When you learn how this scam operates, you will understand why they would connect you with an unlicensed broker.

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🚀 Expected Monthly Return? (Fake)1000%
⚖ Government Licensed and Regulated?No
💎 Trading App Reliability?Poor
💹 Demo Accounts Offered?No
📞 Customer Service Available?No
💳 Minimum Required Deposit$250

Please tell other investors reading this review, which broker did Yuan Pay Group direct you to?

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